Giveaway: evgieNev Wall Decal

You know we love wall decals over here—and for so many reasons! Wall decals, especially large ones like these by the talented artists at evgieNev, are a great way to create a mural effect in your nursery without having to lift a paintbrush. They are easy to use and totally removable, which makes them perfect for all you apartment dwellers who want to decorate your child’s room but can’t paint or make any permanent changes to the walls. Plus, they are just a fast and easy way to take your child’s room design to that next level.

tree wall decal

giraffe wall decal

whimsical wall decal

owls in tree wall decal

evgieNev has many different designs and sizes to choose from depending on what works best with your nursery or child’s room. Most of their designs allow you to customize the colors of certain elements. Made out of vinyl, the decals are easy to apply and durable enough to remove without damaging them. Your child will love the adorable and playful designs.

WIN IT! evgieNev is giving away a decal set to one lucky Project Nursery reader! A value of $108! The winner will be able to select the design of their choice.

To enter, visit evgieNev’s shop, let us know which whimsical wall decal you like best and comment below. Contest ends Friday, October 7, 2011 at 11:59 PST.

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    How cute! I love shopping on Etsy. I would love to decorate my boys room with a cool decal design .

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    I visited the shop! WOW! Deciding would be very difficult, I love so many of the designs!!

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    I visited the shop. I love the artwork for all of the designs. We are having our first, baby girl (Willow) who’s due on January 4th. The best decal to go along with our theme is the “Large Tree with Birds – Children’s Vinyl Nursery”.

  33. 33

    A favorite on etsy! My favorite is the .Vinyl Decal Deer Silhouette in the Forest, Woodpecker! But they are all awsome! Liked you on facebook. Thanks!!

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    Love, Love, Love this shop! My favorite is the Animals in the Wood tree, though I love them all. I am a fan on Facebook – and would love the chance to win! :)

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    These are adorable! I think if I had to choose one, right now it would be “Animals in the Wood”, but there are other contenders for sure!

    I also get the Project Nursery email newsletter :-)

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    I love the EvgieNev giveaway. The Large Tree with birds is my favorite. They are so adorable.

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    Visited your FB page…love the decals! Would love to win one for my triplets nursery :)

    Visited your FB page…love the decals! Would love to win one for my triplets nursery :)

    Would love the tree with the birds

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    Just followed PR and EvgieNev on Twitter. I twittered about both companies. Love this giveaway:)

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    Wow they are so beautiful. I love Monkeys on the Tree – PLSF020L. This would go perfectly in my nursery!!!

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    I adore all your newsletters & FB posts. I have shared so many of them w/ my daughters & pals! I live near Albany NY! Where are you in upstate NY? Love this giveaway! With 2 g~sons & 1 lovely g~daughter…wow, I can see so many of the decals being used. LIKE? No LOVE!

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    I visited the shop… I love the tree with fairy decal and the treasure map one! Very cute vinyls

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    i visited the shop and I have like the tree with the birdhouse for my daughter’s nursery. I can’t wait to be a winner!

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    I really like the Animals in the Wood design….all of the little animals looking over the sweet!

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    i love Windy Tree and Birds. I’ve been looking at these designs for my little one due in December!

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    I <3 the abstract animals and rainy day fir my son's nursery and the deer silhouette for my living room! I already "like" Project Nursery and am liking evgieNev now!

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    I like the birds and tree nursery decal. So cute! I already liked PN on FB and I’m following PN and evgieNev on twitter. Already a subscriber as well. =)

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    My favorite decal from the shop is Birdland Tree with Birds design. It is clean and the colors are gender-neutral.

  80. 80

    So many amazing options – I love the “Large tree with birds”. I would order it in white and maze. Our walls are a soft taupe, and the nursery is going to be soft colours with an emphasis on yellow, so I think that this would look subtle but gorgeous!

  81. 81

    I already subscribe to the Project Nursery weekly newsletter, and follow on my blogroll!

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    Omg everything is amazing! I guess if I have to pick my favorite I say the large birch trees. So elegant! Would be beautiful in any room!!

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    Halloween Wall Decal – Spooky tree spider and flying bats is my fav super cute…


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    like you both on fb Teh Doll


    left shot out… =)

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    I absolutely adore the Deer Silhouette in the Forest, Woodpecker Removable Sticker Decal! We are adopting a set of twins (boy/girl) and I think these will be perfect for the nursery design! They even match my colors (olive green and brown!)

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    Love the whispering wind tree and the birch trees. These give such a cool effect to the room.

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    I like the Flying Dandelion – Vinyl Sticker – Living Room, Hallway, Decor, Interior Wall Decal – FLDL020!

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    Safari: Lion, Monkeys, Giraffe and Elephant – Vinyl Decal Children Baby Nursery Boy- Girl – PLSF010R

    I absolutely love this one and since my husband is in the Navy we cant paint our walls and Move frequently- this is a PERFECT alternative!!!

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    My favorite decal is the treasure island art. Although it is very hard to pick only one favorite, they are all great! I “liked” Project Nursery on Facebook and already “liked” Evgienev.

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    I love the nursery wall decal birds and tree design. I am having a baby girl in a few months and would love for this to be in her room. So cute!

  125. 126

    I love the Fairy Tree with Flowers and Stars – Kids Nursery Decals – PLFT010R! But really I love almost all of them!

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    This is my first pregnancy and I have been looking for nursery ideas. I came across this site and fell in LOVE with the Forest Friends decals. It really fits with what I had in mind and is something I would love to see in my baby’s nursery:-)

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    I love the decal with the giraffe and the monkey on the tree, would be great for my baby boys giraffe themed nursery

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  149. 150

    I’m already a twitter follower, subscriber and all that good stuff!
    This might be the cutest place for wall decalls I’ve seen yet!

    I am torn between the
    Tree with Birds- “Birdland”
    Animals in the wood
    Birch Trees with birds

    Any of the three would go great with my nature themed nursey! ****LOVE*****

  150. 151

    Tree with Birds for the Nursery. Also love the Growth charts. They are all so cute it’s hard to choose.

  151. 152

    I love the “Monkeys on the Tree with Giraffe Jungle Gym”. It would be the perfect finishing touch for our girls nursery….crossing my fingers for the win :)

  152. 153

    How to choose?!?!?! Love, love, love the Dragonfly Tree, the Cherry Blossom with Birds Tree and the Fairy Tree with Stars and Flowers. In my daughter’s nursery in our last home I decided in my infinite wisdom at 36 1/2 weeks pregnant that I’d paint a set of 3 trees and some flowers and grass on her nursery walls. I mean really, how long could it take? I thought I’d bang it off in a few days….2 1/2 weeks and numb fingers on my right hand later I was done. It looked amazing but considering the effort required, evgieNev’s wall decals are definitely the route to go this time around. They are beautiful and my daughter is going to love it!

  153. 154

    Oh, yah – forgot to mention I gave both PN and evgieNev a “like” on FB… :-)

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    So tough to pick just one!!! But I really really like the “Safari: Lion, Monkeys, Giraffe and Elephant.” I love gender neutral decorations!
    Oh and I posted on your facebook wall and like you and evgienev!! :D I’ve been sharing a bunch of your blog posts with friends already! :D

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    I love both the Monkey Tree with Parrot Child and Fairyland Tree – can’t decide which one just yet as I don’t know the gender of my babies (twins) yet! Can’t wait to find out so I can decide which one(s) to get!

  160. 161

    Love, love, love the owls in the tree. Perfectly charming and easy to put up in my soon to be grandson’s large nursery. It has cozy window seats in a New England home surrounded by beautiful Fall foliage.

  161. 162

    Omg we are due in 2 months, I love and please want tio make the nursery on owls. So I love love love the owls and tree.

  162. 163

    I’m starting on my first nursery right now. I really love the large birch trees in white. These are all great designs! Now a favorite in my Etsy account. Thank you!

  163. 164

    I love the “Jungle Animals Wall Decal Monkey on the Tree with Giraffe”
    So many options!

  164. 165
  165. 166

    I love the Fairy Tree with Flowers and Stars – Kids Nursery Decals – PLFT010R.

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  166. 167

    liked you both on FB (kate dunn) and gave a shout out

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  167. 168

    following you both on twitter (kylienkate) and tweeted

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I love the Fairy Tree with Flowers and Starts it is so Magical!! If I had a little girl, I would have that in her room but I have a boy!! ;) Great Work EvgieNev!!

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