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Gallery Round Up: Monsters in My Room

With help from modern cartoons, monsters have gone from scary lurking creatures to adorable and comical companions. Their silly eyes, disproportionate limbs, and fancy fangs have made their way into trendy nurseries. Here are some of the monsters I found lurking in the Project Gallery.

Max & Jax’s Nursery declares that “No Monsters are Allowed!” Somehow those tricky creatures made their way inside…

I see a little modern monster hiding in this fabulous  Modern Nursery!

Aria’s Nursery is so welcoming, even her fuzzy friends enjoy time on the sun bench!

What trends do you love from our Project Gallery? Tell us in our comment section and upload your photos for your chance to be featured in our Gallery Round Up blogs!

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  2. avatar Lorraine says:

    I think those monster softies, which are getting to be the modern trend. Who says monsters are scary? Sesame Street characters are monsters, and the kids love them!

  3. avatar Gina says:

    You are right. Monsters have now evolved to be some creatures that aren’t totally scary — at least some of them. I remember Monsters Inc and how I thought that movie was so brilliant and how it helped children (as well as adults) to look beyond the surface and not judge by looks. Anyway, I definitely dig this monster-themed room.