Giveaway: Calling All Dads! Bonobos Giveaway

Father’s day is just around the corner and while we spend most of our days oohing and awing over pretty nurseries and sweet accessories for baby, we wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all the Dads and Fathers-to-be!

It’s often a tough spot for the men in our lives to fully understand what we’re going through during our pregnancies. I’ll cut my husband some slack and say, he was instrumental in helping me get through it all (plus he paints a great nursery!). And since the arrival of our two boys, he’s been a superstar – above and beyond what I would have imagined his role to be. I feel pretty lucky but of course he’ll have to actually read this to hear it. So just like moms, we believe it’s important for our hardworking dads to look and feel good after the sleepless nights and worry every child brings into a parent’s world. Which is exactly why we’re taking a quick break from our regular programming to share with you some cool duds (and a wee bit of male model eye candy!) that can be conveniently purchased online of course…

Tucked or untucked? is the same ole question I get daily from my husband. Once I learned that the Bonobos polo fits snug in the arms, has a slim fit and is short enough to keep untucked without looking sloppy…move over RL!

But why risk buying something online? It’s the unique fit that counts at Bonobos so doesn’t that make you curious? The free shipping policy is a dream and their hassle-free returns scream, “Try on these pants!”

We’re delighted that Bonobos is partnering with us to kick off a week long contest for the special men in your life! If the father of your child is someone deserving, enter to win just in time for Dad’s special day!

WIN IT: Bonobos is offering one lucky PN Reader three of their most popular pieces (above) including a pair of Graham Slackers, The Red Rooster Polo and an Ernest Alexander Tie, a $200 value! To enter, visit Bonobos and tell us which pieces you think the Dad in your life would appreciate the most or which pieces do YOU think he’d look best in! And feel free to share why your guy is so special! We love reading all your comments. Contest ends Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 11:59 PST. Good Luck!



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    My husband needs some nice work clothes :) He also needs to look good this Father’s Day because it’s his first…our son is 5 months old. I “like” you both on fb

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    I think my hubs would look fab in the Red Rooster above or the similar Fife Light Blue Polo. My guy is the absolute best since he moved from London to the States to marry me and be a fantastic husband, and this year he has shown what a truly amazing dad he is as well. Love him!

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    Looking through all of the clothes and accessories on Bonobos, I know my husband would love to show off those Gunsmokes! I can see him in the Timberland boat shoes (he would definitely go for the Goldenrods) and an Oliver Spencer tee on the weekends as well. He works LONG hours all day and is always in uniform, and I know he deserves something nice for Father’s Day this year, since we lost our daughter last year when she was born. We’re expecting in December, and I want him to know he is still the best looking Dad/Daddy- to- be in my eyes! (I liked PN and Bonobos on FB, Have been subscribed to the newsletter andfollowing on Twitter for a while :-) ) Thanks Project Nursery for always having such great things to look forward to!

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    My hubby would look a-ma-zing in the Bentham Blue Oxford–blue to accent his baby blue eyes! Why is he amazing? He has come to every OB appointment with me, religiously brings me my prenatal vitamins so I ‘don’t forget,’ and has spent hours slaving over a customer nursery decor for our soon-to-arrive son! He can’t wait to be a dad!

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    I’m following PN and Bonobos on Twitter and Tweeted about it!

    Edit to my above comment: *custom nursery decor…pregnancy brain!

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    I think he would appreciate this sleek and good looking Jack Spade Black Computer Field Bag because his bag is really old (with some stain! :( ), and really outdated. Not only he would appreciate it, but also he would love it!

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    My dad is really cool, and would look great in the midweight Khakistans and powerlines blue sport shirt.

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    My Dad would look intriguing in a pair of Denver Blancos .He has done so much for our family.

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    My dad ia a shoe freak (worse than a women) and would love the superga casual shoe. wowowow

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    I love the Graham Slackers and he would look great in a pair of Superga shoes! My husband NEVER buys new clothes for himself. I have to beg him to get anything new for himself. He is always thinking of us first!

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    I have been looking for some comfortable olive pants and these fit the bill Olive 100% Belgian Cotton Twill Dress Pants

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    Love their stuff and I know the dad in my life would too! I think he’d esp love the Navy Pocket Brief bag and the Beckwith Denim Blue Suit Pant!

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    My husband would love the Graham Slackers, the Clubhouse Orange Oxford Shirt, and the Grey 4 Pocket Track Shawl… and I think he’d look like a HUNK in that too! He is the most special man I know because he’s supportive, encouraging, silly, and my very best friend… and he tells me everyday that he loves me. He’s made all my dreams come true and deserves to look his best when he meets our son or daughter this August.

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    subscriber (new) and FB fan:-)
    saw u at Plush LA!!!!
    My hubby would look amazing in the red polo and he’d love the shoes and bags…
    thx and blessings!

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    He is SOOO in need of new suits/slacks for work. His closet is seriously depressing. I like the Chino Lino Bonobos Suit, as well as many of the grey slacks on the site (trouble loading it though…a pity!)

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    Hi there,

    My husband Luke is constantly looking at Bonobos site every other day it
    seems so when i saw your dad contest i felt like i had no option but to
    contact you guys (i just hope this is the right way to submit, ha). So it
    says for me to tell you guys what hed look best in, well he looks great in
    anything but thats just me. Luke has a slim build so im going to say the
    Chino Lino Blazer would be a perfect match for him. When it comes to ties he
    likes solids best but i have a feeling he could pull off the Eaton Gingham
    Necktie. During the weekends he stays in his jogging pants mostly so i think
    a pair of the Provolone Rangers or Kudzus would looks best. He loves polos
    so the Pale Parrot would look best probably. I feel like i may have gotten
    carried away but Bonobos has too great of a variety!

    Anyhow, this isnt really what i contacted you guys for. I justed wanted to
    make it known to just how great he is. We have been married for going on 7
    years and have been together for well…years:) Weve got 3 great children
    and theyve been a challenge for the two of us but we have survived a lot
    thanks to him. Luke and I recently had to move for the 4th time in the past
    3 years so that i could finish my degree and start a job and he has handled
    it all from traveling back and forwth to handle the closings and last minute
    changes. A year into our marriage Luke was in a highway accident coming home
    and was in ICU for weeks while i was pregnant but that didnnt stop him from
    getting out of bed to check on me and constantly ripping out stiches. I cant
    put the past 7 years into an email as to why hes the greatest but i can say
    he has sacrifised daily for the 4 of us and its not always easy dealing with
    us. So yes youve heard me rant and rave about him but its now in your hands
    as to what he should be awarded :)

    Thanks So Much! (and yes ive liked both sites since they are both amazing!!)

    Lauren Ashley

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    I subscribed to your email.

    My favorite dad would love the best and look the best in this: Midnight Garden – Suit

    It is a completely different style and he is trying to dress less consertively.

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    I ‘Like’ Project Nursery and Bonobos on facebook! I would love to get some clothes for my husband. Right now he’s a father of 4 (ages 7, 5, 3 and 1). He wakes up every morning at 4:30am to go drive from Orange County to Los Angeles and usually comes home pretty late…all without EVER complaining. He has amazing fashion sense, but no money to buy nice clothes (like I said, he’s a student and we have 4 kids:). Such a great guy!….Crossing my fingers that we win this one!! –Thanks!

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    My husband Sean would most appreciate Bonobos Wrigley Field T-shirt :) This is his first father’s day, as a father – our son is 7 months old. We’ve had some difficult moments but Sean is a great dad, he really was meant to be a dad.

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    My hubby would look great in the washed chinos (Graham Slackers), the the Old Town Bar Speakeasy Tee, and the Legacy sneaker. :)

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    My husband would look good in the Chino Lino Khaki Pant and the Haven Oxford Hugger

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    Jack Spade Dipped Coal Bag would be great for my dad to use when he travels.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

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    My husband has been dying for these Graham Slackers for months!! He’s the best and I would love to win them for him!

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    the Borstal Shoe without a doubt would make a great gift for my Dad… retired lucky SOB

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    I like the Get Granular shirt and cotten pants for my husband. This is a great contest for fathers day

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    I know my hubby would love the red white and blue shorts, even though they are not part of the giveaway. My hubby is a proud vet. He was in the Air Force. He would also look good in them

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    he would like New Haven Poplin Hugger , he’s really special — the best friend for me and kids

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    Longboards – Deep Ocean $65
    BONOBOS 9″ Navy Board Short my husband need a new pair of swimming trunks
    look great in this

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    I’ve been married to my special guy, Mike, for 21 wonderful years! Never a dull moment!
    He’s a fascinating man — steady, sturdy, strong — yet fun-loving and happy-g0-lucky. He gave me a beautiful daughter and I’ll never trade him in on a new model!

    He’d Lokk FANTASTIC in the following:

    BONOBOS Irish Green 100% Cotton Pique Polo, Copacatanas Khaki Pinwale Cords, and Sebago Leather Beacon Boot.

    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

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    My husband would look great in the both the Madrastafarian Red and Blue shorts because he has great legs! It would be wonderful for him to win this because he had been a wonderful father for almost 30 years!

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    My husband would like the slackers because he doesn’t have any tan slacks right now…just a lot of blue jeans and black dress pants.

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