Classic Children’s Wallpaper

I do love modern wallpapers and design in children’s rooms, but something is so sweet and charming about classic and truly traditional children’s room designs. The wallpapers designed by Jane Churchill are a perfect example of classic children’s wallpaper, which can help you achieve this look instantly.

Nothing says traditional like Beatrix Potter.

If a whole wall of characters is too much for you, just use it on the bedding and window treatments. The alphabet wallpaper is a simplified alternative.

Winnie-the-Pooh was my favorite growing up.

If it were up to my son, his room would be covered in Thomas like this.

And, just to throw it in there, I LOVE the Juno Floral Curtains for an older girl’s room.


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    I had Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper as a little girl. I used to count Pooh’s honey pots as I tried to fall asleep. :)

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    Oh my, everything Beatrix Potter is really nostalgic for me. Truly a classic. Makes me want to tear out my baby’s current nursery wallpaper and replace it with this one. Oh why haven’t I seen this wallpaper nine months ago!

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    the alphabet wallpaper is really nice and sweet. i love the beatrix potter one too. i grew up on stories with jemima paddleduck, peter rabbit and tom kitten!

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