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Let’s Hang

One of my favorite room decor tips for the nursery is hanging something fantastic from the ceiling.  Yes chandeliers are wonderful, but that’s not exactly what I am thinking of.  Check out some of these unique finds that help give the nursery a whimsical focal point.

This amazing mobile by Babyjives is perfect for over a changing table or crib.  It’s subtle and modern and totally unique. The collection also includes rainclouds, butterflies or dragon fly mobiles.

Lanterns adorned with paper butterflies are an elegant way to bring interest from the ceiling.  These are great for a nursery, big girl room or even a play room.  I found this collection on Etsy.

You know how much I love pom poms.  They are a cheap, creative and colorful way to add some pow to any boring white ceiling. Their great texture is like a flower bouquet in the sky.

Strings of lights like these from AmiciThai can be used in a variety of ways to add color and interest.  Did I mention they were $15 a string!

Have a great ceiling element that we didn’t mention?  We would love to hear about it!


Monday 27th of June 2011

Fishing line is good (if it is not directly in the sun, it stays strong for a long time). You can find the screw-in hooks at walmart or home depot. If the lanterns heavier and the ceiling is dry wall, I would use an anchor. If the ceiling is wood, I think hooks are fine - maybe even flat push pins (but make sure they are pushed in well).


Monday 27th of June 2011

Hey - how do you suggest hanging paper lanterns and pom poms from a ceiling? what kind of hooks? do you use fishing line? I have some lanterns to hang, but not sure what to hang them with to make sure they don't fall.


Friday 24th of June 2011

I really like charming out-of-the-ordinary and fun-looking mobiles, especially hand-made or crafted ones, such as the one in the first photo. Hanging them above a crib or a changing table makes a lot of difference, and you are right, it gives otherwise plain and boring ceilings a fun and interesting look.


Thursday 23rd of June 2011

Very fun mobile.

Mobiles moving and turning with a light breezing is so calming. Check out my cute mobiles here:


Thursday 23rd of June 2011

Lovin' it!