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Etsy Find: Little Lion Studio

Etsy is an endless treasure source of decorative art and accessories for childrens rooms.  The prices are affordable and purchasing from Etsy is a nice way to have unique pieces that not everyone else has on their walls.  My most recent find is a shop called Little Lion Studio.  They specialize in wall decals and artistic prints which can be personalized with your child’s name.  My favorite item in the shop is the Royal Safari series shown above.  It is also available in many other color combinations and can be personalized and purchased individually:

If you have bright walls and want more subdued artwork, the Jungle Grass print is also a nice option:

For a more sophisticated room, the Mysteries personalized set has beautiful color combinations.

Little Lion Studio also has some lovely more modern wall decals. Trees are always wonderful decals, I like anything that brings the outdoors in. Here are my two favorites in the collection: Berry Tree, Fall Tree

I also have a thing for giraffes: Cornet Giraffe

What are some of your favorite Etsy finds?

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  1. avatar Lindsey says:

    I have found so many wonderful stuff at Etsy that are not expensive. For this one, I like the Mysteries series because of their colors. Will have to check Little Lion Studio for some pretty framed artworks.

  2. avatar Jeanette says:

    I really like that you’re featuring Etsy finds here. I love looking around Etsy shops for whimsical items. I always prefer things that are handmade and things that don’t cost me an arm and a leg. Etsy really is a treasure trove of lovelies!

  3. avatar cmorgan says:

    These are so lovely, I especially love the Mysteries prints for a little girl, very sophisticated indeed. I only discovered Etsy recently (I was introduced by Project Nursery actually through a gallery project) and fell in love with a nursery art store there called Wallfry. I guess you could say that is my favorite Etsy find at the moment, but these are still beautiful.

  4. avatar GolfBerserk says:

    I love the design that use natural material (leaf, flower) to stamp on with colorful ink.

  5. avatar Leo says:

    Hi Andrika,

    I just wanted to drop a quick word to thank you for such a flattering post. At LittleLion Studio, we strive to keep our customers always happy with, both, our products and our service and it is always a joy seeing such effort compensated with kind words like yours.

    LittleLion Studio

  6. avatar Rachel says:

    I purchased the sleeping koala bear/tree decal from Little Lion Studio for my daughter’s nursery last year. It is beautiful, high-quality and super easy to affix to the wall. Leo (the shop owner) is wonderful to work with and quick to respond. I plan to add one of the trees as well. I’m addicted – thanks for featuring one of my favorite Etsy artists!

  7. avatar Marianne says:

    Oh, these are adorable. I may have to get some for my little one; she just adores giraffes.