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Great news! The all new Project Nursery Private Sale is officially launching this April. Have you signed up yet? I know, your probably thinking that there are already a million websites trying to offer random daily deals but if you’ve been following us for a while, you know PN’s style and you know we’re pretty picky people. We won’t be pushing random products companies are trying to off load from many seasons ago. Instead, we’ll be offering incredible savings on our favorite baby and toddler gear, decor, toys and more! And we mean business which is why we’re offering a chance to win Bloom’s luxurious Fresco High Chair, a $400 value!

This is one of those splurge products. Something you want, something super beautiful while totally functional but then you justify not buying it because you settle. I personally regret not pulling the trigger and buying one. I am still dying to get this baby in my white kitchen because I think it would look incredible. Unfortunately, I am not buying it for me just yet but rather, buying it for YOU!

Sign up to receive our private sale email powered by our friends at Opensky and you’ll automatically be entered to win this top of the line high chair by the seriously stylish folks at Bloom. Already signed up? Not to worry. Consider yourself already entered in this contest. But of course we love to hear comments too so feel free to comment below and share your thoughts! Contest ends Tuesday, April 19th, 11:59pm PST.


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    What an awesome looking high chair! I already signed up the last time ya’ll mentioned your OpenSky. But this chair so much better looking than normal ones!! I’d love to have it in my kitchen!!

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    I signed up, but have to admit to feeling a little duped. I wish you had been clear that it is your shop on Open Sky, not a Project Nursery Private Sale site.

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    Sorry Tiffany, we do not intend to mislead our readers. Opensky is no longer a shopping site for us. It’s now the technology platform we use to generate private sales selected by the team at Project Nursery. We are partnering with them to use their man power and to make it all happen! – Melisa

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    Absoloutely amazing highchair! As you said a real splurge – kind of totally kicks the butt of our $15 Ikea one! xxx

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    I just LOVE this highchair. I am just getting ready to put my 3 rd baby in a highchair. I would love to be able to have this one! Fingers crossed!! I’m already signed up!

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    Just signed up!!! I mean, what a good looking and stylish highchair! I would LOVE LOVE to have one of these for my baby boy! Fingers crossed!

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    What a gorgeous and functional high chair! We could definitely get great use out of it!
    I’d be thrilled to be the lucky winner. Thank you for this amazing giveaway

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    Just signed up! I loooooove this high chair and I’m sure my son would love it too, thanks for the chance to win!! =)

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    I would LOVE to win this! I definitely cannot afford this, but it would look great in my house!

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    need the high chair badly we have a 8 month old we feed in a old car seat on the floor tweeting @waterbluffy and like on facebook

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    amaaaaazing! I would LOVE to have this high chair for our first baby! Just signed up!

    thank you!!

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    DH and I JUST saw this incredibly beautiful high chair a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it! It goes with our modern decor perfectly; I would be so delighted to win!

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    I signed up and can’t wait – what a neat concept! And telling all my friends! :) Oh, and LOVE BLOOM :) Thanks!

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    I’ve already signed up!! love the design of this chair and I’m due in May so this would be so great!!

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    Just signed up for your Private Sales! I am so excited that this high chair exists! I’ve been cringing at the thought of having to use something that looks like an eyesore in the kitchen, but this high chair is B-E-A-Utiful!! Would absolutely love to win this chair!

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    Wow what a cool site! Me and all of my friends have been looking for a cool site for Mommies and looks like i found one! Thanks so much!!

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    I signed up last time but I think this chair is awesome, I love the sleek lines which also makes it easy to clean

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    I am an email subscriber of your newsletter. It would be a dream to win this amazing high chair!!!

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    This chair is awesome! Might take out the sting of needing three in the kitchen! ( my toddler is refusing to give his up for the twins :)

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    Oh, I love this high chair! It’s super sleek and stylish as well as functional and modern. Would love to win it!

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    Wow, what an exciting giveaway, I’ve been dreaming about a high chair like this one, but who doesn’t ;) keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity project nursery !

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    Love, love, love this high chiar, especially the clean modern lines. It is so pretty yet functional. This first time mom would love to win it! Fingers are crossed!

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    I fell in LOVE with this highchair because it was modern but also cute! Then I saw that the Khardashian sister had it… that sealed the deal i knew I had to have it!! hopefully i wint this FAB chair!!!

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    Hi Ladies, I’ve already signed up for OpenSky with your past contest..LOVE it! I’m just going to keep on trying to win one of these AMAZING items before baby comes in August. Keeping my swollen pudgy fingers and toes crossed ;-) Lea

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    Heya! I’m also on OpenSky, but LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bloom high chair, and all of the Bloom products!

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    I’m already signed up for your OpenSky. I love this chair! It’s looks so comfy and easy to clean!

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    Hi I would love to have the blooms fresco high chair. Yesterday grandbaby number 13 was born, a beautiful baby boy Finnegan, and in June grandbaby 14 sex unknown, and in October grandbaby # 15 sex not yet known will be born. I am frantically buying baby furniture and clothing as I will be caring for these beautiful babies while parents work. I already watch 13 month old granddaughter all day. This high chair looks wonderful and would make me proud to own it.

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    I love this high chair. My husband and have been wanting to get it for our son!!! Whom ever is the lucky winner will be getting the best of the best :-D

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    This highchair is so fancy!!! I would love to put it in my house. I can’t get over how easy to clean it looks!!!

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    I “like Project Nursery on FB and I am an OpenSky Member. Thanks for alerting me to it! I would love this high chair not only because I have been coveting for a long while now, but because my husband literally broke our high chair tonight! So I NEED this high chair!

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    Already a facebook fan and an opensky member. I would love to win this. Who wouldn’t? Its a great giveaway! With 3 kids and more to come we could soooo use this!

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    Amazing high chair. Thanks for posting the giveaway on Facebook. I would love to win this beautiful chair for my twin boys. If I win all I need to do is buy another one to match. How perfect!

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    Designed my 5 month old twins nursery after a design I saw on PN. Love getting daily updates on Facebook, and would LOVE winning one or TWO ;) of these awesome highchairs for my babies!

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    Im already signed up for you guys on OpenSky. I have already placed a few orders for some of your items on OpenSky. I love it! I also love love love love this giveaway!!!

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