Design Board: Boy Budget Buys + A Bit Of Inspiration

So…I am letting the news out early again and of course the designer in me is totally wanting to start my designing daydreams for a new nursery. We are expecting our 3rd baby this November. Right now we have 2 boys and are  really hoping for a little chicky!  Now we certainly would be smitten with a 3rd boy, but the girly-girl in me is ready for a little pink.

Last time I announced my pregnancy on Project Nursery, I rolled out with a nursery design for a baby girl and within a few weeks those design ideas were quickly replaced with my little dude’s nest. So this time I am kickin’ it off with a boy inspired nursery board. Since this could be boy #3, budget friendly items are a must but I couldn’t resist throwing in one little splurge (see #5). With our household quickly losing square footage, the two boys will be bunking up and the newbie will be getting his/her own space. This is what we have in mind for a boy…(And no worries, I’ll be sharing some girly ideas in a few weeks!)

1. Window Panel Inspiration – Full Moon Dot in Tangerine by Amy Butler

Why I picked this: I really liked the dot pattern against the linear lines of the wall detail.

2. Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1 fixed side crib in Cool $249.00

Why I picked this:  I am totally loving grey for nurseries…to find this modern painted crib in this great finish is a steal!

3. Flokati Wool Area Rug in SlateHome Decorators $159.00

Why I picked this: I LOVE flokati rugs in nurseries…it is such a fun visual and tactile texture for your space, plus the babies love to crawl on it.

4. Industrial Rolling Side TableUrban Outfitters $169.00

Why I picked this: Having a small room, I want a piece that didn’t look to heavy visually.  Plus, I think it is a fun interesting piece that will grow with your kiddo.

5. Giraffe Lamp byJonathan Adler $395.00

Why I picked this:  Ummm….I LOVE this lamp, so stylized and simply modern all while adding a touch of whimsy.

6. Dwell Studio for Target Menagerie $79.99

Why I picked this: I am such a big fan of the Dwell Collections designed for Target.  The colors are very appealing to me and thought it made for a great color palette.

7. DIY Chevron Stripe Wall Paint Detail – $30.00 average cost of a gallon of paint

Why I picked this:  Totally smitten with chevron pattern and I LOVE painting wall details.  So far have I done squares, stripes and wanted something new & modern while bringing some visual interest to the walls.


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    Congratulations. You know, that chevron pattern is so neat. Whether it’s a girl or boy, you could use it. Girly colors would make all the difference, don’t you think? -Dorothy

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    Rebecca, congrats! Amazing news. You are a supermom. Love the nursery inspiration. Can’t wait to see how the room evolves.

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    I just bought that table from Urban Outfitters and it arrived today! Pretty easy to put together, but I’m leaving it outside for a day or so because it has a strong odor. I guess just let it off-gas. It’s super cute though and moves around easily on the casters. I would absolutely put it in a little boy’s room..if I had a boy.

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    I just purchased that Dwell for Target bedding for our baby boy’s nursery and I love it! Super-high quality for the price and the colors are so modern and fresh! I can’t recommend it enough!

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    Congratulations! I think the lamp is all worth it! It’s gonna be perfect for either boy or girl. I also like its all-white color, making it very flexible should you have some changes in your design concept.

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