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DIY: To Sew or Not to Sew Your Crib Skirt

After much debate and constant searching for crib bedding, I opted to tackle the “super budget” with more DIY. In our current nursery, we will make a few tweaks to the existing furniture, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and add some very basic bedding pieces. We are going to ditch the crib bumper and go with a simple look with a new crib sheet and a super quick and easy DIY crib skirt.

So, although I have not tackled this project yet, there are plenty of online tutorials out there to get you started on creating a custom crib skirt whether you can sew or not. Some call for using an iron heat-bonded hem tape or a simple straight stitch with a sewing machine. Here is how I am laying out my fabric (this is just an estimate, and the below measurements are NOT exact).

You will need to determine the drop (the distance between the bottom of the mattress and floor). This can vary depending on the height where your mattress is set. The good news? As you lower the mattress, you can just take the hem up a bit to accommodate the difference.

So where to start? Once you have all of your measurements figured out, cut 3 panels and hem 3 sides of each panel with hem tape and iron. My crib will be against a wall, so I don’t need a back panel. Next, attach pieces of velcro to the mattress frame while matching pieces of velcro up with the top edge of your panels. Attaching the panels with velcro make this a “stitch” to remove and wash!

Here are a few pics I found of some successful DIY crib skirts, along with a variety of instructions.

This is from Honey & Fitz.

This next one is from The House of Wood.

And last but not least—a personal fave—Young House Love.

Any luck making your crib skirt or crib bedding? We’d love to hear any helpful tips. Please share by leaving a comment or uploading pics to our gallery!



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  3. I love the third one too! Thanks for sharing Rebecca :)

  4. avatar enne says:

    how much fabric is needed to make a crib skirt

  5. avatar Jennifer says:

    I made my own crib skirt for our nursery, and I am so glad I did! It was simple, and I can now use the same fabric for other projects in the nursery to tie everything together. Plus, it is so nice to walk into the room and think, “I did that!”

  6. avatar Laura says:

    I made a no-sew crib skirt 5 years ago, and it was my FAVORITE part of the room. It made it look so tailored. Instead of using velcro, I made each peice a bit longer, and pinned it up under the mattress, onto the metal frame. When I dropped the mattress as my kids grew, I pulled each piece up higher under the mattress. This way, I didn’t loose the detail at the bottom of the skirt to a hem (contrasting fabric stripe and ric rac).

  7. avatar Amy Williams says:

    Weee! Thanks for another DIY tutorial, Rebecca. I really look forward to them.

  8. avatar Susie says:

    Cute Crib skirt. I love trying to be thrifty and fashionable at the same time.