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DIY: Transforming the Drab into Fab!

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned my love affair with a can of spray paint? Well,  it’s true…I LOVE this magical mist in a can. Just about anything can be transformed into something wonderful with a coat of fresh paint. When I go shopping for decor, whether it be at a local thrift store or big box retailer, I try to expand my design options with the thought that just about anything can be given a little facelift or added fabulousness with a flick of the wrist.

I wanted to make the art above Brandt’s bed, and I wanted to frame at least a 16×20 print. When you start to get into larger sized frames, it can end up being quite an expense. A great alternative to a large fancy frame was to pick up this poster frame from Target that came with a pre-cut mat for $19.99. The only problem was that it only came in black. This is where I turned to my trusted friend Mr. Rust-Oleum for a little assistance. In a few quick minutes, this frame went from store-bought black to a colorful, custom DIY project. Do you love spray paint as much as I do? Share your project ideas with us or any helpful tips!

This isn’t the exact frame…but pretty close!


Tuesday 30th of August 2011

Spray paint is amazing. I transformed a great bed frame with it.

Valentina@baby quilts

Sunday 28th of August 2011

Can of spray paint can resolve 99% of design problems; when low on design ideas or nothing else works I reach for it. With spray paint I was able to transform old (not antique) garage sale mirror and two hand-me-down 10-times-repainted chairs into nice chocolate brown delight. It took some time sanding down the old paint and grime but the result is really stunning.


Friday 26th of August 2011

You can really do so much with a can of spray paint. Sometimes when I shop for a can of spray paint, I get so tempted to hoard cans of other colors, too! I think it would be wonderful if I get a shelf full of them in my craft room.

sarah g.

Friday 26th of August 2011

I agree. Spray paint is really like a magic wand, and you can transform something that looks boring into something fabulous by just spray-painting away! It's my home makeover bestfriend!


Wednesday 24th of August 2011

I'm totally inspired Rebecca. I need to get my spray paint mojo on and create some fun poster frames for my kids rooms. great tips!