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Design Board: Inspired by Calypso St. Barth

Last week I drove up to Los Angeles to grab lunch at the Brentwood Country Mart.  Not only is this a great place to shop but they have wonderful take out food joints and you are almost guaranteed to have a celebrity sighting while there.  Well one of my favorite shops at the Brentwood Country Mart is Calypso Home. My main reason in driving up was to see their new rug collection in person before I started suggesting it to clients.  Well I was not disappointed and decided to make an inspiration board this week around their Pushkar Jaipuri rug and other accessories.

1 – Caravan Crib – Kalon Studios

2 – Musical Animals Series  – Iota Illustration

3 – Pushkar Jaipuri Rug – Calypso St. Barth

4 – Caravan Dresser – Kalon Studios

5 – Natural Tree Stump Side Table – West Elm

6 – Ghost Smiley Pillow – Calyso St. Barth

7 – Ettienne Glider in Linen – Petit Nest

8 – Shag Pouf – Calypso St. Barth

9 – Peony Paint in High Gloss  – Benjamin Moore

Now for a little more detail in the design of the room:  I’d paint the walls in a high gloss white, almost lacquer finish in Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore.  If there were already wood floors in the room, I’d sand and paint them in a distressed whitewash and buff them down so they look scuffed up (not that this won’t happen in time anyways). There is no need for decorative bedding or sheets with a bold crib like this one.  Keep it simple and save your money to buy the furniture which will last longer anyways.  The natural wood grain on the crib, changer and side table bring a natural soft element to the white room.  The bright rug adds color and pattern, otherwise the only other color comes from the crib and artwork.  Lastly the Peony paint by Benjamin Moore is for the inside of the closet.  It would be too bold if placed anywhere else in the room, but in the closet it adds and element of fun surprise.  (If you are having a boy, substitute the pink for canary yellow or Caribbean turquoise and obviously another rug.)  I’d summarize this nursery as being youthful, energetic, and airy with a touch of laid back natural sophistication.

Adora M.

Tuesday 8th of March 2011

I love that rug you have there, so I sneaked a look into the Calypso St. Barth site and they really have some great selections on rugs over there. I love the bold and unique patterns they have.

They Posted These So I Don’t Have To | blog

Friday 4th of March 2011

[...] was inspired to create a design board after seeing a new rug from Calypso Home.  The design Inspired by Calypso St. Barth is colorful, tropical, musical and [...]


Thursday 3rd of March 2011

I love this room concept and the fun, punch-colored rug. Makes me want to get a new Calpyso dress and hit the Caribbean.

Megan Wimbley

Thursday 3rd of March 2011

Great design ideas Andrika! I could just imagine how beautiful this room would be once it's put together!