Back to the Beginning: Decisions, Decisions

Ok, so I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself with gearing up for a GIRL!!   Yep, no girls here.  We are without a doubt having another boy. So the bedding I bought must go back but, I am sticking with the same color scheme: Aqua, Yellow, & Gray. So where does this leave me?  Back to the design drawing board. I get these ideas in my head and go on the eternal search for those items. The problem? Trying to find the aqua, yellow and gray bedding combo. Although this color combo does not seem to exist in boy crib bedding, a website where you can design your own does!  This is when I turned to the oh-so-fabulous Carousel Designs. I started playing around with their (super fun) custom bedding design tool and I think I have decided on two different options.  The first design I am calling, “Little Boy Zoo” and the second one, “Mod Mellow Yellow.

1. Carousel Designs – Design Your Own Baby Bedding 2. IKEA – Somnat Crib 3. West Elm – Safari Rug 4. Custom Art Print – Fresh Chick Design Studio

So…wanna help me decide which bedding to buy?  Leave a comment!


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    Little Boy Zoo would be mine pick.

    I feel ya on the boys thing. I have 2 boys. My sister has 3 girls. I’m just trying to get up the courage to go for a third knowing that I am destined to have boys. LOL

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    I actually like the 2nd one. This allows you be more creative with accessories and not pigeon hole youself into one thing…

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    I have 3 boys and I’m pregnant again but we don’t know what it’s going to be yet. I’m guessing it’s gonna be a boy. I like the animals. Matches the rug and print better and strikes me as more visually interesting.

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    I agree with Alana Powers. I’d go for the second one, so if you change your mind about the zoo theme you can. How about using the first design’s bumper pads with the second but flip it around (use the plain side out)? That way you can still have the zoo theme but inside the crib.

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    Absolutely Little Boy Zoo! That bedding is divine…you can easily tie in the colors with the rest of your room decor.

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    I like Little Boy Zoo, but I also love the simplicity of the second design. I have to check out Carousel Designs. I am intrigued by this design-your-own baby bedding.

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    Wow, another boy! I can just imagine how fun and exciting your household’s going to be! Too bad you couldn’t keep that bedding, though. It was really gorgeous. Anyway, Mod Mellow Yellow would be my choice.

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