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Three Cheers for the Etsy Moms!

Since we are approaching Mother’s Day, my favorite holiday, I wanted to give a shout out to all the creative and fabulous mothers who make beautifully fantastic items for our children.  There is no better place than Etsy to find such talent.  Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds, made by wonderful women who are also moms.

Denise Winters of Magical Whimsy creates beautiful paper mobiles and decor.  Based out of San Diego, she creates each mobile by hand with amazing attention to detail and is able to customize to match your decor.  The look of her items are elegant and unique and are perfect for over a crib or changing table.

Jesi Josten started Hip Violet so she could stay at home with her daughter.  She hand sews each of these adorable bibs out of her own pattern and loves making one-of-a kind pieces. They are over sized to protect baby’s clothes and simply adorable.  A great and original gift for the hip mom.

Sarah Jane Studios is run by Sarah Jane herself.  A Utah mother of three with a passion for drawing the world around her.  Being a mommy she writes “her children are her world.”  Hence these whimsical drawings of children and all things sweet and youthful.  I bought these for my store and framed them in simple white frames and they look gorgeous.

Deborah, of Candice and Katie’s Art, paints gorgeous hand painted letters and barrette holders out of her home in South Carolina.  A mother of three children, Deborah’s dream is “to continue to make happy colorful items for children since they are all precious gifts given to us to cherish everyday.”  I  also have Deborah’s letters in my son’s nursery and in my stores.  They are one of my favorite items.

If you know of any great moms making special items for children on Etsy comment and let us know who they are.

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  1. avatar deborah says:

    Thanks michelle for including my wall letters in your blog! I too love etsy and all the women I find selling their goods on this site! I am amazed by all the talent out there.
    I always enjoy working with you and your customers too!

  2. THANK YOU for including my MagicalWhimsy shop….I love your site!

  3. avatar Crystal says:

    Its me again! The etsy shop with the beaded pacifier clips is:

  4. avatar Crystal says:

    This shop makes the cutest little clips to attach a pacifier to so that the baby cant drop it on the ground. They’re made from non-toxic wooden beads- so adorable! They can also be personalized with the baby’s name or nickname on it. Check them out!

  5. avatar Sherri says:

    My husband & I have a shop on Etsy, We specialize in wooden letters painted & unpainted for your nursery or playroom & we also have a complete alphabet set already painted or you can paint them yourself. Check us out at

  6. avatar Julie says:

    My sister, who is a mom to two, makes these adorable elephants!

  7. avatar Lou says:

    I can’t believe Candice and Katie’s Art letters are handpainted. They are so beautiful and cute! I also love the art from Sarah Jane Studios. They look so prettily vintage!

  8. avatar jilly says:

    Wow, that Magical Whimsy bird mobile is too cute for words! I am gonna try making that one and see if I could make it half as pretty as the one in the photo.

  9. avatar Jenny says:

    My dear friend for over 25 years just opened her own Etsy shop. She creates beautiful custom art prints and can embroider your child’s artwok on to a pillow or wall hanging. Thanks for looking!

  10. avatar Hip Violet says:

    Thanks so much for including my appliqued bibs! They make fabulous baby shower gifts – or treat yourself! Also check out my bib that was featured on The Ellen Show on Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor!

  11. avatar katie says:

    I am a soon-to-be mom (in August!) and graphic designer. My little shop, Hatched Prints, specializes in all print design that is kid-related, including birth announcements, birthday invitations, stationery and more. Thanks for checking it out!

  12. avatar Bethany says:

    My sister makes custom printed fabric blankets that feature the child’s name and a color scheme of your choice: