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PLUSH Show Recap Part I: Nursery & Toddler Room

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Sunday was a fabulous day here in Los Angeles! It’s was one of those days where you meet wonderful pregnant people, great moms & dads, creative business owners and old friends only to finish the day exhausted but with a smile thinking…the baby industry is a great industry to be in. There is so much to share readers, where do we begin? Ok, I’ll fast forward to the end – Isn’t this set lovely!

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Now for all the fun details, keep on reading! I’ll start with the fact that poor Pam threw her son’s 4th birthday party Saturday afternoon and then hopped on a plane down to LA where I forced her to stay awake stuffing postcards and filling jars with candy until 12:30am for all the PLUSH attendees. We both agree however that it was well worth it!

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Our alarms went off at 5am and we arrived bright and early to the historic venue, Vibiana in downtown LA along side 40 other exhibitors and Project Nursery pals. We jumped right in working on all the tiny details to pull together the space themed pink and green.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Team Project Nursery made our presence known in matching polos thanks to Adrienne, Melisa, Pam, Andrika, and Rebecca. PN’s Gerri and Naomi were exhibiting just across the way from us.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Clearly, we are not shy about posing for the camera either! And this was just the beginning…

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

We warmly welcomed our awesome exhibiting partner, talented designer and new PN contributor (more on that later!) Lonni Paul of PetitNest. Lonni and design assistant Lisa used their magical designer powers to create a stunning display featuring PetitNest’s stylish Alouette crib, Calliandra crib bedding and complimentary Sophie dresser.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Coordinating fabrics across the way showcased a luxurious big girl bed, fit for a princess. The custom headboard was most definitely a show stopper!

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

But who can resist a gorgeous beautiful pink couch? We think we did a pretty sweet job of embellishing this scene with candy treats. But tiny Plush attendee “Lulu” made the space complete!

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

The celadon green linen Odette glider and reading nook quickly became a popular stop for parents and tots to put their feet up during the busy show.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Throughout the day our team enjoyed mingling with loads of people educating them about PetitNest products and our ongoing mission to inspire cool kid design here at

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

We were honored by all the PN readers that came out to say hello including our VIP ticket winner Andrea. Andrea was one very cool and calm  first time mom. Just look at how amazing she looks. She gave birth just 10 days ago people! We all came to the conclusion that she should have a ton more children!

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Now I am sure you caught a peek of the baby shower dessert table from the photo at the top. You’ll just have to check back for those yummy details and many more great features from our wonderful day at PLUSH! And lastly, big thanks to the talented Tara of Tara Rochelle Photography for capturing these beautiful images for us!

UPDATE: For our complete recap of  the PLUSH Show, see posts: Part I: Nursery & Toddler Room, Part II: Dessert Table + Exhibitor Highlights

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

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  1. avatar Sarah Aubrey Albrecht says:

    is the couch fabric available to buy? I’d like to buy 7-10 yards if possible. thanks!

  2. avatar Karla says:

    Who is the designer of the fabric headboard. I love this fabrIc, but can’t find it anywhere!!!
    Thanks! Amazing nursery, one of my favorites!!

  3. avatar Ruthy says:

    wow! One of my favorite nurseries that i have seen. I love it and I am sure it was a lot of fun putting it together.

  4. avatar bibzees says:

    Looks like a terrific show and lots of fun!

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  6. avatar Roberta says:

    Judging from the lovely photos, it’s obvious you had a blast and had one heck of an exhibit. And yeah, I agree about Andrea. She looks wonderful, and not every bit a mom who gave birth less then two weeks before. I looked nowhere near that when I had given birth two months ago.

  7. avatar Lois says:

    You got really amazing photos. And that big girl bed is really gorgeous, fit for a lovely little princess.

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  11. Your exhibit is beautiful and it sounds like the event was a huge success! Congratulations to you all! (Love the matching shirts, too!)

  12. avatar michelle says:

    looks fabulous! wish I was there to play!

  13. avatar Melisa says:

    Hey Courtney, The sofa was really so very cute. It was custom made by Lonni however so unfortunately it’s not on the market! – M

  14. avatar Courtney says:

    Wow. Beautiful. Please tell me the details on the sofa. I absolutely love it. I have two gorgeous sofas from Anthro, so what’s one more for my little princess!!!

  15. avatar Berna says:

    Great Job! Thanks for sharing as well! Couldn’t go fly down to LA to attend the show, so this post is great! Looking forward to the post on the dessert table. I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me but looks like I saw mini pies on sticks!