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Reader Q&A + Video: Tackling Wall Decor in a Rental

Melisa and I have been answering reader questions that we’ve received via our Facebook Fan Page or Twitter. Today’s question comes from Project Nursery community member Lucy who is temporarily living in a rental and wants to give her baby’s nursery a makeover without damaging the walls.

Although we always love a fresh coat of paint, there are great options when paint is a “no-no.” Melisa, with a little help from our friends at NoJo, shares a few ideas about damage-free decorating  by using wall stickers and decals. She also offers a fantastic trick for hanging wall art without a using a single nail, thanks to a nifty product called Command Strips. Take a peek at Melisa in action to find out more…

Dorothy Ray

Wednesday 21st of September 2011

Nice post, so much so, I added the shortened URL as a ps to a post I did on decorating a nursery in a rental home some months ago. Hope my readers will find you on Project Nursery when they see "When You Can't Paint the Walls" on Thanks.

F. Chapman

Monday 19th of September 2011

Cool. I love that you have a Reader Q&A portion! Keep it up Pam and Melisa!


Monday 19th of September 2011

Thanks for this video. I have been wondering, too (for as long as I could remember), how I could hang my growing collection of photo frames without ending up with a pockmarked wall.