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Another Way to Rock

Every new or expectant parent has read a thousand lists of what is needed in the nursery before you bring your little one home. But when it comes down to it, the true nursery essentials are a place to sleep, a place to change diapers and a place to rock your child. When designing a nursery, I always look for the chance to include a little one-of-a-kind touch in the room, and often a rocker or glider provides the perfect opportunity to do that. Little touches of whimsy or vintage are a great way to bring some personality into your child’s first room. I like looking for chairs or gliders that have unique shapes or details but still offer function and comfort—a place to read a book, feed your baby or simply hang out while your baby explores the room.

This small but sweet accent chair from the book Babies’ Rooms, by Judith Wilson, has a high enough back and arms to offer great support while nursing. At the same time, the exposed legs and casters add a “lightness” to it.

Some nurseries call for more ruffles and embellishments. Adding an oversize ruffle to a traditional wingback chair is a great way to transform a library chair into a nursery chair. Nursery from the book Feathering the Nest by Tracy Hutson.

This gently sloping  occasional arm chair also offers a nice way to sophisticate the nursery. The bold pattern makes a statement and updates the chair’s style to a more modern feel.

A fun chair in the nursery is always nice. Small, but full of punch, this chocolate striped chair will grow to be a great reading chair for your child. Small in scale, it doesn’t overpower the room.

There is always something nice about a simple chair in the room. This chair is functional as both a rocker and later as a great occasional chair by removing the rocker and adding legs.

Taking a vintage find and updating it with a fresh coat of paint and some new pillows is always so inviting. It is the one-of-a-kind touch that can help make a room special. Enjoy finding a rocker or glider that has personality and charm to add to your child’s room. The last four images are from Room for Children by Susanna Salk.



Wednesday 14th of September 2011

That Giraffe wall sticker for kids is fun and so vintage. It looks like Love Mae.


Wednesday 14th of September 2011

That first accent chair looks comfy and cozy. I agree with what you said about the true nursery essentials: a place to sleep, a place to change diapers, and a place to nurse and rock your child.


Sunday 11th of September 2011

It is very important to choose a glider or chair that provides both mother and baby ultimate comfort. Nursing can be a challenge, especially during the first few weeks, so utmost comfort and back and arm support are a must.