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Modern Play Tables + Storage

I recently had a former client ask me to help her source a play table to put in her office.  She wanted her daughter to be able to play next to her while she worked.  The requirements were for it to be modern and for it to offer storage. So I thought you all would like to see some of the pieces that I suggested to her.  The price points vary from under $100 to over $3000 so here we go!

The least expensive of the bunch (the storage tables tend to be much more pricey).  I like the easy lift storage option as well as the chalkboard top.

Peek-a-Boo Chalkboard Table & Benches – $89.99

A nice size with soft edges.  This piece could work in any decor.  The matching tray gives you some storage for crayons and paper so they don’t roll off the table.

Iglooplay Craft/Work Table – $350

Although this does not offer large storage, there is space to store pens, pencils, paper and stickers.  I like the compact design and how the chairs blend right into the piece.

Bloom Otto Play Table & Chair Set – $350

The storage bin is a must.  Also when on its highest height, you get an extra shelf where you can store large trucks and bins for little toys and crafts.

The Mojo Play Table from the Land of Nod starts at $349 + $149 for the storage bin.

I like the fact that this can be customized in an array of colors and offers a large enough surface to really get into art projects. The storage is more than plentiful and easily accessible.

Austin Playtable from Duc Duc – $1095

The ultimate play table, well really at this price is more like a mini dining table.  If you have no budget, and a lot of space, this is the crown jewel. The flaps on the top of the table open up, similar to the Austin table above. A sophisticated finish helps this piece fit in anywhere in your home.
The Table by Duc Duc – $3500


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  2. avatar myspace friends says:

    I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this site. Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. hi there, i actually n right here repeatedly, awaiting your next place.

  4. avatar Krista says:

    Even the cheapest one looks nice! But I like the Bloom Otto Play Table & Chair Set best. They’d be perfect with the girls’ other room furniture. And I like how the chairs could fit perfectly at the sides of the table and they’d blend together as one piece after use.

  5. avatar Lia says:

    The range in prices for these tables are unbelievable! Nevertheless, all of them look very nice. It really just depends on how much you are willing to spend, how much space you have, and which table fits perfectly with the room decor.

  6. avatar Sabrina says:

    Love these but I went with the Pkolino “popsicle legs” Little Ones table & chairs:
    I was worried the chalk one could catch little fingers?

  7. avatar Kim says:

    Wow, the more expensive these tables get, the better they are! I am actually drooling over the Austin Playtable from Duc Duc. So modern and so practical because of all that storage space!