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Surprising Rooms

I find myself looking for inspiration these days in rooms which have “grown up” themes and accents. I love the idea of turning a child’s room slightly “topsy turvy” with a little bit of the eclectic. Rooms that have a element of surprise and uniqueness. One of my favorite places to gather ideas to create such spaces comes from a series of little books (I love their size) from a small Japanese publisher called PAUMES.

These books are filled with amazing ideas, inspiration and one of a kind solutions for creating rooms. There are several in the series that specifically target childrens rooms. Rooms from Paris, Copenhagen, London and more are available, each with design ideas that are very indicative of the countries they represent. These adorable books are all available for purchase at Another great source for room ideas is from the book, Rooms for Children, by Susanna Salk. This book is filled full of pages that keep me coming back for more inspiration.

Designing rooms that have a special “something” usually comes from the homeowner’s own “personal” style, which is why I probably love these rooms. I wish I had the space or the reason to paint a room hot pink and run with a Chinese theme. The result is one of a kind. Complete with lanterns, a cool space that any child would want to sleep in and still room for all the toys. Fun and fabulous…I like it!

Another country to take inspiration from is India. Here a child’s room is centered around an animal themed tapestry that dictates the rest of the room. Followed with a bed on the floor.. like the inside of an Indian tent. Eclectic pillows, wall art and lights make this room feel like one has returned with a caravan of one of a kind whimsy.

The next stop looks to be Parisian or somewhere in western Europe. Ladies in carriages, dressed in lilacs and pinks.. A day in the park. What an entrance to a room!

This flower wall is filled with Balinese hints. Summer kissed pinks and greens make this whole space ideal for child or adult. The small indigenous day bed is designed for the perfect nap.

Then there is the unexpected flash of color, like this room that blends two very different styles on opposite ends in the room. They meet in the middle to form an eclectic, yet harmonious union.

I love rooms that speak to the unexpected and make us chuckle or smile with understanding, and think “Why don’t I do something like that?”. Mix it up…take a risk…why not?


Monday 11th of April 2011

I like the idea of picking one country that inspires you and turning that one into a theme by choosing accents or pieces that represent that country or its culture, like a piece of furniture, a rug, an artwork, a painting, or a figurine. I'd like to do Japanese for mine!


Wednesday 6th of April 2011

How original....The painted beams on the ceiling is my favorite. Still mature style yet with some fun child like pop of color.