Design Board: Soft & Sweet Nursery

Ok, so I may have committed the ultimate preggers sin! I ordered crib bedding.  I know, I know – so what, right?  Well, here is the problem…We don’t know what we are having yet and the bedding is TOTALLY for a girl! My pregnancy impulses got the best of me and I caved, I did it, and it arrived today. Can I just say how adorable it is?  Naturally I had to share the fun and design an inspiration board around said bedding set that could possibly be going back to the store in less than two weeks. Well, even though it may have to be replaced with something more masculine,  I had fun picking things out and hope to at least inspire you!  Stay tuned in the next few weeks for our gender reveal…will the bedding stay or go?  Have a similar story…share it with us!

The color scheme – Butter, Pewter and Aqua

Crib Bedding – Sweet Sunshine Collection – Migi by Banana Fish

Art Print – Aldari on Etsy

Cabana Striped Rug – Layla Grace

Accordian Side Table – Urban Outfitters

Concerto 3 Drawer Chest – Z Gallerie

Mariposa Table Lamp in aqua – Z Gallerie

Dot Curtain Panels – Land of Nod

Chick Baby Throw Pillow – Land of Nod

Trellis Drum Shade – Shades of Light

Wall Paint – Martha Stewart Living

So there it is…the entire room was designed using the bedding as inspiration…let’s hope we can keep it!!


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    Great mix of colors. I don’t think that you can go wrong with yellow and gray. The turquoise accent color simply pulls it all together. Very nice!

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    LOVE IT!! those are exactly the colors i was thinking of doing our nursery in – but we are in the same boat – not sure what the little peanut is yet – 12 more days : ) the gray and white pattern in the background – is that wallpaper from somewhere? i love it! and was thinking of doing something like that on the back wall in the closet. thanks!!

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    I love the look of this room. I can totally understand why you ordered this on impulse! Anyway, here’s hoping you can keep it!

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    I did this exact same thing. We didn’t find out the gender and Mini Social had a one day sale on my “dream bedding” for a little girl, Dwell Studio’s Dragonfly. Using similar colors of yellow, brown, gray and pale pink. Unfortunately we could not return the bedding. When out popped a boy instead of a girl, we were set to sell the bedding and then I found out I was pregnant again. This time we found out the gender, another boy, still not able to use the bedding. I ended up selling the bedding on Craigslist and actually MADE money. Still went with the gray and turquoise, but added orange accents this time.

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    Very nice bedding. You really got great taste, no doubt about it. Please do update us about whether you get to keep this or not.

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    Babies are sensitive so in order to protect our babies safety we should consider those products that are not harmful to them. Babies are our gift from god so we need to treat them like our treasures.

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