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Hopefully by now the PLUSH event recaps have captured the excitement and energy that was buzzing throughout the day at the Project Nursery & PetitNest booth. There was never a lull in attendees who wanted to take a peak at everything in our space and learn all they could about Project Nursery. My face was sore from all that talking and smiling, a sign of a successful day. Melisa and I did carve out a little bit of time to walk the floor so that we could meet all the other exhibitors, hear about some of the fantastic giveaway opportunities and report back on new and exciting products.

First stop, our PN gal’s Naomi and Gerri of Little Crown Interiors went bright, bold and sustainable with their booth featuring Kalon Studios‘ colorful line of nursery furniture.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

At StorkSak, we were able to test drive some of their newest diaper bags including the new Sofia bag and the black patent Dori style. Next up we were introduced to Lollacup. It’s an innovative and adorable cup made of BPA and toxic free plastic that has a weighted straw so when your child tips their head back to chug that cranberry juice the straw actually goes to the bottom of the cup so they can successfully get out every last drop. The cups are valve free which makes them a personal favorite because I am so over trying to figure out what attachments go with what cup! We also enjoyed learning about the Bibagogo, a stain resistant, fully washable bib that comes with hidden pockets which contain a spoon and two facecloths. It’s roll and go design make it great for on the go and traveling families.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

We were ready for a pick me up so the timing was perfect for a treat at Tasty Clouds. Everyone loves cotton candy right? With over 15 flavors there was something for both tot and parent to sample at this booth. Tasty Clouds is made fresh in LA without additives or preservatives and can be shipped nationwide.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Melisa and I are not shy when it comes to getting the word out about Project Nursery. So when TV host Angela Chee wanted to chat with us about nursery and party trends we jumped at the chance. Angela is the founder of  The Zen Mom and was on site to get the scoop for HerSay, a new daily web series for busy women who want to be in the know. We can’t wait to see how the footage turned out and will be sure to share it on PN.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

I must also tell you about all the fantastic giveaways that were rockin’ throughout the event. E! Entertainment hosts Catt Sadler and Jason Kennedy were on site as the emcees for the day and got the crowds attention with funny commentary and great prizes. I am a big E! fan and have to admit that many PN posts have been crafted late at night while Catt is updating me on Hollywood gossip.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Three from our very own team generously gave away product and design packages. Design expert Andrika of Nursery Notations gave one lucky mom a design consultation while Annette Tatum raffled off a Brocade crib set. Lonni also gave away a “Design My Nest”, children’s interior design package which is valued at over $1250! And special thanks goes to our friends at Newport Cottages for donating a beautiful Ricki Crib which was front and center complimenting the gorgeous PLUSH sign.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

You’ll have to wait one more day before we share our final PLUSH article and feature the lovely ladies of Layla Grayce! They were an exhibit not to be missed but in the mean time, we have a little something special for you….

WIN IT: We were able to snag two additional PLUSH swag bags to give away to our readers. Enter to win a PLUSH reusable tote stuffed with valuable product coupons and samples from the event by commenting on this post. Contest ends Wednesday June 15th at 11:59 PST.

Photo Credit: Tara Rochelle Photography

Everyone really went above and  beyond to make it an exciting day. Many Thanks! – M&P

UPDATE: For our complete recap of  the PLUSH Show, see posts: Part I: Nursery & Toddler Room, Part II: Dessert Table + Exhibitor Highlights


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  1. 1

    Looks like a fun time. The lollacups are cute! The weighted straw feature would be great-my little guy doesn’t quite get the switch between sippy cups you tip up to drink from and the straw cups that need to stay downward.

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  3. 3

    The event looks fabulous – now you just really need to recreate it on the East Coast for your loyal followers there! I completely agree with post #2 and amy dying to find out more info on that pink sofa or at least the name/designer of the fabric….

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    I had so much fun at the PLUSH event. I loved so many of the products there and I would love, love, love to win a gift bag!!!!!!!

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    How absolutely precious! Your site is just amazing. I am certainly ordering Tasty Clouds for a party!

  21. 21

    I am a new and faithful follower of PN due to my friend Andrea’s (your VIP guest) amazing experience last weekend. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for all of us!

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  24. 24

    Would love to snag a swag bag. I was originally suppose to attend and then my daughter was sick. :-(

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  30. 30

    I think you captured everything that was at PLUSH so well, beautiful photographs and commentary. We loved PLUSH and had so much fun!

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  32. 32

    Would love that PLUSH swag bag! Up here in N. California, so couldn’t attend the PLUSH event. Pam happy belated bday to your son! What a busy and eventful weekend for The entire PN staff!

  33. 33

    What an amazing giveaway! Would love to win this. I have 3 boys(4 months old, 2 years old and 4 years old). This would be very useful and awesome to win :)

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    Would LOVE to win a Swag Bag for my girls!! Love Plush! Wish I could have been there.

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    I am on bed rest w/ my second daughter and would love a swag bag! The event looked beautiful and I have been drooling over all the details!! I not only like you, I love you! I follow you and am a subscriber!! Can’t wait for more nursery inspiration from you!!

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    Very eye-catching booth! Well done guys! Also, my two thumbs up go to Tara Rochelle Photography too for great photos. It looks like you guys had a great time.

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  67. 67

    I’ ve been your Weekly Newsletter subscriber for some time, and yes I do read them each time! ;)

  68. 68

    I soooo wanted to go, but couldn’t. But this bag would really be put to good use in our home!!! Thanks :)

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    OK, So i think time to change the name to Project WOW ! i love you on facebook, and any other book and oh i get your letters too :)

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    I get your newsletters. The concentration with which i read them, my husband calls them love letters lol !

  73. 73

    The show looked amazing! Sad we couldn’t make it but would
    LOVE to win a swag bag! Thanks!

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    I like Project Nursery on facebook and gave you a shout-out! This would make my day! And after 5 hours of tests on baby and me and a trip to the hospital, I could use a pick-me-up. :)

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    Wish I could have been there!! I’m a fan on FB and a subscriber to the newsletter;() fingers crossed on this giveaway!!

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