DIY: Transforming the Drab into Fab!

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned my love affair with a can of spray paint? Well,  it’s true…I LOVE this magical mist in a can. Just about anything can be transformed into something wonderful with a coat of fresh paint. When I go shopping for decor, whether it be at a local thrift store or big box retailer, I try to expand my design options with the thought that just about anything can be given a little facelift or added fabulousness with a flick of the wrist.

I wanted to make the art above Brandt’s bed, and I wanted to frame at least a 16×20 print. When you start to get into larger sized frames, it can end up being quite an expense. A great alternative to a large fancy frame was to pick up this poster frame from Target that came with a pre-cut mat for $19.99. The only problem was that it only came in black. This is where I turned to my trusted friend Mr. Rust-Oleum for a little assistance. In a few quick minutes, this frame went from store-bought black to a colorful, custom DIY project. Do you love spray paint as much as I do? Share your project ideas with us or any helpful tips!

This isn’t the exact frame…but pretty close!


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    I’m totally inspired Rebecca. I need to get my spray paint mojo on and create some fun poster frames for my kids rooms. great tips!

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    I agree. Spray paint is really like a magic wand, and you can transform something that looks boring into something fabulous by just spray-painting away! It’s my home makeover bestfriend!

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    You can really do so much with a can of spray paint. Sometimes when I shop for a can of spray paint, I get so tempted to hoard cans of other colors, too! I think it would be wonderful if I get a shelf full of them in my craft room.

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    Can of spray paint can resolve 99% of design problems; when low on design ideas or nothing else works I reach for it. With spray paint I was able to transform old (not antique) garage sale mirror and two hand-me-down 10-times-repainted chairs into nice chocolate brown delight. It took some time sanding down the old paint and grime but the result is really stunning.

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