Maclaren Debuts Crib Bedding

Contemporary nursery design talent David Netto and Maclaren have recently launched their new line of stylish crib bedding. Opposite from the clean whites that first made Netto’s furniture famous, the group introduces some seriously bright colors and nature inspired prints.

Made from Turkish cotton, the flat bumpers are even reversible. And finally, a set that comes with two crib sheets proving that Maclaren listens to parents! Each set retails for $300 at


  1. 1

    I actually have that second bedding that a friend gave me as a gift for my baby shower. But mine’s in mint green, it’s just sooo relaxing!

  2. 2

    Am loving those unique designs. Am seven months pregnant and have started looking for beddings! So I must say this is just in time!

  3. 3

    Definitely love those bright bright bright colors! I think that getting two crib sheets is the best thing ever! Wonder why others don’t do that?

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