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I can never be too organized. The bunking of my two boys together into one room and the unfolding of a new nursery has created the need for creative storage. Over the last few weeks, we have taken on some closet transformations that I will be sharing over my next few posts. Oh sure, I could have hired a company to come in and give my standard builder closets an overhaul, but how much fun would that be? No fun at all! So off I went to one of my DIY sanctuaries, The Home Depot.

Here is what I found…a fabulous and affordable 9-cube storage unit by Martha Stewart.

Then I opted for four of these aqua fabric bins also by Martha Stewart at Home Depot.

So after making my purchases, I rushed home to assemble my find. Then, on a random trip to Target, I happened to come across this little gem! A-ha! I had an idea….

Now, the hope was that the two would stack on top of each other, and to my excitement, they did! Score! Well, if that wasn’t enough fun, here is where extraordinary enters the room. Both pieces came with the standard back panel in white, and since my closet doors are removed and these pieces were going to be showing, I needed to kick it up a notch. So I added a mix of patterned papers and fabric for a colorful custom touch. Here is what we ended up with.

Here is the storage unit assembled.

Next, I added fabric and paper to the back panels for a custom, decorative look.

Then, the unit was moved into the closet for some accessorizing.

And…the final reveal! This is great for storing extra clothes, blankets and anything else baby you can think of!

We are totally loving the way it turned out. What do you think? Let us know.


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    I am really loving this idea! We have turned our formal dining room into a play room for the kiddos. This would definitely be the perfect storage solution for us. Thanks so much for posting!

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    This turned out so cute Rebecca. You see the cube storage all the time but your DIY additions really make it way more fabulous. I actually have one in my kids room – I’m inspired!

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    I just saw these at Home Depot the other day! I was drooling as I was walking away. Super cute idea to put the paper in the back.

    I’ve got a question for ya. In all your kid room/organization travels, have you seen a set up for a closet that has two door openings? Picture a regular full length, bi-fold door closet, but with a wall in the middle and two doors on either side. I’ve been in this house for 10 years and still haven’t figured out what in the world to do with it. It’s currently my daughter’s room, but it may become a shared room with her and my son ’cause there’s a baby on the way.

    You can see a picture of the outside of it here:

    If you, or anyone who happens to read this, has any suggestions, I’m desperately all ears.

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    I love this idea. I would love your resource for the addition of the bin that you added at the bottom, doesnt serve us if we cant find that piece :) also I love the little rocking horse in the room too? where is that from?

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    I say it was such great luck that the two separate shelving unit have the same width and are perfect on top of each other. You are so creative, Rebecca! Cannot wait for more of your DIYs!

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    Don’t laugh….. but how did you attach the fabric and paper? Where did you buy the fabric and paper from? I want to do the same to these toolbox bookshelves I have but I have no idea what to use.

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    I’m in the same boat!! The back wall of my daughters room is a closet.. two sets of bi fold doors, with a 8″ piece of POINTLESS wall separating the doors. I’m STUMPED as to how to organize her mess of a closet.

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    I love the idea! Do you know who makes the bottom piece you found at target? The link has expired and I can find those dimensions anywhere. Thank you!

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    Dying to do this but I can’t find the bottom piece. I saw it was a circo brand but it looks like target doesnt make it anymore. Any idea what the dimensions of the top are or if there’s another brand that will work ?

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    Ashley I also want to do this and I just bought the bottom piece at target today. I am wondering how she connected the top to the bottom.

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    Ashley I found the bottom piece at target in the storage asle but it is made by pillowfort. I think it is a little smaller so I was going to go with a smaller cube set. Beth I also found similar item of the bottom piece at Walmart as well that I think would work just fine. Do you guys have any idea whether to use fabric for the back or paper? I don’t know what to use. Thank you.

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