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March Project Gallery Winners

Thank you all for a wonderful March and for allowing us to honor amazing design from caring parents such as yourselves! We’d like to take a quick sec and make a statement regarding our “Projects of the Month” contest because we feel we owe you one…

We continue to encourage designers of all levels to submit to our Project Gallery.   It’s these uploads that allow our readers to do what we preach, “dream, discover, and design.” Finalist selections are chosen at the discretion of the Project Nursery team with no bias to the experience or training of the project owner. After our readers vote for their favorite finalists, $50 gift cards are rewarded as a way to say “Thank you for taking the time to inspire us!”. Throughout the contest, Project Nursery will monitor the voting polls, the comment section and reserve the right to change/cancel the contest and finalists should we suspect foul play. We appreciate your recent comments and will take them to heart. In exchange, we ask that you please help us keep this monthly contest simply a way of celebrating inspiration within the baby’s room and beyond! Congratulations to our talented finalist and deserving winners. We’re excited to see what’s ahead in April!

Team PN

Favorite Room Project

Cooper’s Room by ajcooperdesign
Modern design + warmth = an award winning combo! Coopers room is the perfect example of how the nursery should evolve as the baby grows from newborn to toddler.
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Favorite Party Project

Pink Zebra Party by backinnewyork
Decadent desserts make this party one of my top choices for the month!
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Interested in participating this April? Finalists are selected by our contributors and revealed on the 3rd Monday of every month – April 18th. Upload your own projects to our Project Gallery now to enter!


Saturday 2nd of April 2011

I agree with Krisha here. I think that there should be no additional rules. If you've uploaded your room then you're eligible to be a finalist and it is up to the readers to decide on who's gonna win it. Congratulations to everyone who were picked. Looking forward to the next batch of finalists!


Friday 1st of April 2011

Thank you so much!! It was my first party and I had so much fun planning it.


Friday 1st of April 2011

Congratulations to the winners and the finalists. I agree with your decision to let professionals join the contests. I think that we could all learn and get inspired by all sorts of designers. As long as it's a beautiful room, then it should be shared.