Showered with Love

I just fell in love with this baby shower invitation from Tiny Prints. The bright, yet modern color palette and darling umbrella design jumped out at me, and it’s just begging for a party to be designed for it! The thing I love about this is that it can be for a baby shower without an actual theme, but it also gives you a great design element that is perfect to carry throughout your party.

Insert a sweet umbrella or paper parasol into a floral centerpiece for a touch of drama, and use the colors of the invitation to inspire the food and drink choices. Setting up a drink bar is a convenient way to serve a group, and  to cater to the mom-to-be, I suggest a lemonade and iced tea bar. You can use either drink dispensers or large cylinder vases as modern versions of the punch bowl.

It’s always fun to offer a dessert that guests can enjoy while the guest of honor is opening her gifts. One of my favorite new trends is marshmallow fondue. Set up a tray of different toppings (sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, nuts), melted chocolate and marshmallows on a stick—this can be placed in the center of your tables and guests can enjoy at their leisure.

I found a darling tutorial for an umbrella party favor on Wilton that I think would be just perfect for this shower.


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    I love those pink centerpiece umbrellas! And the umbrella party favors are cute, too. I think an umbrella-themed party would be nice.

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    I think it’s brilliant to take a single iconic images or accessory, like the “umbrella,” and build an entire theme around it. I really think you can start with the baby shower invitation, and then build the rest of your theme from there. Case in point, this cute shower theme.

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    Sending invitations is the time taking job and creating them is a difficult one, make your umbrella party unique by selecting a design which nobody has ever seen before.

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