Vote: March Room Finalists

It’s that time again to vote for your favorite rooms! Our Project Gallery is trending some really cool room designs this month. We’re seeing a resurgence in girly soft pinks, contemporary gray striped walls remain the rage and vintage is still in.  Here are the March room finalists for your consideration…

Zoey’s Handmade Haven by zomama
Zoey’s mom informs us that ALL of the furniture in this sophisticated vintage inspired nursery is either second-hand or from a flea market, garage sale, antique store or craig’s list. Amazing! We also couldn’t help but be enamored by our favorite Anthropologie rug.
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Ruby’s Room by golds14
There’s nothing sweeter than a fairytale with a happy ending. Ruby’s whimsical wall mural is simply magical. And Serena & Lily’s “Ruby” crib bedding was meant to be!
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Baby G’s Nursery by mande
I spy…a barn door? Incredibly cool and creative. We can’t wait to see what they do for Baby G’s toddler room.
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Fashionably Preppy by momtocharlotte
We know first hand how difficult it can be to create an accent wall. One as complicated and as pretty as this preppy argyle pattern deserves a big round of applause.
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Cooper’s Room by ajcooperdesign
Modern design + warmth = an award winning combo! Coopers room is the perfect example of how the nursery should evolve as the baby grows from newborn to toddler.
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So now it’s up to you to tell us who your favorite is! Vote below and comment if you can, cause we’d love to hear why! Voting ends on the 31st of this month at 11:55pm PST and winners of best room and party will be revealed on April 1st! Winners will receive a $50 VISA gift card from Project Nursery. Good Luck!

Vote for your favorite "Room Project Of The Month":

  • Baby G’s Nursery by mande (1%, 140 Votes)
  • Ruby’s Room by golds14 (2%, 284 Votes)
  • Zoey’s Handmade Haven by zomama (3%, 527 Votes)
  • Fashionably Preppy by momtocharlotte (44%, 7,261 Votes)
  • Cooper’s Room by ajcooperdesign (50%, 8,173 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,385

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Interested in participating next month? Finalists are revealed on the 3rd Monday of every month. Upload your own projects to our Project Gallery now! Already voted for your favorite room? Don’t forget to vote favorite party too!


  1. 2

    a very difficult decision. Each of these nurseries has something unique. I voted for Cooper’s nursery coz I loved the clean lines, the way they have harmonized the colors of the rug in the rest of the room. Less is definitely more here.

    Great Inspirations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 3

    I LOVE the Fashionably Preppy – amazing – the attention to detail is wonderful. and your “angel wall” is so sweet what I great way to remember those that have passed. Also love the vintage Barbie prints!

  3. 4

    I voted for the Fashionably Preppy room – unbelievable – plus it was done by a real person – Coopers room was designed by a real interior designer – she even has a blog – not a fair fight having interior designers (and their budgets) against real people trying to stay under a budget of some sort. Again Fashionably Preppy is so girl, and vintage – the best of the bst

  4. 5
  5. 6
  6. 7

    Absolutely love Ruby’s room with overall mural. Colors and painting of nursery rhymes does the trick, but the crib and all the rest work to make this room inviting, warm and one to stay fresh for years to come.

  7. 8


    Seriously? Does that mean you think or know its the best one? How about a positive comment, didn’t your mother teach you that if you have nothing positive to say you should say nothing at all?

  8. 9



    I DID say something positive – I said that “the Fashionably Preppy room was unbelievable” and that I voted for it. I actually said nothing negative just stated a fact about Coopers room being designed by an interior designer – they have their own section on this website that they are suppose to post their designs. I did not say anything negative about her room or design – I actually think it is quite beautiful – just commenting that it should have been posted with all of the other “Designer Projects”, hence the purpose of the two sections.

    And saying that “Fashionably Preppy is so girl, and vintage – the best of the best” is obviously my opinion just like all of the other comments on who likes what – it is what we think – it is our opinion. Not sure why the nasty attitude when we are all here to give our opinions. I also think that Zoe’s Handmade Heaven is beautiful – actually all the rooms are beautiful – obviously that is why they are all in top picks for March and I wish nothing but the best to all the real nursery projects of the month of march.

  9. 10

    Great job, Fashionably Preppy!! At first glance, I thought the walls were wallpapered. What a fantastic paint job and design ideas.

  10. 11

    Cooper’s room is my pick, but then I have seen it in person. The designer of this room is Cooper’s very talented mother. The room was completed by ‘Mom & Dad’ with a little help from two grandmothers; the help was with sewing for the custom bedding (which Mom designed) and the painting of the wall (by a very talented grandmother with a little help from Dad). By the way, the budget for this great room was amazingly small which proves that you can have the room you really want without spending a lot of money and Cooper loves it!

  11. 12

    Wow they are all very lovely – my pick is Fashionably Preppy – amazing – the argyle painted wall is so cute for a girl – something she can grow into and love for years. And those vintage Barbie prints – what classic – totally makes the room. Everything coordinates so nicely – who would have thought damask and argyle would go so good together. Great job – I am sure your daughter loves this room!!!

  12. 13

    Coopers room may have been designed by a mom and dad–but they are still professional designers and shouldn’t be compared with non-professional designs. These other rooms are gorgeous and done by mom and dads who don’t do this for a living. Props to these parents! You did a great job!!!

    Coopers room is also running code to bump up their votes. Watch it yourself: about 4 votes every 20 seconds or so. I only noticed this when they went up 1000 votes between 11pm and 5 am. Really? you need advertising this badly? This is a cute contest for $50! let’s let the public decide; not someone with great computer skills!

  13. 14

    Wow let me first say what unique and creative rooms all of these are. But a few of the posts here are correct – if you look back when this contest was started last month – PN wrote – “Project Nursery will be choosing the best of the Project Gallery uploads. Each month our team will choose three of their favorite projects from two categories: real rooms and real parties.”

    The point is to give “props” to the REAL parties and nurseries not those designed by professionals – even if it is their own kid’s room. and I think the last post Elizabethsmom is correct that there is some sort of code – I voted twice for Baby G’s nursery and watched the Cooper numbers go up in increments and their numbers did sky rocket in the dead of night by over 500. Very sad that PN just started this contest and they may have to stop it because some people are not “playing fair”

    Again – love all the rooms I think all the parents did a fantastic job – but I did vote for Baby G’s room! Maybe PN should make it only one vote per person or per IP address so that it is a fair contest. Like the previous post says – come on it is $50. Good luck everyone

  14. 15

    Holy crap – you guys are right about the code – Coopers numbers went up over 100 in less than 2 minutes – sooo not cool! Love Ruby’s room – so cute and sweet – one vote for them – sorry don’t know code like Cooper

  15. 16

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information regarding the nursery furniture.. These are really great designs and its difficult to decide which one is best among them.. Just wondering to know what is the cost of different sets?

  16. 17

    You have again made it very difficult to decide. But my heart goes out to Fashionably Preppy. I could just imagine how difficult it is to paint that wall, and all the other elements in that room is sooo beautiful.

  17. 18

    Hi there everyone. Adrienne here from Project Nursery. We’ve been notified of the voting and our team is looking into it. We stand by our picks for finalists and hope that you support our decision. Best of luck to all finalists and thank you for being an inspiration to the Project Nursery community!
    -Adrienne, Team PN

  18. 19

    lovin’ the Argyle wall as I’m an old school preppy girl. it just makes me think of izod and lacoste polo shirts with the collars popped up, and deck shoes with no socks. incredibly creative idea…..really sweet.

  19. 20

    Wow amazing – especially Fashionably Preppy – so sweet and girly – love love love the argyle wall – what a great paint job. and every detail of the room is precious and unique. If mom2charlotte isn’t an interior designer she should be and I agree with the other posts – if the Project Nursery rules (per the link above) says this contest is for REAL rooms then all entries should be by non-designers. Just because they are the “mom” of the baby’s room they are doing is like saying it is ok for Martha Stewart to enter under “real” party when she designs her daughters party – she still is a professional party planner. Good luck to all the rooms – very inspiring – wish I was having another baby so I could use these designs for myself!

  20. 21

    I’m not sure why Zoey’s or Baby G’s room aren’t garnering a lot of votes but I think they are both just gorgeous and very unique! Love them!

  21. 22

    Fashionably Preppy is definitely my favorite! I hope that there’s not been some sort of funny business going on with the voting. It would be disappointing. Surely Project Nursery will take a look, right?

  22. 23

    I love Zoey’s handmade room! All of the elements put together give it such character! I love to mix old with new too! They are all gorgeous though! Great job mommas!

  23. 24

    Zoey’s room is my FAVOURITE. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Makes me want to have another baby. I am guessing that this won’t be enough to convince my husband.

  24. 25


    We sure have Lorie. We have access to view everything from voting to ip addresses and are watching the polls carefully with our developers to ensure no funny business. Thanks! Melisa

  25. 26

    I don’t believe the voting results for a second. All the rooms are great, but the numbers are just silly.

  26. 27

    Hello all!

    Great entries here! All are unique and fun in their own way. Kudos to the moms and dads out there (or the people that were hired by moms and dads in some cases) that laboriously took the time to transform just a ‘room’ into a loving space for their little one.

    I think that creating a nursery space is a really special time for an expecting couple. Working together and creating that comfy, safe space for your baby is such a bonding experience. Personally, I wouldn’t have any outside help, as I wouldn’t want to look at my walls, for example, and think “Yeah, those were painted by Joe Schmo.” No. I would take great pride in being able to tell my son/daughter that mommy and daddy painted the walls, made the toy chest, sewed the bedding, etc.

    I must say that I am really disappointed that AJ Cooper Design’s entry has been met with such hostility. You all may or may not know, but AJ Cooper Design did not enter this contest or seek it out. They simply uploaded a photo to share with PN readers and it was selected by the PN staff for the contest. Having said that, if the PN team did not want a professional designer in the contest or if it was against the rules, then they would not have selected AJ Cooper Design’s photo for the contest.

    Furthermore, I think it is important to note that the entrant has never designed a nursery before. Ever. She works on much bigger projects that are a COMPLETE departure from a nursery, like hotel pool areas or a hotel lobby. She was actually so excited to design Cooper’s room, because she had never done anything like that before. And, it was all done on a budget. There are some people here that are up in arms saying “Well she’s a designer, that’s unfair.” To them, I could easily counter-argue by saying it is unfair if other entries have more than one kid and have designed a nursery before, therefore having more experience than AJ Cooper Design. Do you see how silly all this is?

    Concerning the whole allegations that AJ Cooper Design is running some sort of code, I can tell you 100% that they are not running code. First of all, they couldn’t possibly be running a code because neither of them has the first clue about how to do that or how one would even procure that sort of service. Second, and I’m just making an assumption here, running a code or buying a code would take both time and money. The prize here is a $50 gift card. While generous and appreciated during these tough economic times, hardly worth the time/effort/money one would have to put in to run a code. Third, and I can’t stress this enough, the entrant at AJ Cooper Design is a hard-working, first-time mom of a 20-month old. She and her husband have much more important things to focus on than finding ways to cheat at this contest. Plus, they are very ethical and respectable people who would never consider anything type of cheating.

    How are they getting votes? Simple. Facebook. Let’s do the math, if she posts a link to the profile on her FB page and her 300 friends see it and, for example, just two of those friends repost to their 1000 friends each, than that means that in a matter of seconds, 2300 people have access to the link and are encouraged to vote. And that is just with two friends having reposted. I can tell you that the entrant and her husband are quite loved and everyone has really been rallying support for them on their Facebook pages. Within minutes of the entrant posting the link on her page, 10 of her friends had reposted and some of those friends’ friends had reposted. It’s the power of the internet. No code, no programs, no funny business. Just people rallying support for two people that they love. And they’re not doing it because they really badly want AJ Cooper Design to win a $50 giftcard. They’re doing it because they believe in her talent and appreciate her work.

    In closing, I suggest that we just let the contest run its course and put a stop to all the finger-pointing and name-calling. It is a simple contest, put forward by PN with the best of intentions. I’m sure the PN staff is quite disappointed that this has taken such a nasty turn and discourages any further negativity. Now everyone please just relax, walk away from the computer, and go hug your babies. They are the reason why you’re all here in the first place, so remember what’s truly important.

  27. 28

    People who write dialogues that rip one person, defend and promote another to a degree that is extremely personal, then command that the rest to “relax…and remember what’s truly important” appear quite hypocritcal (and a family member!)

    PN has the right to pick whom they choose, but the public has a right to understand what “real” means and be the judge on that itself. Regardless if a designer has ever done one type of room or not is irrelevant. A professional designer has the education, contacts and discounts that the average “Joe Schmo” does not. With nothing to say for knowing all the techniques to paint murals, build, etc. We all have our strengths and weaknesses–if one decides to pay someone to paint a wall or sew something that they have envisioned, so what? And some of these ladies disclosed that they did so, or even had professional photographers in…more so than what AJ Cooper did–there was nothing on her page that disclosed her as a professional.

    As to the code. I ran a little test myself: vote for someone other than Fashionably Preppy and nothing happens. Start voting in multiples for Fashionably Preppy (I found that typically was 20 votes) and suddenly Coopers votes starts going up exponentially. Try it yourself and see!! I’ve even tried having a couple screens up at once to see if I could catch up to them; but no luck. To create this type of code is extremely easy: google it on the web and you get tons of sites that gives you a code! (And that’s free!)

    As to the $50 gift: this is so insignificant–but worth the accolade of being number one on a great website — worth ALOT to a professional.

    Very sad all around. And the fact that this contest ends in favor of Cooper who is in California and has the advantage of being on the same time zone as the contest ending as opposed to Fashionably Preppy who is in New Jersey and not likely to stay up until 3am trying to catch up to a code.

  28. 29

    I have also seen the room in person and it’s terrific. I wish I could have seen all of the rooms. Each one is great. But I love Cooper’s room. His Mom, Dad, Grandmas, and Great Grandpa all worked to make it a very special room. His GreatGrandpa made the model airplanes that hangs over the crib. Mom is not a designer of nurserys, but she couldn’t have done a better job for her Coop.

  29. 30

    WOW – something is definitely fishy – I have to agree with some of the other posts above about something going on with the votes for Cooper’s room – I watched every 10 minutes between 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM (EST) and in less than 3 hours Coopers room jumped 1,000 – all I did was hit “View Results” – I didn’t even vote – just wanted to see if what was said is true. and I have been looking every few hours since this contest started and every time Fashionably PReppy got within less 100 votes of Cooper – Coopers jumped ALOT – and doing code is easy – a 5th grader could do it! I did place one vote since the contest started (as I believe it should be one vote a person) I think that all the rooms featured on PN are amazing – kudos to the top winners in March – maybe there shouldn’t be a contest anymore – just let everyone enjoy the rooms – sad one person has to ruin it for everyone

  30. 31

    I agree with Beth–and I think she’s being conservative! Check out the votes on Coopers design and it’s gone well over 1000 votes in less than 3 hours. Google AJ Cooper Design and you’ll see that her design is on at least 3 other websites! Wow! Talk about being competitive and wanting to get her name out. And on most sites she doesn’t even call this a nursery but a little boy’s room as her son was 20 months old when she designed it. Hmm… something is definetly fishy here.

    Funny thing is if you check out the rooms and how many people actually looked at all the rooms, neither Fashoinly Preppy or Cooper would win…zomama would as she’s had OVER 6000 people look at her room. I believe FP had only 2400 while Cooper had less than 2000 (the lowest of all 5 rooms). C’mon Project Nursery, let’s make this more fair!! How about only counting one vote per IP address!!

  31. 32

    LOVE the rooms – have my favorite – also love the parties to choose from – great job to all the moms!

  32. 33

    Fashionably Preppy is my pick, but I am bias as I have seen the room in person. The room is actually way more amazing in person – unfortunately she took the photos herself during the winter, when there was little sun and instead of using a professional photographer – so the photos of the room do not do it justice. It is a room any girl would love and want to grow up in. MomtoCharlotte is a first time mom and I know she spent YEARS designing this room in her mind, as it took her and her husband that long to finally conceive and to finally see her vision in reality is breath taking. Every little detail she thought long and hard over – she even bought 5 different rugs and returned 4 before finding the one she thought was perfect – that is just how she is.
    The most wonderful part of the room is the “angel wall” she envisioned. To give “tribute” to so many of her and her husband’s love ones that passed away – her mother, his father and two brothers and both sets of her grandparents. She obsessed over this wall even wondering if she should do it –as first her husband said it was “creepy”. But she said it was to have all those who could not be here to look over their only daughter. What a wonderful idea – wish I had thought of this when I had kids 15 years ago! She has also add wonderfully, treasured items from all those that passed in the room – her mom’s music doll, her grandfather’s painting of her when she was a child and all 52 books her grandparents gave her when she was growing up – so even though all of them cannot be here to watch Charlotte grow up she will know all of their love.
    As for the argyle wall – her husband tried doing it himself – but he just didn’t have the knack – it was actually quite funny! Even the painter they hired said it was one of the hardest walls he has ever done! And it turned out beautiful.
    Momtocharlotte – we are so happy that after so many years of waiting for mr. right you finally found him and now you have your little angel – I know all of your dreams have come true – we are so happy for you. And baby Charlotte is beautiful and such a happy baby. And your nursery is stunning – whether it wins here or not. We love you!

  33. 34

    DTML, iras in the midst of writing the same exact thing, but my computer died and took my message with it! I too have not only seen Fasionably Preppy’s room, but also had the privilege of being part of her email chain the previous year and a half where momtocharlotte planned the room. She lovingly planned every little detail. And tried so many different things until she got it just right. We teased her about her perfectionism, but when I saw the room I couldn’t help but envy her and this gorgeous room! The angel wall is such asweet tribute to all her and her husband’s loved ones that have missed out on their little blessing.

    The amount of research that went into this room to ensure it’s safety is incredible: the stringless blinds, etc. She has researched and investigated EVERYthing before it came into her home.

    Your room is awesome, momtocharlotte! And your little girl will love being in that room for much longer than just her baby years!

  34. 35

    This is crazy! You people think someone is running “code”? Both AJCooper and FashionPreppy must be running “code” then. Lol, you crazy house wifes, go watch soap operas or something and stop cat fighting. It’s for $50!

  35. 36

    Ok, let me see. These are really lovely rooms, for one. It is difficult to decide because it’s like one room is different from all the others. But these are lovely rooms, professional or not. And I think that we should keep the rules as simple as that. Professional or not, you have a chance to win. It might be just $50 or $5000, but you take pride in your work. In any case, I voted for Zoey’s room. All those thrift finds translated to a great room, and that is my personal philosophy.

  36. 37

    Love Fashionably Preppy – what a great focal wall – makes me think of argyle sweaters from the 80’s – very hip and cool!

  37. 38

    momtocharlotte your room is simply amazing – breath taking – wishing I was having another girl so I could copy your room – stunning – can’t decide what I like the best – the vintage barbie prints or the beautiful argyle wall

  38. 39
  39. 40

    This will be a fantastic site, could you be interested in doing an interview about just how you created it? If so e-mail me!

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