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My Son’s Toddler Transitional Room

Well, the time finally came to start transitioning my son from his crib into his “big boy bed”.  Even though I purchased the toddler conversion kit for is Moderne Crib by Netto Collection, I wanted him to get accustomed to sleeping in a real bed by himself; mainly for when we travel as he can now easily climb in and out of a pack-n-play. We needed a bed which was compact yet allowed for ample storage space or extra sleeping space.  So a trundle was the right option (our ceilings are too short for bunk beds). I ordered a custom daybed from Newport Cottages, one of my favorite classical furniture lines.  All their pieces are manufactured in Riverside, CA and are built to last.  The design and gloss finish mimics the design of the Moderne crib already in the room so it flows seamlessly with the rest of his furniture.  Here is a sketch of the design:

Since this is just his transitional room I did not want to purchase any new artwork, so instead I filled his walls with his own artwork and framed photos taken by my favorite photographer Liz from Life iz Photography. (Helpful Hint: When getting photos professionally framed and printed, either make them all the same size or all difrerent sizes.  It makes moving them around and re-hanging them easier when you add to the collection.)

Once we are finished with our minor home remodel and he moves to his big boy room, we will purchase a new rug, artwork and wall coverings. Here is a photo of the inspirational fabrics for his new room:

And an actual shot of the bedding:

More to come in a few months!

For more photos and a list of sources, please visit my newly uploaded gallery HERE on Project Nursery!

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  1. avatar Lauren says:

    I was just wondering – was the conversion kit for the Moderne a good purchase? I’m thinking if I should get it for my son.

  2. […] for a more gender neutral look.  Any of our beds can be made into daybeds, like this fabulous Ricki Daybed, designed by talented interior designer Andrika King of Nursery Notations.   So go ahead, make it […]

  3. avatar amaranthe says:

    I love the modern beddings, and the storage bins under the crib. The room isn’t that big, but it looks really great.

  4. avatar Lily says:

    Your daybed is adorable! And I am gonna take your advice on framing photos. I have some photos needing to be printed and framed for my girls’ room.

  5. avatar Melisa says:

    Love the day bed – the rooms is looking great. And I am still kicking myself for not going with the S&L Graham bedding for my son. It’s my fave.

  6. avatar haia says:

    I sooooo do not like modern rooms for kids! looks way too sophisticated for me! i prefer to have kids rooms look like kids rooms. Just my opinion though!