Elephant Baskets Get Cool

I’d like to take a moment to compliment all of our readers. What a bunch of observant and dedicated nursery design enthusiasts we have! Just when I think I have found a fabulous and unique find, I realize a member of the Project Nursery community has already discovered it or its even been used in a room that is featured in our photo gallery. Case in point, these adorable elephant wicker baskets I first spotted in the FLOR catalog. More info on FLOR and their kid related products soon.

What I am loving about this whimsical elephant basket, which is technically a laundry hamper, is that on it’s own they can seem uncool and kitschy but paired with modern elements they become current and chic. I prefer the white version but they are available in honey and brown as well. Or add a splash of color in the room like the orange version I found on Etsy. Who would have known elephants would be so cool.

Seen in Bella’s Girlie Animal Kingdom Nursery in the Project Nursery Gallery


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    I absolutely love this hamper! it would be the perfect addition to our nursery!! It’s unfortunate that it’s not available in Canada!

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    Pam, these elephant wicker baskets are cool, even if you don’t pair it with anything! They just make your old laundry basket look more drab!

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    I agree with Casey! Why go for drab looking laundry baskets when you have these? It would make a great addition to an Asian/Indian inspired room, but it is subtle enough to be in any room.

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    the basket is very cute, but I am loving the crib and changing table / dresser!!! Does anyone know who makes these? Thank you! -Meg

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