Decorating with Oars

image via Home Sweet Home, room designed by Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

Summertime always inspires me to decorate with a nautical theme in mind. Accessories are the easiest way to bring a hint of the sea into a room. Since artwork, pillows and mirrors are obvious accessories, why not try some physical objects like a surfboard or oars for more 3-D decor options?

image via Coastal Living

Vintage oars are relatively easy to find on eBay, at a flea market or antique shop. A Project Nursery reader used vintage oars as decor in her daughter Stella’s room quite successfully.

For a more streamlined look, I personally love these painted oars by Contact Voyaging Company.

 They are pricey, but you can consider them a piece of artwork. They come in over twenty painted styles based on nautical semaphore flags. But if you don’t want to spend the cash on a vintage or custom painted oar, you can always buy a print such as this one and have it framed—a nice budget-friendly alternative.



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    Oars, especially those that are used and have some sort of “wear and tear” really do add a certain charm to a nautical-theme room. I have about five vintage ones in my son’s room, and yeah, got them from flea markets and from eBay.

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    I really like how they used the oars in Stella’s room. Vintage nautical for a girl. Now that’s an original concept as far as I’m concerned.

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