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Character Themed Parties…Can Be Cool!

Is your little one is getting ready to celebrate another year’s milestone? It’s time to plan a party.  I know, I know, lots of things to think about but first you need to pick a theme.  This can get a little tricky. Character themes can often get to be a little much?  There is a fine line between just enough character and a theme that has been taken too far.  It is important to consider the likes and interests of the birthday girl or boy and pick a theme that is recognizable to them.   There are plenty of ways to pull off the character-not-so-character-themed-party.  Here are some pics and projects from a party my BFF and I pulled off for her two year old a few weeks ago.

The theme?  Blues Clues!  How do you pull this off without over theming the shindig?  Well, start with pulling the colors from the “character” into the party through your decor.  We also created elements that were not exact but definitely “inspired by” our little blue buddy.  Make sense?

Look at these adorable DIY mailboxes that she made to hide some clues in for a game but also served dual purpose as decor for the sweets table.  All it took was some craft paper mailboxes, paint, wooden dowels, styrofoam blocks, faux grass and hot glue all from our local craft store.

How about a handy dandy notebook?  Another easy party DIY project that your pint sized guest can take away with them.  We created the graphics, cut the cover to size, added some paper and them had them bound and an office supply store.  Green crayons were also wrapped in coordinating paper to complete this darling party favor.

The colors were used throughout the party were blue, green and red.  Here is a overview of the sweets table.  Notice how the theme is more implied than so deliberate?

Now of course the cute little blue pup did make an appearance via darling & delicious cookies from Casey’s Confections.

We also use these treats to dress up a store bought cake…another great DIY and money saving option.

Printable toppers were used to perk up the cupcakes along with DIY dogbone treats.  These fun little edible embellishment were made by taking Scooby-snack graham crackers, dipping them in candy melts and finishing off with some blue icing.

We would LOVE to hear about some of your favorite DIY party tips or ways you have played up or played down your own character parties!!

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  2. avatar Mommy says:

    Great Ideas! I’m throwing my daughter a Blues Clues party for her second birthday in Nov. I wish these creations were more affordable. I love the color idea (red green blue) and how you used Scooby-snack graham crackers. Thanks for the tips!

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  4. Amy Mueller,

    Hi Amy! I’m getting ready to throw my soon to be 2 year old a Blue’s Clues themed party. I was wondering if you have pictures of some of the things you did? I’m trying to re-create (as much as possible) what is shown above while still adding some of my own flair to it. I’m sticking with the color theme on this page. Just wanted to see how yours turned out.


  5. avatar Amy Mueller says:

    My daughter’s 2nd birthday is this coming Friday and we’re going with a Blues Clues theme. I purchased some light blue decorations and have some other ideas. Can’t wait to put it all together! I’m definitely using some of your ideas. I’ll post my link when I write about what I did. :)

  6. avatar Shauna Jean says:

    Now stop it! Now you are showing off! I love this! Keep spreading the jam – you are so awesome, totally jammin! :)

  7. avatar Minnie says:

    This is really lovely! My one-year-old also loves Blues Clues and I think I may copy a lot of ideas from this!

  8. avatar Dana Bren says:

    Wow soooo cute….. I have been working on Caden’s curious george 2 party for MONTHS now…. i hope it all turns out….:)

  9. avatar Andrea Fraga says:

    OH MY WORD! THis is too CUTE! LOVE it!
    Wonderful job!

  10. avatar Berna says:

    Great post! My daughter’s b-day is coming up soon ( 2 months), so I am busy looking for great finds. I hope to upload my daughter’s 1st bday when the time comes!

    @Kim: That idea with the mini-backpacks is so cute! Can’t wait to see your pics of your daughter’s Dora the Explorer party.


  11. avatar Berna says:

    Great post! My daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up (well…2 months from now), and I have been looking for great finds. I hope to upload my daughter’s bday pics in your gallery.

    @ Kim: Cute idea with the mini-backpacks! Can’t wait to see your pics!

  12. avatar Maria says:

    LOVE it! Oh how I wish I had seen this about ummmmm…3 years ago when I threw a Blue Clue’s party for my daughter…LOL! I love love love “character” inspired parties that still manage to be beautiful!

    Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses

  13. avatar Kim says:

    Rebecca, I love this Blue’s Clues party! I think that character themed parties are a hit with kids because they literally adore these characters. Last year, my daughter Ashley had a Dora the Explorer party, it was a blast! Plus it was easy to do. I will post pictures when I get the time, but to give you an idea, the giveaways were placed inside mini-backpacks and they had a treasure hunt, using… of course, Map!

  14. avatar Sara says:

    This is done perfectly! I love it!