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Giveaway: Boon & Plum Organics Gift Packs

To think the Boon revolution started with a single messy bathtub when designer Rebecca Finell had an “ah-ha” moment and the Frog Pod was born. Today, if you browse the baby aisles of Target or Babies R Us you can’t miss Boon’s innovative and sleekly designed products which help solve daily parenting challenges. Our favorite Boon products include the Boon Lawn Drying Rack and the Plum Dispensing Spoon.

A new batch of Boon products has popped up on the shelves and includes the Boon Snack Ball and Fli Dragonfly Mobile.  Way to go Boon, we welcome more nursery decor products! And, all purchases will warm your heart too since Boon has been committed to donating 10% of profits to charities specifically benefiting children in need.

WIN IT: Boon is giving away TWO prize packages filled with handy products. The first pack includes the Mush Manual Baby Food Processor and Snack Ball Snack Container with Plum Organics Super Puffs. The second will include the Lawn Countertop Drying Rack and Plum Dispensing Spoon with Plum Just Fruit Pouches. In addition, both winners will receive 6 vouchers for FREE Plum products and a copy of “Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home.” by Christopher Gavigan. To enter, visit Boon and tell us what products you love by commenting on this post. Contest ends Friday April 29th, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST.


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  1. avatar marissa says:

    I use Boon products! love the grass drying rack! I use it all the time!

  2. avatar Marcy says:

    I’m a big fan of Boon! I would love any of the sippy cups and bowls for when my twins start eating solids soon!

  3. avatar Gianna says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  4. avatar Gianna says:

    I like the otto animal bag.

  5. avatar Staci A says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks!

  6. avatar Staci A says:

    I love the Frog Pod! Such a fun, innovative way to store bath toys.

  7. avatar Ilissa says:

    I subscribe via email ihchickyATgmailDOTcom

  8. avatar Ilissa says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the FLO!

  9. avatar susan smoaks says:

    i love the flo

  10. avatar Ed Nemmers says:

    I like the Odd Ducks in pink and yellow!

  11. avatar Rachel says:

    Love the flo

  12. avatar Faberuna says:

    Followed both on Facebook and left comments. Yeah me!

  13. avatar Faberuna says:

    Love the Odd Ducks. Especially the yellow and white striped one. Super cute!

  14. avatar Debbie Kennedy says:

    I love the trio animal bag – perfect to store all those stuffed animals and functional too! Awesome idea!

  15. avatar juan navarro says:

    I like the lawn and grass

  16. avatar DalannaMarie says:

    sooooo cute! love it on facebook and tweeted

  17. avatar tina reynolds says:

    i subscribe to the newsletter

  18. avatar tina reynolds says:

    I think the stash and the flair high chair would both be nice to have for my little guy thanks for the chance to win

  19. avatar Laura Emerson says:

    I am a subscriber.

  20. avatar Laura Emerson says:

    I liked you both on Facebook and gave a shout out.

  21. avatar Dyna Ly says:

    Subscribed to your newsletter! I do love your site…so many cool ideas and new products!

  22. avatar Caitlin says:

    Oh, where do I begin with all the things I love from Boon? I love the Flo, the Water Bugs bath toy, the Flair high chair, the Fluid sippy cup… I could go on and on!

  23. avatar Btrflywmn says:

    love the otto animal bag, so cool

  24. avatar Melinda Gordon says:

    The Flo is awesome!!!! I would LOVE to win this prize pack for my baby girl. I would be SO blessed!

  25. avatar Brooke says:

    Well, I have been droooooling over the Lawn and Grass…. However, the Flair and the Curl would be very handy to have also…

  26. avatar Jill L says:

    “Like” Project Nursery and Boon on Facebook and left messages on both.

  27. avatar Jill L says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  28. avatar Jill L says:

    I love the Flo. Would make me feel a little safer having my kiddos in the tub even my older ones.

  29. avatar tubbytelly says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter.

  30. avatar tubbytelly says:

    Follow both on FB and left a comment.

  31. avatar Lena says:

    Following Project Nursery and Boon on Twitter and tweeted!!/momtoem/status/63349122912092160

  32. avatar Lena says:

    I already am a subscriber

  33. avatar Lena says:

    “Like” Project Nursery and Boon on Facebook (lena naef)

  34. avatar Lena says:

    I love the squirt baby food spoon

  35. avatar Sasha says:

    I would love love love a flair highchair… well actually 2 because I have twins. lol

  36. avatar kate howell says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on LAWN! It’s perfect for sippy cups and all those straw and plug parts. Plus, it will be a great conversation piece. I adore BOON. Thank you for your great products!

  37. avatar Audrey says:

    I like the groovy modware interlocking bowl and plate with utensils, cute colors too! Subscribed to newsletter

  38. avatar beth shepherd says:

    animal trio
    thank you

  39. avatar bibzees says:

    I am a subscriber.

  40. avatar Stacey says:

    I have the Boon Frog in the bathroom for all the bath toys and my little ones LOVE it!!

  41. avatar Stacey says:

    I am a weekly subscriber :) I love this site!!!!!!

  42. avatar meredith c says:

    I subscribed to your emails as

  43. avatar meredith c says:

    I follow u both on twitter and Tweeted

  44. avatar tubbytelly says:

    We love their bath toys. We have 3 sets.

  45. avatar meredith c says:

    I liked u and project boon.on fb and commented as meredith.chaf

  46. avatar meredith c says:

    I would also like the “flair pedestal high chair” in blue and white… so cute!!

  47. avatar Alicia Shawhan says:

    I LOVE the drying rack! It’s a must and placing it on my registry…unless I win it of course.

  48. avatar Laura says:

    Just subscribed to your weekly newsletter. :)

  49. avatar Laura says:

    I like Project Nursery and Boon on facebook. Thanks!

  50. avatar Laura says:

    I love all things Boon! But if I had to choose, I’d go with the Peep, Wall Mounted Mobile. It’d be great to start out our nursery!

  51. avatar Heidi A. says:

    I have the Frog Pod and have been admiring the highchair for a while now :) Now that my baby is transitioning to solids, this squirt spoon attachment looks pretty ingenious.

  52. avatar victoria says:

    I “like” boon on fb

  53. avatar victoria says:

    Follow Boon on Twitter (Vika understore X)

  54. avatar victoria says:

    “like” you on FB

  55. avatar victoria says:

    I love the GLO (light)

  56. avatar kristy t says:

    I really think the bird mobile is beautiful! thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  57. avatar Susie B. says:

    I love the design of the drying rack. So fun and practical!

  58. avatar Angela Payne says:

    Already a subscriber to the Project Nursery newsletter!

  59. avatar Angela Payne says:

    An now following Project Nursery and Boon Inc on twitter and Tweeted about the fun giveaway!

  60. avatar Angela Payne says:

    Liked Boon Inc on facebook and was already a fan of Project Nursery…left a comment on both!

  61. avatar Angela Payne says:

    I love the snack ball! Really just love all the products from boon!

  62. avatar Helen says:

    I love the fruit pouches and the drying rack!! What a cute way to let those bottle parts air dry. And the pouches will be perfect to grab on-the-go.

  63. avatar Deirdre says:

    I am a subscriber and my favorite product has to be the squirt baby food spoon. We have two and use them all the time.

  64. avatar Rach says:

    I’m a subscriber, too.

  65. avatar Rach says:

    LOVE the drying rack for the utensils! Genius! :)

  66. avatar Crystal says:

    I’m a subscriber

  67. avatar Crystal says:

    Follow both on twitter!

  68. avatar Crystal says:

    Im a fan on facebook :)

  69. avatar Crystal says:

    Love the animal bags and the stash organizer!!!

  70. avatar Glenda says:

    Loving the products..I’m a subscriber ;-)

  71. avatar Camille K says:

    I get your newsletter and really enjoy it!

  72. avatar Camille K says:

    Commented on your FB page – Love Boon products!

  73. avatar Robin King says:

    Already a subscriber! Love the newsletter!

  74. following Boon on twitter

  75. “Liked” Boon on fb

  76. avatar island girl says:

    following Boon on Twitter @littleislandstu

  77. avatar island girl says:

    Project Nursery on Twitter @littleislandstu

  78. avatar Thanh says:

    Im loving the stash organizer and the bird mobile as well!!!!

  79. avatar Thanh says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  80. avatar Kristi says:

    I have the drying rack in the kitchen ready to dry it’s 1st bottle. I hadn’t seen the other products but they are very cool.

  81. avatar msilba says:

    I already subscribe to your weekly newsletter

  82. avatar msilba says:

    I follow you both on twitter @msilba and tweeted:!/msilba/status/62884019687268352

  83. avatar msilba says:

    I’m due in a few weeks with a baby boy so the infant products really catch my eye. Would love to try the frog pod, the flair high chair, and the stash organizer!

  84. avatar Jamie says:

    I love my grass drying rack-it is trendy and practical and would LOVE to own more Boon products!

  85. avatar Heidi says:

    I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter too :)!!

  86. avatar Heidi says:

    I would love to have anything and everything that Boon has to offer!! I’ve especially had my eye on the Frog Pod for awhile now!!

  87. avatar Sarah says:

    I receive the newsletter! I’d love to try the food grinder.

  88. avatar Jennifer says:

    I love the Odd Ducks and the snack ball. Great idea!

  89. avatar Kate says:

    Love both companies so much!!! We love our squirt spoon and drying rack and all of the other products too! I’m a subscriber to all already!

  90. avatar Allison says:

    We love the grass drying rack! We would be happy to keep it on our kitchen countertop even when it’s not in use (but of course, when would that ever happen?!)

  91. avatar sandra says:


  92. avatar sandra says:

    i love the frog pod

  93. avatar Breanne says:

    I like the Floating Ring Toss Game

  94. avatar Christina says:

    liked both on FB and posted Christina Brundick

  95. avatar Christina says:

    we love our Flo

    christina.brundick at gmail dot com

  96. avatar Aimee says:

    I also like their Odd Ducks.

  97. avatar Amanda says:

    Love the flair high chair and snack ball and am a fan on both boon and project nursery FB

  98. avatar Elizabeth says:

    LOVE the grass drying rack, plum spoon, and flair high chair <3

  99. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Am a Project Nursery subscriber
    Am a fan of both Boon and Project Nursery on FB

  100. avatar sarah says:

    I love the Bug Pod

  101. avatar Monique Rizzo says:

    I would love the Boon Flair high chair.
    Thanks for the chance

  102. avatar Andrea says:

    Love the grass drying rack & the Odd Ducks! Really cool products.

  103. avatar Jenny says:

    The biggest lifesaver for us was the boon spoon while our son was first learning to eat solids. Until we bought one, he would be covered head to toe in food…the boon spoon solved that problem quick! Thank you boon!

  104. avatar Stacy says:

    The Potty Bench and saucers have a particularly nice design

  105. avatar mattie says:

    I think the shoe rack is such a cute idea… I’m having a girl this time and I’d love this adorable way to show off her fancy little shoes!

  106. avatar Shannon says:

    how to choose my favorite? Plum dispensing spoon is great but the Frog Pod is still a tried and true favorite

  107. avatar Katrina says:

    I really like the looks of the odd ducks!

  108. avatar Amy C says:

    I already have the lawn drying rack on my registry, but just noticed the stay-put dishes and plates on the boon website and now I want those too! They have so many great things and I love the modern design

  109. avatar JAMES P LYNAM says:

    BOON’S ODD DUCKS are a winner.

  110. avatar Andrea S says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber.

  111. avatar Andrea S says:

    I love the Boon potty bench!!

  112. avatar Paola S. says:

    Love the Boon Flair highchair!

  113. avatar amramazon280 says:

    weekly newsletter subscriber
    amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com

  114. avatar amramazon280 says:!/pinoysugarplum/status/62051183317094400
    following boon and project nursery at twitter@pinoysugarplum
    amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com

  115. avatar amramazon280 says:
    i would like to have the fluid sippy cup.

  116. avatar chris says:

    love Boon’s Odd Ducks

  117. avatar Sharon Hudson says:

    LOVE the bathtub spout cover with bubble bath dispenser and the poty bench!

  118. Im a subscriber to Pn’ snewsletter and i like the Boon Lawn Drying Rackl and Flair highchair

  119. I love the Groovy Modware and the flair highchair! Im a subscriber to PN’s weekly newsletter

  120. How could I forget about my weekly newsletter subscription to PN!!

  121. What can I say im now a fan of Boon baby products so i couldnt help but to ‘like’ them on facebook and i already like PN!! I like the food processor and baby spoon.

  122. Im now following @boonInc on twitter and i already follow PN!!! Just tweeted about yall too!! I love the food processor and spoon

  123. avatar Deborah Rosen says:

    I love Boon’s Odd Ducks (especially Bob), Peep (in coconut) and, of course, Lawn.

  124. avatar Lindsey P says:

    I’m also a weekly newsletter subscriber.

  125. avatar Lindsey P says:

    I like PN & Boon on FB, and gave you both a shout out on your walls!

  126. avatar Lindsey P says:

    I LOVE the Stellar Wall Mounted Space Mobile & the Fluid Sippy cups!

  127. avatar Stephanie says:

    I love the grass drying rack. By far the cuttest I have seen. Also the frog pod. I have both on my registry!!

  128. avatar Heather McDonough says:

    I like the Flair highchair.

  129. avatar Jennifer Quesada says:

    I love the gnaw products, the lawn, the frog pod, high chair and the diaper organizer.

  130. avatar jenanine m says:

    like you both on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)

  131. avatar jenanine m says:

    I love their sippy cups, the frog pod and flair high chair

  132. avatar Melissa ZS says:

    I keep Grass drying rack at my office for my pump parts! It is great.

  133. avatar Lainee says:

    I LOVE the benders spoons! As a speech path I use these with my “feeding” kiddos as well!

  134. avatar Cynthia C says:

    Like you and Boon on fb and commented (Cynthia Conley)

  135. avatar Cynthia C says:

    I like the Splat Floating Ring Toss bath toy.

  136. avatar sandy says:

    like the highchair and frog pod

  137. avatar Veronica says:

    I like both on FB!

  138. avatar Veronica says:

    I am a subscriber

  139. avatar Veronica says:

    My son LOVES the bendy spoon & spork…so fun as he tries to feed himself!

  140. avatar Ashley says:

    I love the Flo in green, I could see kids loving this!


  141. avatar Amanda B. says:

    I gave a shout out to both of you on FB!

  142. avatar Amanda B. says:

    The drying rack is so clever and doesn’t look awful on the counter, and I looove the idea of the squirt spoon with the new baby food packaging…although my LO still is practicing eating solids so may not be quite right for her just yet. :)

  143. avatar amanda says:

    i just put these on our registry! they look amazing!! i will definitely “tweet” about this! =)

  144. avatar Holly says:

    I love the Grass drying rack and the bath toys!

  145. avatar RJ says:

    I am a big fan of the boon spoons and I subscribe to your newsletter

  146. avatar Michelle Pacheco says:

    LOve LOVE LOVE the pedistal highchair. My daughter is teeny and this chair allows her to reach the food on the tray where others do not. Plus it stay super clean and no “suprises” underneath any part of it.
    I also love the lawn drying rack, and the snack balls.

  147. avatar Laura says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this company and I think I love everything on their site, it all looks great!

  148. avatar Lhd says:

    I lve the grass drying rack. Can be used in numerous ways.

  149. avatar Lhd says:

    I liked project nursery on fb and already liked boon!

  150. avatar Heidi Maplesden says:

    I like you both on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!/hydeeweez/status/61577458369040384

  151. avatar Heidi Maplesden says:

    I like boon on facebook and gave a shoutout that you sent me (heidibyrdmaplesden)

  152. avatar Heidi Maplesden says:

    I like you on facebook and gave you a shoutout on your wall (heidibyrdmaplesden)

  153. avatar Heidi Maplesden says:

    I Love the stash multi room organizer

  154. avatar Sami says:

    I love boon and have soo many of their products on my registry! My favourites would definitely have to be their bath toys especially the bug catchers and the bendy feeding utensils

  155. avatar susan varney says:

    the highchair

  156. avatar Emily says:

    I love the frog pod, spoon, and drying grass!

  157. avatar Emily says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  158. avatar Emily says:

    Following both on Facebook

  159. avatar courtney says:

    i’m subscribed to your newsletter

  160. avatar courtney says:

    following both of you twitter- meandbells


  161. avatar courtney says:

    i love the blue potty bench!

  162. avatar Andrea says:

    I subscribe to your Weekly Newsletter!

  163. avatar Andrea says:

    I follow Project Nursery and Boon on Twitter and tweeted!!/ampaetka/status/61542983769665536

  164. avatar Andrea says:

    I love the Flair highchair and Frog Pod!

  165. avatar Soon says:

    I like project nursery & LOVE Boon on FB! We love our Flair high chair – the best high chair around! My daughter learned to drink out of Squirt spoon when she refused her bottles!

  166. avatar Jackie says:

    just subscribed to your newsletter!

  167. avatar Hannah Gardner says:

    Like you both on twitter as hagrdner16 and tweeted!!/hgardner16/status/61540900878295040
    hrhersch at yahoo dot com

  168. avatar Jackie says:

    I just liked you both on Facebook! :)

  169. avatar Hannah Gardner says:

    I love their pedestal highchair!
    hrhersch at yahoo dot com

  170. avatar susan says:

    Subscribe to newsletter.

  171. avatar susan says:

    Just gave you guys a shout out on FB and I already like both of you!

  172. avatar susan says:

    I love the multi-room organizer and the trio animal bag.

  173. avatar Denise says:

    Just subscribed to your newsletter :)!

  174. avatar Denise says:

    Love your site… and love that you’re partnering with Boon. What a great giveaway! (And I posted it on your FB walls.)

  175. avatar amorette says:

    i’m a big fan of their bendy utensils- they move the head all around to angle for the baby’s mouth!

  176. avatar Meghan says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks!

  177. avatar Meghan says:

    I like Project Nursery on Facebook. Thanks!

  178. avatar Meghan says:

    What a cute drying rack! Thanks!

  179. avatar The Knapps says:

    I love the Flair chair and the Frog Pod from Boon

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  180. avatar Aura says:

    newsletter subscriber

  181. avatar Aura says:

    We’re big fans of the flair, benders, squirt, frog pod and fli. My children like the snack ball, I don’t because they throw it at each other and dump the snack out; and I would love to try the curl but it’s pretty expensive. The gnaw and mush are on my shoping list when they come out.

  182. avatar Anna says:

    I’m a subscriber and I follow both of you! This is a perfect giveaway for me as I’m a first time mommy and am always looking for items that will make my day easier.

  183. avatar SFDC says:

    The drying rack is genius!

  184. avatar Mandi says:

    I already subscribe to your newsletter!

  185. avatar Mandi says:!/stblessings/status/61492820531355648

    I follow Project Nursery and Boon on Twitter as @stblessings and I tweeted the giveaway

  186. avatar Mandi says:

    I like Project Nursery and Boon on Facebook as Mandi Navarre Eschenbach and I gave you a shout out!

  187. avatar Mandi says:

    I love the high chairs!

  188. I like both PN and Boon on FB! Boon products are amazing. I have the grass drying rack and it is awesome. It holds all of my stuff way better than any other drying rack I have used. It isn’t set up for any specific size items so it holds anything and BONUS, it’s super cute!

  189. avatar June says:

    I would love to get the Frog Pod and grass drying rack!

  190. avatar Melissa says:

    I LOVE the Frog Pod!!!

    I first saw it at my friend’s baby shower, and knew our little one on the way was going to have to have one just like it!! :)

    I liked both on Facebook, and gave you both shout outs on your walls!! :)

  191. avatar Lauren says:

    I love the Mush food processor! As a new mom to be this would fit my needs perfectly! Thanks!

  192. avatar Rachael Abude says:

    Love the Frog Pod! So cute and functional! It matches the decor I’m going with also. And I really love the grass counter top drying rack! So cute!

  193. avatar Aubrey Gideon says:

    I love the Gnaw Teether

  194. avatar Amanda Coppola says:

    I am a brand new parent and I run daycare. I love the lawn drying rack and even started to used the feeding spoon! It makes for less mess and my kids love it!

  195. avatar Holly says:

    Love the drying rack, and the snack ball would come in quite handy.

  196. avatar Rose says:

    What awesome prizes! If I had to choose, I’d say we could really use the one that includes the Mush manual food processor. With twins on the way, it seems like the product would simplify things a bit. Thank you for this opportunity! I have “liked” both PN and Boon on FB, and have subscribed to the weekly newsletter.

  197. avatar Ashley says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  198. avatar Ashley says:

    I’m following Boon on twitter!

  199. avatar Ashley says:

    I’m following project nursery on twitter!

  200. avatar Ashley says:

    I like project nursery on facebook!

  201. avatar Ashley says:

    I like boon on Facebook!

  202. avatar Sarah ORourke Mercado says:

    I LOVE the feeding spoon and think the new colors are great! Excited for the cherry red spoon!

  203. avatar lace says:

    I love the boon flo. It looks like it would be great for rinsing hair. I really liked their sterling silver bracelets they used to make. They were adorable.

  204. avatar Karli Olson says:

    I subscribe to the Weekly Newsletter!

  205. avatar Karli Olson says:

    I like Boon & Project Nursery on Facebook!

  206. avatar mckay says:

    I would love the drying rack- we’ve currently got it on our registry. :)

  207. avatar Karli Olson says:

    I love the drying rack that looks like grass, such an improvement over other drying racks!!!

  208. avatar Corey says:

    I also am an email subscriber!

  209. avatar Corey says:

    I love the grass drying rack! I am SWOOOONING over BOON!

  210. avatar sangeetha says:

    I like the boon high chairs simple and stylish

  211. avatar Corey says:

    I follow Project Nursery on FB! and follow Boon on FB too :)

  212. avatar Courtney says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  213. avatar Kim says:

    I am an email subscriber.

  214. avatar Kim says:

    I love the squirt dispensing spoon!

  215. avatar arely colin says:

    subscribe to newsletter

  216. avatar arely colin says:

    i like proyect nursery and boon on fb

  217. avatar ray mond c says:

    i like the sippy cup

  218. avatar Sarah says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  219. avatar arely colin says:

    i love the highchair and the sippy cup

  220. avatar Sarah says:

    I tweeted! @sholland

  221. avatar Sarah says:

    Already follow you both on Facebook!

  222. avatar Felicity says:

    I subscribe :)

  223. avatar Felicity says:

    I love the grass drying rack and have the snack ball on our registry!

  224. avatar Leigh says:

    I love the grass drying rack, and the fluid sippy cup!

  225. avatar Whitney says:

    Love the products! I subscribed and am following on Facebook and Twitter

  226. avatar Cassie says:

    I would love to have the Lawn Countertop Drying Rack!

    13cls13 at gmail dot com