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Open-Ended Play with Learning Materials Workshop

I don’t know about you, but if I see another blinking, noise-making toy in my home, I may go crazy. Don’t get me wrong those toys have their time and place, but if I have the option to chose a simple, open-ended play toy for my son, I’ll pick it every day of the week. The Learning Materials Workshop’s amazing line of toys focuses on building and creating, which ensures that your child will be putting their imagination to work.

My particular favorite is one of their new building sets, Coloraturo. Half wooden block building set, half puzzle—the play options are endless. One great thing about this set is that it will grow with your child. While recommended for children 3+, my two-year-old loves lining up the blocks, naming the colors and making simple stacks and shapes. Older kids will love the unique puzzle aspect of these blocks (the notched pieces fit into one another)—add a little imagination, and your child will be creating all sorts of interesting constructions.

Okay, so this might be the design junky in me, but I like my kid’s toys to look pretty too. My son may not care as much as I do, but maybe he’ll pick up a preference for clean lines and simple design via osmosis if I keep toys like this around—you can never start a healthy interest in design too early! I love that this set looks fantastic just sitting on a shelf in your child’s room; I can even imagine it set up high on a shelf or dresser to decorate a baby’s nursery.

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Wednesday 14th of September 2011

I love toys like this. They are colorful and very durable and long-lasting. They also help develop creativity, dexterity of hands, and a sense of space, among other skills.


Sunday 11th of September 2011

Wooden blocks are such classic toys! I'd choose them over any plastic ones any time!


Wednesday 7th of September 2011

The Coloraturo toys are gorgeous to look at I wouldn't even mind if they were on display in one of my kids rooms.