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Gallery Round Up: Furniture that Pops

It’s no longer the clothes that are doing all the talking, nursery dressers have something to say too. Designers are pushing past the limits of traditional nursery decor with pops of color and whimsy. What do our reader uploaded Real Room photos have to say?

This eye-catching dresser from Nora’s nursery says that when it comes to nursery aesthetics, no rules apply! A splash of yellow, funky drawer pulls, and a patterned shelf make breaking the rules seem so right!

The fire-engine red dresser in this baby boy’s room is a wonderful shout of fun in this clean and simple space.

Pssst…this bureau has a secret! Patterned contact paper was an easy way to accessorize this California Nursery.

More dressed up dressers are waiting for you in the Project Gallery. Upload your photos today and maybe you’ll see them on our next gallery round up!


Friday 22nd of April 2011

Where did you find that contact paper? I am having the hardest time looking for cute wallpaper dots or floral for my baby girl's nursery I am doing.



Thursday 17th of March 2011

I love how the color breaks the monotony of the white wall or brings together all the other elements together. I think that furniture, whether old or new, should be the central point of any nursery. I've seen a lot of nice nurseries that were ruined because of wrong furniture selection.


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

It's amazing how a whole room could be defined by a single piece of furniture. These are just so beautiful!