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Like Johanna mentioned yesterday, storage is key in children’s spaces big and small. I just completed a major toy purge this past weekend, and man did it feel good. Most days I feel like toys, books and art supplies are taking over my entire house. I’m always trying to improve the organization of my kids’ rooms, and when I can’t fit things neatly out of sight, I rely on shelving.

The Container Store is a great place to pick up essential storage items. I always feel a renewed sense of organization when I visit the store. They even share some toy storage tips we can all appreciate. If you are feeling inspired to maximize your own small space or you’re just trying to prevent your children’s toys from taking over your own home, don’t miss their annual Elfa shelving sale going on now. Do you have great tips for getting organized? Let us know by commenting on this post.

Photos courtesy of The Container Store



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    I love how multifunctional the tiered shelving is with incorporating a workstation into its design! I need these ideas as my kids rooms are looking like the stockroom for toysrus… One question though, how fanatical would it be to color coordinate their toys? Realistic? I already color block their storybooks to give some sense of order to the madness.

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    Really cute organization solutions…but also just makes me sad that some have so much and others so little. I think of when I lived in Nicaragua for a few months, the little girl got one doll at age 5, her first “real” (but well used already) toy.

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    Although I genuinely like this publish, I think there was an punctuational error near towards the finish of your third section.

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