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Not Your Average Ottoman

Looking to add a little fun to your nursery or kid’s room? Maybe you’ve seen the amazing Gummi Bear Mini Chandelier that’s been featured on many websites, but did you know that the company who makes it, Jellio, has a whole line of kitschy cool products? In particular, we’re loving their quirky ottomans and small tables, which are inspired by classic children’s toys, games and treats.

Ice Cream Ottoman by Jellio

Music Table by Jellio

Super Table by Jellio

Rubik’s Cube Table by Jellio

Cupcake Seat by Jellio

Under the right circumstances, any of these would spice up a nursery or child’s room in a jiffy! And, what’s more fun than a child’s space that’s truly inspired by, well, fun?!

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  1. avatar Julie says:

    That xylophone music table really caught my attention. I just hope that it really works as a xylophone cause I just ordered it! Nevertheless the colors are great!

  2. avatar Renee says:

    Both the cupcake seat and the ice cream ottoman look delicious!!! Just the thing for our nursery :)

  3. Wow, very funky – really like them. However, the price tag is a bit steep…but I like the Ice Cream idea so much that I might try it with an old ottoman I already have.

  4. avatar Cherie says:

    Kid’s room? How about a living room! I would put most of those in my living room anyday. Totally funky and awesome.

  5. So awesome and whimsical, makes me think of the movie Big.

  6. avatar Lesley Smith says:

    Love this idea….super fun!

  7. avatar Melisa says:

    I love these! Such a fun find!