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HerSay: Simple & Affordable Party Ideas

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  1. avatar Hannah says:

    I didn’t know about I got intrigued and clicked on the link. Seems informative. Thanks.

  2. avatar Krista says:

    I really love the effect of those big glass canisters. You can put anything inside and they’d look gorgeous. And whatever it is you put in those canisters, they always make such a lovely and pretty party decor or party detail.

  3. avatar Faye says:

    I thought the part on how to throw a Milk-and-Cookie party was never gonna come. But congrats guys on being featured! Melissa, you look absolutely beautiful!

  4. avatar Melissa says:

    Videos are well done, but not what I’m looking for when I want to check out this blog. Sitting thru a 5 minute video is not appealing to me when I’m blog-browsing. Overall thumbs down. :(