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Giveaway: 50 Birth Announcements From Minted’s Baby & Kids Collection

Pregnancy is a long and sometimes bumpy road. Add in the actual birthing experience plus settling in at home with a newborn and one of your happiest moments in life can also be very overwhelming. Don’t let announcing to the world that your sweet baby has arrived be a source of stress too. Make it easy and do it in style with Minted? They recently added a fresh crop of baby birth announcements designed by professionals from around the globe that range from spirited to classic to whimsical.

Whenever I search for custom printed cards, Minted is always at the top of my list. They stay ahead of the curve when it comes to stylish design options and the quality is truly the best around. Although it is sure hard to pick, here are a few of the new designs that caught my eye. Oh, and don’t forget your skinny wrap. Worth the splurge because it saves time during the stuffing process and adds that extra chic touch.

WIN IT: Minted is offering one lucky PN reader 50 custom birth announcements (over a $100 value). Visit Minted and tell us which new design is your favorite. Need those announcements pronto? Use code “BABYGIRL” at checkout and get 15% off your order by April 12th. Contest ends April 8st, 2011 at 11:59 PST.


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  1. avatar amy dakin says:

    There are so many beautiful ones to choose from, but I love thew classic look of the xoxo birth announcement. Simply beautiful!

  2. There were soooo many to pick from but I love the Oliver Birth announcements!!!

  3. I just followed @Minted and I already follow @projectnursery. I love the Oliver Birth announcements!!

  4. I love the Oliver birth announcements!!! They would be the perfect way to announce our baby to family and friends! Just liked both PN and Minted on Facebook:-)))

  5. avatar susan smoaks says:

    my favorite new design is the * Genevieve Birth Announcements
    * by Paper Plains

  6. avatar Jenni says:

    I love the Heirloom bloom…that would be perfect if we have a little girl!!

  7. avatar Terri Grinner says:

    I am a fan and subscriber

  8. avatar Pam says:

    My favorite is Oh Baby, Baby birth announcement.

  9. avatar Alyce says:

    I’m in love with the vintage baby birth announcements! So timeless.
    I just liked Minted on facebook.

  10. avatar Heather says:

    I love, love, love the Heirloom Bloom announcements!!

  11. avatar Heather says:

    I am a subscriber to the PN newsletter!

  12. avatar Heather says:

    I just liked Minted on Facebook, and wrote on their wall!

  13. avatar Heather says:


    This should be PN not ZpN! :)

  14. avatar Heather says:

    I like ZpN on Facebook, and wrote on your wall today!!

  15. avatar Heather says:

    I follow Minted on twitter & tweeted about this giveaway!

  16. avatar Heather says:

    I follow PN on twitter & tweeted about this giveaway!

  17. Absolutely love ALL of them! But my favourite I think has got to be the Heirloom bloom one. Gorgeous.

  18. avatar Alicia Shawhan says:

    Love them all, but if I have to pick: I love the Vintage and Modern Garden Designs!
    Liked away on FB for both! Cute!

  19. avatar brooke thomas says:

    I am already a newsletter subscriber

  20. avatar brooke thomas says:

    Long time follower of PN, but brand new to Minted…. thank you!!

  21. avatar Miss Pete says:

    Now following @Minted and @ProjectNursery on Twitter! Hurray!

  22. avatar Miss Pete says:

    I am now a fan of Minted & Project Nursery on facebook! Fantastic!

  23. avatar Amber Williams says:

    I have subscribed and special delivery is my favorite.

  24. avatar Ellen says:

    I now “like” Minted on FB as well!

  25. avatar Ellen says:

    I already like Project Nursery on FB

  26. avatar Ellen says:

    I am a subscriber already!

  27. avatar Katey Moroneso says:

    I really like the Spring Luxe design- so cute!

  28. avatar kat terry ujczo says:

    Subscriber and like on fb

  29. avatar Kara K says:

    I love the xoxo’s birth announcement – it’s so presh!

  30. avatar Kara K says:

    I posted on Facebook!

  31. avatar Leticia says:

    Already a Subscriber to our Weekly Newsletter

  32. avatar Leticia says:

    Follow Minted on Twitter

  33. avatar Leticia says:

    Already Follow Project Nursery on Twitter

  34. avatar Leticia says:

    “Like” Minted on Facebook

  35. avatar Leticia says:

    Already “Like” Project Nursery on Facebook

  36. avatar Jennifer says:

    Sweet Sophistication is my favorite!

  37. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Love the “Special Delivery” Birth Announcement. Great styling.

  38. avatar Emily H says:

    I am a PN subscriber!

  39. avatar Emily H says:

    I liked Minted on Facebook!

  40. avatar Emily H says:

    I am a friend of PN of Facebook…Love you!

  41. avatar Emily H says:

    Love the SuperNova and the Sophia…cannot decide!

  42. avatar Katie says:

    I love the WITH JOY BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT!! Precious!

  43. avatar Heather F. says:

    Already a subscriber!

  44. avatar Heather F. says:

    I “liked” minted on fb and wrote on their wall

  45. avatar Heather F. says:

    I love the high style baby Birth Announcements!

  46. avatar Chelsea B says:

    I already ‘liked’ Project Nursery and I ‘liked’ Minted today!

  47. avatar Chelsea B says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  48. avatar Brianna Maciej says:

    I love the Oliver birth announcement!

  49. avatar Claire Cook says:

    I love the DArling Dahlias for baby girl and the Pinstripe for boy. I am a subscriber! Great site and love to check out the ideas.

  50. avatar Camille K says:

    I love the Genevieve announcements! What a great give away, thank you!

  51. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I am in LOVE with the Heirloom Bloom birth announcement!!

  52. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I like Project Nursery on facebook :)

  53. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I am a subscriber :)

  54. avatar sandra says:


  55. avatar sandra says:

    my favorite is the Stats Birth Announcements

  56. avatar CarolineB says:

    And I like both Minted and PN on Facebook!

  57. avatar CarolineB says:

    And I’m a subscriber

  58. avatar CarolineB says:

    I love the Hello Baby Birth announcement.

  59. avatar Arps says:

    I’m a suscriber! Love PN and minted

  60. avatar Andrea says:

    I subscribe to your Weekly Newsletter!

  61. avatar Andrea says:

    I follow you both on twitter and tweeted!!/ampaetka/status/55131201538768896

  62. avatar Andrea says:

    I love the Modern Garden Birth Announcements! So sweet!

  63. avatar Jennifer Tanaka says:

    I love the “pop of color” and “snuggle bunny” announcements, though it’s hard to choose favorites when they have so many adorable designs!

  64. avatar Celina Rockett says:

    Im a subscriber and I have “liked” you on facebook

    Also, Mod Quilt is my fav!

  65. avatar Dolores says:

    I love the XOXO Birth Announcements, simple but precious!

  66. avatar Lori says:

    they are all so cute! i love the XOXO announcement!

  67. avatar Staci A says:

    I’m a subscriber. Thanks!

  68. avatar Staci A says:

    I love the Stats Birth Announcement! So cute!

  69. avatar Julie Haag says:

    I’m a subscriber! And I love, love, LOVE Minted!

  70. avatar carrie says:

    I like the “simply stripes”!

  71. avatar Sabrina says:

    I’m now officially a subscriber to newsletter! Love the announcement cards!

  72. avatar Lillian says:

    How to choose?! I love the Pop of Color announcement – would be perfect for the baby we will welcome in August! I’m a weekly subscriber and new facebook follower!

  73. avatar marylou barnes says:

    my favorite is the snuggle bunny announcement

  74. avatar sara says:

    My favorite is the high style baby Birth Announcements

  75. avatar Sherin says:

    Love minted and you! These announcements would be perfect for our little one thats due later this month. My favorite is the hello baby announcement.

    I followed both of you on twitter and subscribe to the newsletter!

  76. avatar Lisa says:

    I like both PN and Minted on FB and I receive the weekly newsletter! These would be great for the arrival of our first baby in August. The Hello baby design is my favorite!

  77. avatar Megan says:

    I can’t decide between the Snuggle Bunny and Hello Baby announcements as my favorite! So many great choices, it would be hard to chose! I gave a “shout out” to your facebook page, as well as minted’s! Hopefully I’ll win ;) Thanks Project Nursery for all of your great ideas for my new addition in September!

  78. avatar Jody says:

    I love the sweet scallop announcement in pink. I’m having twin girls and I love the fact that you can search for “twins and multiples” to narrow down the choices.
    I also follow you on Facebook!

  79. avatar Karinny says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  80. avatar Karinny says:

    Love the Bungalow Birth Announcements

  81. avatar AnnieL says:

    I like Project Nursery and Minted on FB:)

  82. avatar AnnieL says:

    I love, love, love the heirloom bloom birth announcements!! Beautiful design!

  83. avatar Kristen M. says:

    I like he Hello, Baby design!

  84. avatar kayla says:

    i love the modern garden design. i have a baby due in 3 weeks, and we’ve ordered minted photo calendars before and were so happy with them. i hope i win!

  85. avatar Crystal Keyzer says:

    Following Both and Like both! Subscriber too! Hope I win ;)

  86. avatar Rebecca says:

    I am a Project Nursery Facebook follower!

  87. avatar Rebecca says:

    I love the “Ethan” announcement design!

  88. avatar Ryan s says:

    I’m a subscriber and love the girl’s special delIvery announcement

  89. avatar Wendy C. says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber and pregnant with baby #2 : ) My favorite Minted birth announcement, hands down, is the Vingtage Birth Announcement. Adorable!

  90. avatar mcb1233 says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber

  91. avatar mcb1233 says:

    I love the float + welcome version.

  92. avatar Jill Neff says:

    you will get lots of hits now from my fb page-so many sweet friends of mine are pregnant ;)

  93. avatar Sheyenne W says:

    I subscribe to your emails!

  94. avatar Sheyenne W says:

    I Liked you both on FB! There are so many I like… but I love the Darling Dahlias and the Elephants!

  95. avatar Kathleen says:

    The “Hello Baby” design is so sweet and charming! We can’t wait to say Hello to our little one!

  96. avatar Aubrey G. says:

    Already a subscriber to your emails!

  97. avatar Aubrey G. says:

    I love the Heirloom Bloom and Little Plaid Elephants

  98. avatar Melissa B says:

    I love those “new arrival” labels!

  99. avatar Emily D. says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber :)

  100. avatar Michal says:

    Love the Heirloom Bloom!

  101. avatar Lyndie says:

    There are so many cute announcements to choose from!
    I’m a subscriber!

  102. avatar Megan says:

    I’ve just started thinking about how I’ll need birth announcements, and these are lovely. The Float + Tiny Heart announcements are my favorites, they’re just classy.

    Oh, and I’m a subscriber!

  103. avatar Leah says:

    Love Minted and would love to win this giveaway! I’ve joined your newsletter and am following you and Minted on Twitter.

    My current faves are petit elefant (in gray and yellow), Heirloom Bloom, and Genevieve.

  104. avatar Kim says:

    I love all of the announcements – how can I only choose one?? I really like the
    Pop of Color Birth Announcement

    I’m also a subscriber!

  105. avatar Sarah says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  106. avatar Sarah says:

    I tweeted! @sholland

  107. avatar Sarah says:

    Liked both on Facebook!

  108. avatar Sarah says:

    I LOVE the stamp & banner Birth Announcements!

  109. avatar msilba says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  110. avatar msilba says:

    I’m following you and minted on twitter @msilba

  111. avatar msilba says:

    I really like all of them, but one of favorites is the XOXO Birth Announcements…….I’ll need some of these around May 22nd, my due date!!

  112. I also am following project nursery and minted on twitter, gave a shout out on each fb page, tweeted about both and subscribed to the project nursery newletter. YAY! fingers crossed!!

  113. avatar mattie says:

    What a tough decision! They have so many gorgeous cards! I think my fav might be the “genevieve.” Expecting my baby girl in just over a month!!

  114. I’ve liked both project nursery and minted. I LOVE the Sophia announcements. They’d be perfect for our new little girl!

    Tabitha MCNulty

  115. avatar Susie B. says:

    I’m 4 days overdue with a “mystery” baby. If we had a little boy I think the Little Aviator Birth Announcement would be perfect (my husband is an air traffic controller).

  116. avatar Susie B. says:

    I get your newsletter in my email!

  117. avatar Emily W. says:

    I love the Banner Baby announcement, but they’re all gorgeous! I’m due in 11 days and would love some announcements.

  118. avatar Erica L says:

    I “like” PN and I like so many of the designs on Minted. Hard to pick just one!

  119. avatar Princess says:

    I “Like” Project Nursery and Minted on FB and subscribe to the newsletter. Expecting #2 in June. Love your announcements!

  120. avatar Kim says:

    get weekly news

  121. avatar Kim says:

    I ADORE – Hello Baby Birth Announcements

  122. avatar Jen says:

    Following both of you and tweeted about the giveaway!!/SouthShoreKids/status/53869367720546304

  123. avatar Jen says:

    I like Sweet Lace! So pretty!

  124. avatar Kim says:

    I also subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

  125. avatar Kim says:

    I like the mini magazine design. So cute!

  126. avatar Judy says:

    Surrounded by pregnant nieces and soon, daughters. Would love to bless them with these announcements. My fav is Darling Dahlias Birth Announcements

  127. avatar Annie says:

    I subscribe to your weekly newsletter!

  128. avatar Annie says:

    I looove the Hello Baby announcements. SO CUTE!!

  129. avatar Aiga Langan says:

    Hi, I just subscribed your newsletter, so exiting!! My favorite announcements are Pop of Color(teal), MacKenzie(in bright yellow) and Cotton(brown). Honestly all of them are beautiful!!!

  130. avatar Amanda says:

    I “like” both on facebook! :) My favorite announcement style is the Heirloom Bloom Birth Announcements!

  131. avatar Paula says:

    Follow both on twitter and tweeeted!

  132. avatar Jenny R. says:

    I like heirloom bloom!

  133. avatar Cathy says:

    I like Project Nursery and Minted on Facebook

  134. avatar Paula says:

    Already a PN fan and liked Minted as well!

  135. avatar Cathy says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter

  136. avatar Cathy says:

    I like the Sophia and Ethan birth announcements. I find out in 5 weeks what I’m having!

  137. avatar Paula says:

    Already a subscriber!

  138. avatar sarah says:

    I’m expecting in August and LOVE The Birds and Trees Birth Announcements.

  139. avatar Lindsay says:

    The Naomi Birth Announcement is my favorite! I already subscribe to the newsletter!

  140. avatar Beth says:

    Already a fan of y’all and did the same for Minted today :)

  141. avatar Beth says:

    I really dig the Oliver Birth Announcements – classy and pretty :)

  142. avatar Brittani says:

    My baby boy is due any day!!! I love the “worth the wait” announcement and the “Baby Bee” announcement in yellow.

  143. avatar Sarahbeth says:

    I already am subscribed to your newsletter! And I love like all of these birth announcements!

  144. avatar Marisa says:

    Already a subscriber. I love the Little Flower design. So cute and it is perfect for the color palette I picked for my daughter’s nursery.

  145. avatar Shannon says:

    i love hello baby and float + tiny heart. both great options.

  146. avatar Kerry says:

    The stats birth annoucement is super fun!

  147. avatar Lauren says:

    I love the mod quilt birth announcement and bright hello announcement. So hard to chose!

  148. avatar Kelly says:

    I love the Ethan announcements! Perfect for my baby boy in late May!

  149. avatar Cassie says:

    The high style baby Birth Announcements are adorable!

    cassie dot jentner at gmail dot com

  150. avatar Kathy says:

    I love the Pop of Color Birth Announcements!

    13cls13 at gmail dot com

  151. avatar Palila says:

    I really like the Stats Birth Announcements!

  152. avatar Lindsay says:

    I love the Heirloom Bloom design! Expecting a girl in August.

  153. avatar Kelly says:

    I like the “Scrolls” birth announcement….expecting my first any day now!

  154. avatar kristin says:

    simly stripes is my fav

  155. avatar Katie M says:

    I “like” you!! Would love to win …expecting #3 at the end of May. Announcements are my fav!!