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Reader Q&A + Video: Tackling Wall Decor in a Rental

Melisa and I have been answering reader questions that we’ve received via our Facebook Fan Page or Twitter. Today’s question comes from Project Nursery community member Lucy who is temporarily living in a rental and wants to give her baby’s nursery a makeover without damaging the walls.

Although we always love a fresh coat of paint, there are great options when paint is a “no-no.” Melisa, with a little help from our friends at NoJo, shares a few ideas about damage-free decorating  by using wall stickers and decals. She also offers a fantastic trick for hanging wall art without a using a single nail, thanks to a nifty product called Command Strips. Take a peek at Melisa in action to find out more…

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  1. avatar Dorothy Ray says:

    Nice post, so much so, I added the shortened URL as a ps to a post I did on decorating a nursery in a rental home some months ago. Hope my readers will find you on Project Nursery when they see “When You Can’t Paint the Walls” on

  2. avatar F. Chapman says:

    Cool. I love that you have a Reader Q&A portion! Keep it up Pam and Melisa!

  3. avatar Helene says:

    Thanks for this video. I have been wondering, too (for as long as I could remember), how I could hang my growing collection of photo frames without ending up with a pockmarked wall.