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Giveaway: Pink Lining Diaper Bags

The hottest bags for all the chic mums in England are now available to parents here across the pond! If sweet and charming is your thing, these Pink Lining Mama et Bébé diaper bags will certainly catch your eye. A well-made bag is all in the details, and the clever construction of these bags allows for enough room to store all your baby’s needs. The interior features multiple pockets, including a wet zip bag and thermo-insulated bottle pockets, which keeps milk warm for up to three hours. As every mom knows, you can never have too many pockets!

Mama et Bébé Golden Afternoon

Mama et Bébé Red Butterflies

All Pink Lining diaper bags come with a cushy changing pad that features a cute cupcake and “yummy mummy” logo on one side. And, lo and behold, the inside of the bag features a bright pink, water-resistant lining (wink, wink—hence the company name). And let’s not forget about mommy, there’s a cell phone pocket, a key fob (that can double as a pacifier holder), plenty of space for your wallet or other personal items, and even a little mirror for that essential quick mommy check when you’re running out the door.

WIN IT! Pink Lining is giving away two Mama et Bébé bags, one Red Butterflies bag and one Golden Afternoon bag, so there will be two lucky Project Nursery winners! A fantastic prize because these bags are valued at over $120!

To enter, visit Pink Lining and share with us the must-have item you carry in your diaper bag (besides diapers and wipes, of course). Contest ends Friday, September 23, 2011 at 11:59 PST.

1. “Like” Project Nursery and Pink Lining on Facebook, give us a shout out on our wall and tell us you did with a comment below.

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  1. avatar Menyawne says:

    I do follow on fb and newsletters.

  2. avatar Tammy says:

    I did all three!

  3. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I like you on facebook :)

  4. avatar Emily Monterosso says:

    I LOVE these bags on the website. And the insulated pockets would be so helpful. I am adjusting to bottle feeding my allergic-to-the-world baby and finding a good way to handle that. My must haves include MANY MANY burp clothes and a change of clothes for baby as well as a change of shirt for me.

  5. avatar Lynsey Burton-Chambers says:

    I love both the sites and follow on Facebook and Twitter! I think a must have in the bags is a nice bar of chocolate for mummy! Being a mummy is tiring work and a quick energy boost is needed every now and then (any excuse!!!!!)
    Thanks x

  6. avatar Eimear Comerford says:

    Huge fan of Project Nursery and Pink Lining bags. Liked you both on Facebook and following you both on twitter. Im a subscriber to the newsletter. Have always wanted one of these bags, have seen them here in Ireland but I cannot afford one. Our 1st baby was a boy and now that we have a little girl I think she deserves a little bit of Pink Lining in her life.
    Also, our must-have item that we cant leave the house without must be muslin squares. They’re just so useful!
    Thanks, Eimear

  7. avatar Freja says:

    I’ve liked Project Nursery and Pink Lining on Facebook

  8. avatar Freja says:

    Definitely gotta have my wallet!! And a stash of tissues/wipes. HANDY!

  9. avatar Lisa L says:

    I LOVE these bags! They’re fabulous. I always, always carry chapstick with me. It is a diaper bag (and every bag) must. I also keep an extra outfit for my boy in there… just in case.

  10. avatar Jennifer C. says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  11. avatar Jennifer C. says:

    I follow both on twitter @JCAusby

  12. avatar Jennifer C. says:

    I like both pages on Facebook!

  13. avatar Jennifer C. says:

    These bags are adorable! My must have in a diaper bag are diaper wipes! They get used for everything!

  14. avatar Jackie says:

    I went to Pink Lining website. I love their bags. So different!! Thank you

  15. avatar Jackie says:

    I am now a follower on facebook of Pink Lining and Project Nursery.

  16. avatar melissa says:

    Following PN and Pink Lining on twitter!

  17. avatar melissa says:

    I like project nursery & pink lining on FB.

  18. avatar melissa says:

    In my bag I always carry antibacterial hand cleaner- spray or gel. Love these cute bags!

  19. avatar Emily D. says:

    I also subscribe to the weekly newsletter :)

  20. avatar Emily D. says:

    Oh my these are adorable! I always make sure to have an extra outfit for my girl and a snack for me.

  21. avatar Natalie Hunter says:

    I am a subscriber to the weekly newsletter and follower on facebook of Project Nursery and Pink Lining!! shouting on both pages!! :)
    I cant live without a pink lining nappy bag! :) and inside it would be some sunscreen!

  22. avatar Mary says:

    I Love these bags! A must have is a small baggie of toys. Everytime i put down my bag, it seems it is a invitation for my little one to get into it! A bag inside a bag to go through is an activity that keeps my little out out of trouble

  23. avatar Sandi says:

    Checked out their site – very cute stuff. I’ve never heard of this brand before. My must have is sanitizer.

  24. avatar Taleen Collins says:

    I am already a fan, and receive your weekly newsletter. :) One item that I could not live without in a diaper bag is hand sanitizer. A must have :)

  25. avatar Berna says:

    Became a subscriber!

  26. avatar Berna says:

    Went to Pink Lining website! These bags are so cute! I would use them even if I didn’t have kids! I always bring snacks in my diaper bag for my little one.

  27. avatar Susie says:

    You can never pass up a great diaper bag.

  28. avatar Emily B says:

    I’m an email newsletter subscriber! :)

  29. avatar Emily B says:

    I always carry emergency rations (aka chocolate bar for ME!) – there are desperate times when only chocolate will save me from an utter meltdown.

  30. avatar Emily H says:

    I like PN & Pink Lining on Facebook.

  31. avatar Emily H says:

    I am a PN subscriber~!

  32. avatar Emily H says:

    Diaper bag must have are the Arm & Hammer mini trach bags for dirty diapers. That way no matter where you are you can feel comfortable disposing of a diaper-they keep the smell locked in plus they smell good themselves! My 5 month old always waits until we leave to have a messy diaper : )

    Love these diaper bags!

  33. avatar Dyna says:

    I liked Pink Lining FB page and I was already a fan of yours. :0)

  34. avatar Dyna says:

    I went on Pink Lining website! They have so many cute bags and styles!! Beside the usual wipes, diapers, bottles, and burp cloth…I also have “emergency” toys for when my little one gets fussy and extra onesies and bib.

  35. these are ABSOLUTELY adorable! oh my gosh, LOVE THEM! my one carry item for sure would have to be my burt’s bees chapstick in pomegranite! no matter what, that great scent always makes this momma feel a lil’ bit more ‘made up’ and pretty with no effort! THANKS!!!

  36. avatar Tiana Dahan says:

    I like both Project Nursery and Pink Lining on Facebook. And I posted on your walls about it :)

  37. avatar Tiana Dahan says:

    In my diaper bag a must thing is a wet bag for the spoiled clothes and dirty dipers.

  38. avatar Tiffiny Duke says:

    Liked Pink Lining on Facebook! Tiffiny Berry Duke

  39. avatar Tiffiny Duke says:

    Liked Project Nursery! Tiffiny Berry Duke

  40. avatar Jennie Taff says:

    Still pregnant with my twins so I haven’t used a diaper bag yet. :) But I did buy a wet bag for the cloth diapers… think that would be pretty indispensable. ;-) Also extra ziplocs for the “just in cases”. ;-) lol

    And I’m a PN subscriber!!

    And I liked both sites on Facebook! :)

  41. avatar Tiffiny Duke says:

    Must have an extra set of clothes and a changing pad!! Just in case.

  42. avatar Heidi says:

    I’m already a subscriber to your weekly e-mail :-)

  43. avatar Heidi says:

    A pacifier and tissues are a must in our bag!

  44. avatar Shay says:

    Yay!! I followed all of the directions!! I hope I win! I just adore the bags!!!

  45. avatar Jennifer Burgess says:

    I like both Project Nursery and Pink Lining on Facebook.

  46. avatar Jennifer Burgess says:

    For us an essential item in our diaper bag is our Sophie with her “leash” so that our wee man couldn’t throw her.

  47. avatar Kathleen says:

    katwalck at hotmail dot com

  48. avatar Kathleen says:

    Following you both on Twitter @katydidandkid and tweeted!/KatydidandKid/status/116500222405918720

  49. avatar Kathleen says:

    I always have to carry a burp cloth and change of clothes with my baby, who’s always spitting up.

  50. avatar Emily Smith says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber!

  51. avatar Emily Smith says:

    I follow Project Nursery and Pink Lining on twitter and tweeted about it!

  52. avatar Emily Smith says:

    A diaper bag must have is a wet bag for my cloth diapers!

  53. avatar Emily Smith says:

    I follow Pink Lining and Project Nursery on facebook!

  54. avatar Kathleen says:

    I love the bags! I followed all the directions above. Thanks for the chance!!

  55. avatar Msilba says:

    I already subscribe to the weekly newsletter

  56. avatar Msilba says:

    I visited, the bags are so cute! I always have my nursing cover diaper bag so I can feed my little guy anytime

  57. avatar Susanna says:

    I must have a wet bag for my cloth diapers.

  58. avatar Lyssa says:

    I signed up for the newsletter.

  59. avatar jrosebarnard says:

    I just signed up. Excited to get my first newsletter!

  60. avatar Melissa V. says:

    Melissa V.,

    Melissa V.,

    I an now following Pink Lining and PN on Twitter.

  61. avatar Stephanie Tucker says:

    A must have in my diaper bag is my baby’s brag book! I’m always prepared to show off my darling and it doubles as a toy when C gets crabby.

    I also liked Pink Lining and PN on fb. : )

  62. avatar Staci A says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks!

  63. avatar Staci A says:

    My must have is an extra outfit for the little one and a tee for me. I’m amazed at the messes he can make!

  64. avatar Nikki Webber says:

    and finally – must have for my bag has to be raisins for the lil’man as they have definitely saved me from some embarrassing moments where he was about to SCREAM his head off lol x

  65. avatar Nikki Webber says:

    Joined mailing list

  66. avatar Nikki Webber says:

    I have followed both on Twitter too @NakkiNoo83

  67. avatar Nikki Webber says:

    I have liked both pages on FB – Nikki Noo Webber

  68. avatar Christina says:

    Great bags! Wipes are a must and clean up any mess!
    I like Project Nursery on Facebook!

  69. avatar Jennifer says:

    I never leave the house without a snack bag. I always have everything I need for the baby, but as soon as she gets to eat, my 4 year old wants something, too. If I don’t have a snack bag, I wind up getting junk food for him, which makes me feel guilty :(

  70. avatar Jennifer says:

    I liked you both on facebook, and am already a subscriber to your newsletter! I love the bags :)

  71. avatar Nicole T says:

    Extra burp cloths, anti-bacterial spray & lysol wipes!!

  72. avatar Tiffany B says:

    I never leave without…SNACKS! Love PN and these super cute diaper bags!

  73. avatar Sam says:

    I was already a member of project nursery and I subscribed to your newletter, facebook && tweeter (tho I dont understand tweeter much). My much have for my diaper bag would have to be, burp cloth, cause theres always burp and with my first, I always forgot and always was using the bottom of my shirt. Also, for a bit older kids, snacks…like gummy’s or crackers, apple slices, depending on the age, to keep entertained. For mama, breast pads, I leak A LOT and need to change a lot. I love your diaper bags and <3 pink!

  74. avatar Melissa Chitty says:

    I also subscribed to your newsletter. I am expecting my first child and have had the hardest time finding a diaper bag I actually like until I saw these. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  75. avatar Melissa Chitty says:

    I like the FB pages and LOVE LOVE LOVE the diaper bags! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  76. avatar Michelle McDonald Campo says:

    I subsribed to the Newsletter.

  77. avatar Michelle McDonald Campo says:

    I like Pink Lining and Project Nursery on FB.

  78. avatar Michelle McDonald Campo says:

    I always have hand sanitizer in my diaper bag and those little plastic bags for putting yucky diapers in.

  79. avatar Kayla says:

    I liked Pink Lining on facebook! I already subscribed to your newsletter and liked project nursery on Facebook.
    I don’t know what my diaper bag essentials will be yet, I’m pregnant with my first! Probably my sunglasses to hide my tired eyes ;)

  80. avatar Karen Lamport says:

    Now on the sub…for the newsletter! =)

  81. avatar Karen Lamport says:

    Like Project Nursery and PinkLining! Crushing on these bags!

  82. avatar Ashlee says:


  83. avatar Ashlee says:

    liked you and Pink LIning

  84. avatar Cate044 says:

    I liked project nursery on FB and get the weekly newsletter!

  85. this bag is very usefull for womens who carry out thier childs for shopping or any other purposes, i would surely recommend it to my all family members who are newly married :)
    specially the colourse are so cool and adorable.

  86. avatar jeannine m says:

    like you both (J D-s)

  87. avatar jeannine m says:

    My wet bag, I always have it with me

  88. avatar Lori Nicholas says:

    We never leave the house w/o some kind of a snack in my bag. Crackers, puffs, fruit anything to tame my little ornery ones…

  89. avatar Lori Nicholas says:

    I subscribed to your Newsletter!!

  90. avatar Lori Nicholas says:

    Following PN on Twitter!!

  91. avatar Lori Nicholas says:

    Following PL on Twitter!!

  92. avatar Lori Nicholas says:

    I liked Project Nursery on Facebook!!

  93. avatar Lori Nicholas says:

    I liked Pink Lining on FB!!

  94. avatar Kristen B. says:

    Beautiful bags! I’m due in a couple weeks so don’t know what my must have item will be yet. I’m thinking my camera will come everywhere I go.

  95. avatar Jeanett says:

    I also liked Pink Lining on facebook;)

    Thank you!

  96. avatar Jeanett says:

    Wow, beautiful bags. I`ve visited the site, and now i want to tell you what i just MUST have in my diaper bag.

    Before my baby girl Leah was born i made this giraff toy/doll for her. She was born 1 month before duedate, so she had to sleep and grow at the hospital before she could come home.

    While she was laying in here incubator i placed the giraff beside her so that she could see the colors and maybe smell me.

    Now she is a strong and healty girl at 5 months and we cant leave the house without the giraff. I always have it in my diaper bag when we are leaving the house.

    Its so cute, and im so glad that i made it.

  97. avatar melanie says:

    Following PL on twitter

  98. avatar melanie says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter

  99. avatar melanie says:

    I am following P.N. on twitter

  100. avatar melanie says:

    I liked project nursery on FB

  101. avatar melanie says:

    I liked pink lining on FB

  102. avatar melanie says:

    My diaper bag must have – (besides the usual)…formula, sippy cup, bottle, paci, blankie, changing bad, camera, lip gloss, meds for momma, baby meds (just in case), band aids, snacks, and some small toys.
    These diaper bags look great!

  103. avatar Caleigh says:

    I liked Pink Lining and Project Nursery on facebook :)

  104. avatar Melinda says:

    Diaper bag must-haves: Water bottle with filtered water for formula, formula (of course), back-up pacis, a few toys to keep baby occupied, my digital camera (you never know when a “Kodak moment” will happen!), and lip gloss for mommy (just in case I am feeling “glamorous”)… LOVE the Pink Lining diaper bags. They are beautiful!

  105. avatar Rebekka says:

    Found you via Pink Lining I always carry around with me my lip gloss and face powder You never know when yummy mummy needs a quick touch up ;)

  106. avatar Kristin says:

    My camera is always a must. You never know when beauty will strike!

  107. avatar Stella Hall says:

    I’m a grandma to beautiful 5 month old Elianah and would love to win one of the beautiful Pink Lining bags for my daughter as the straps have broken on hers. Her must have item to carry is a folder containing health insurance card and medical papers for the doctor and baby clinic, to ensure she never forgets them when rushing out the door for any appointments…… and of course a spare over-the-top bow to ensure Eli always looks divalicious! Also a new Project Nursery follower!

  108. avatar melanie says:

    liked both pages, newsletter suscriber and sent by email my must have for diaper bag

  109. avatar Jennifer Kaplan says:

    My favorite accessory is the Pink Lining insulated bottle holder – I would have to buy one of these to go with the diaper bag if I won!

  110. avatar sangeetha says:

    I have to carry by little Bath and Body Works Sanitizers (Pocketbacs) – they rock

  111. avatar Cynthia says:

    My must have item has to be a change of clothes. You just never know when an accident is going to happen. Oh I should mention, the clothes are for the baby. Lol! :p

  112. avatar Cynthia says:

    I am already a subscriber to your newsletter.

  113. avatar Julianna says:

    A phone and snacks are essential :) Also books! I love these bags :)

  114. avatar Amanda says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter!

  115. avatar Katrina says:

    cell phone and kid friendly healthy snacks!

  116. avatar Samye says:

    I always keep little plastic baggies…you never know what you will need to put in them!!

  117. avatar Eryjah says:

    MUst have would be HAND SANITIZER!!

  118. avatar Eryjah says:

    I foLLow!

  119. avatar Brandi says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter

  120. avatar Kimi says:

    I always carry around the babies cheerios, sometimes for me too!

  121. avatar Shannon says:

    I followed Pink Lining and Project Nursery on Twitter!

  122. avatar Maria says:

    I like Project Nursery & Pink Lining on FB. I’m also a subscriber. My must haves are toys, change of clothes and snacks.

  123. I’m already a follower on FB and receive the newsletter,and am now following Pink Lining too! A camera is going to be something I’ll always carry (along with my favorite onesie of the day) and I LOVE the Red Butterflies bag! All the possibilities with these blow my mind, as I’ve been looking at baby bags for a while now and this is the first one I’ve gotten excited about!

  124. avatar Jessa says:

    My camera! You can never have too many pictures.

  125. avatar Jennifer says:

    a board book and some cash!

  126. I already follow you and get the newsletter-kind of love the website!
    The butterfly design is my favorite. Can’t live without the pacifier!

  127. avatar Christina says:

    wallet and a extra onesie or one piece outfit

  128. avatar Beth says:

    I am still waiting for my little one to arrive, but I know I will always want to have my camera for those very funny candid moments:)

  129. avatar Kim says:

    My must have item is a pacifier!

  130. avatar Alba Garza says:

    My must have item is an extra outfit. You never know what will happen but you always have to be ready.

  131. avatar Beth says:

    I’m currently pregnant with my first so I don’t even know what my diaper bag essentials would be yet!

  132. avatar Beth says:

    I follow both on Twitter, but I don’t have a facebook. :(

  133. avatar Beth says:

    I’m A subscriber.

  134. avatar Crystal says:

    I’m a subscriber

  135. avatar Crystal says:

    Must have my camera and a change of clothes for the little one ;)

  136. avatar Judy says:

    Love these bags – Flip camera – don’t want to miss those cute moments!

  137. avatar Judy says:

    I am a subscirber to Project Nursery!

  138. I subscribed to the newsletter!

  139. I follow both of you on Twitter and did a tweet mentioning both of you and the giveaway!

  140. I now follow Pink Lining on facebook and did a shout out :)

  141. My must-have diaper bag item is BOOGIE WIPES! They are amazing!

  142. avatar Estyn says:

    love these bags! i must have toy cell phones in my diaper bag so that my phone stays as my own!

  143. avatar Estyn says:

    i like pink lining and project nursery on fb

  144. avatar kareers says:

    Just wrote on your wall and I absolutely am addicted to your website. What great inspirations for nurseries. As for my diaper bag – I must have my lip gloss so I can spruce up quickly when I have no other makeup on!

  145. avatar Sarah T says:

    Oh…and I also subscribe to the newsletter.

  146. avatar Sarah T says:

    A board book! Gives my baby something to do when we’re out and about. These are beautiful bags!

  147. avatar susan k. says:

    i’m subscribed to the newsletter as well ;)

  148. avatar susan k. says:

    i already follow on FB :)

  149. avatar Roisin D says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  150. avatar susan k. says:

    ipod touch to take pics and videos of my bebe! and also disposable stick-on placemats, cant live without them!

  151. avatar Roisin D says:

    I keep snacks and bibs for my daughter and some make up powder for me!! :D

  152. avatar Melissa V. says:

    Melissa V.,

    Oh and I always carry my camera.

  153. avatar Melissa V. says:

    I’m already a follower on FB and recieve the newsletter, but now I’m following Pink Lining too!! I MUST have Red Butterflies Bag!!!

  154. avatar Brooke t says:

    my wallet!!

  155. avatar Elisha F. says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  156. avatar Elisha F. says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway and am following Project Nursery and Pink Lining!!/elishafrumkin/status/114743935632539648

  157. avatar ana says:

    Disposable changing pads! Great for when there is no baby changing station and the diaper cahnge can’t wait. I use it to lay under the changing pad and the floor. Also great for a quick in-car diaper change.

  158. avatar Elisha F. says:

    Just “like”d Project Nursery and Pink Lining on FB – shouted out on the walls!

  159. avatar Elisha F. says:

    I absolutely am in love with the Yummy Mummy Peach Blossom bag!

  160. avatar Elizabeth P. says:

    I’m alredy a newsletter subscriber~

  161. avatar Elizabeth P. says:

    snacks for babe of course!

  162. avatar Juli says:

    A wet bag, for the cloth diapers is my must-have.

  163. avatar alicia says:

    Hi! I don’t know exactly what I’ll need to carry as it’s my first baby but I’m guessing a change of clothes is a must!

  164. avatar Katie Fisher says:

    My must have item in my change bag is a little toy and some snacks to keep Elijah quiet on days out!

    I like both on Facebook and have followed on twitter.

    Tweeted and shouted out :)

  165. I like both on FB! (Jessica Kennedy)

    Thanks again!

  166. avatar Lauren says:

    A wet bag and extra change of clothes!

  167. I follow both on Twitter and I Tweeted!

    Thanks again!

  168. avatar kae says:

    must have boy toys!!

  169. Must haves of my bag are:
    extra clothes
    bandaides/antibiotic ointment
    a book or my Kindle

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. avatar Cari says:

    I like you guys and get the newsletter. Great giveaway!

  171. avatar Mendy Smith says:

    I’m an expecting mom but my guess would be a pacifier!

  172. avatar Kady R. says:

    I must carry snacks for my kiddos.

  173. avatar Jeremy says:

    im a subscriber.

  174. avatar Jeremy says:

    i like both on FB. Jeremy Gonzales

  175. avatar Jeremy says:

    hand wash, snacks, sippy’s. are all a must!

  176. avatar arely colin says:

    followed both on twitter

  177. avatar Nicole says:

    Small pack of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer.

  178. avatar arely colin says:

    like both on facebook

  179. avatar arely colin says:

    cloth diapers

  180. avatar Melissa Metsch says:

    I also like both pages on fb!

  181. avatar Megan says:


    I am a subscriber and I liked Project Nurery and Pink Lining on FB!!!

  182. avatar Melissa Metsch says:

    My must have Items are the disposable changing pad, bags for diapers and soiled clothes, snacks for me and my three yr old and lip gloss for me!!

  183. avatar sacha says:

    boogie wipes! those saline nose wipes are awesome for sensitive little noses of all my kids:)

  184. avatar Melissa Metsch says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  185. avatar Megan says:

    A muslin blanket or two, extra clothes, Sophie the Giraffe, snacks for the whole crew (a must!!) Hand Sanatizer and a couple busy bags filled with toys to keep my older ones content while out and about.

  186. avatar lindsey says:

    Extra change of clothes! my daughter can get very messy throughout the day. Also i love to have a pair of babylegs they work great to cover legs or arms when its cold in Minnesota.

  187. avatar Amanda Ross says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, and for introducing me to Pink Lining. I already “liked’ Project Nursery, and now “like” Pink Lining too! My must have diaper bag essential includes bug spray, for those early morning walks and days at the park, and my son’s favorite book for those long waits at restaurants!

  188. avatar Jessica says:

    I like your page on Facebook. Diaper Bage must have: Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer!!!

  189. avatar Tiffany says:

    Gave both you and Pink Lining a “shout out” on your walls…wish me luck :)

  190. avatar Militza says:

    I “liked” Pink Lining on facebook

  191. avatar Tiffany says:

    I am a weekly newsletter subscriber!! :)

  192. avatar Militza says:

    Those little wipes to clean the pacifier, I clean spoons and everything my baby gets into her mouth

  193. avatar SamanthaC says:

    Extra clothes, plastic bags for diapers or dirty clothes and snacks for mom!!!

  194. avatar Tiffany says:

    The use and toss protective pads to put baby on when changing them! Never know when or where you will need to change that sweet little things diaper. I am always afraid of some of those changing tables in public places :)

  195. avatar jpetroroy says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber

  196. avatar jpetroroy says:

    Wipes, extra clothes, and snacks!

  197. avatar amber ruth says:

    i “liked” project nursery on fb!

  198. avatar amber ruth says:

    im a subscriber!

  199. avatar amber ruth says:

    my must haves (besides the obvious) include: extra clothes, a bib (reflux baby), & a wet bag for our cloth diapers!

  200. avatar RB says:

    a book and a snack!

  201. avatar Karissa H says:

    Aside from the extra set of clothes, a camera! You don’t want to miss any special moments just in case.

  202. avatar Tiffany says:

    pocket pack facial tissue

  203. avatar Holly says:

    Definitely snacks. We’re past the baby stage, but having a snack tucked away has definitely been a lifesaver.

  204. avatar Athena says:

    Paci wipes!