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Chalkin’ Up Some Fun!

Go ahead kids…draw on the walls! HUH?  Yes…go for it!  Turn one of your kid’s bedroom or playroom walls into an “ok to draw on me area”.  A much better solution than your little Picasso taking pen to sofa or bare walls at this point, right? Create a wall that is simply painted with some chalkboard paint.  Make the area as big or as little as you like.  Just tape off the area you want to paint with painters tape and fill in with chalkboard paint. Want to take it a step further?  Add on a small ledge to keep some chalk pieces on.

Not able to make such a permanent commitment to your wall?  Try using removable chalkboard wall decals like these fun animal shapes available at Wallcandy Arts.

Have you ever used chalkboard paint?  Let us know how your project turned out?

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  1. avatar Tee says:

    That looks fantastic! We are looking to do the same to a bonus room that we have. Where did you find that ledge? I’m having the hardest time locating it. Thanks!

  2. avatar Marge says:

    I love those decals. We live in a rental, so I couldn’t really use chalkboard paint (or any other paint) on my walls. We had those little chalkboards, but they’re square and ugly. At least these decals look great.

  3. avatar Christel says:

    We did a chalkboard in our basement with chalkboard paint a couple years ago. We were worried about a young toddler being able to distinguish where to start and stop drawing so we made a border around the sides and the top. It works great! I don’t know who uses it more…her or my husband and our friends!

  4. avatar Ben says:

    Having three boys and a neat freak of a wife, there are really a lot of mornings when my wife would just stomp up the stairs with a pail of soapy water in an effort to get the crayons out of the wall :) Chalkboard paint really saved us from these mornings, as the boys now have their own walls to dirty up. Sometimes, it feels so good looking at their drawings and it really makes you wonder how easy it is for them to erase it and replace it with another drawing!

  5. I always placed a chalkboard on the room of my kid. I love her watching draw different figures. And it is so fascinating to see them draw.

  6. avatar Rebecca says:

    So great to hear!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  7. avatar amanda says:

    I love chalkboard paint, especially now that it comes in just about every color. I used it to make a mural/border in my son’s “big-boy” room. It only took two coats of paint with a roller. The areas that were too detailed for the roller and required a brush, took four coats. You can see the results on my blog,

  8. We are expecting our first (a boy!) end of June and we did one wall as a chalkboard wall in his nursery 2 weeks ago. I conditioned it last weekend and it really looks like a chalkboard now! I love it and I can’t wait to get the rest of the room together so we can start writing him little notes about how excited we are to meet him, etc. And then obviously once he’s older he’ll be drawing little masterpieces on the wall himself!!

    I will say that it was much easier to paint than I expected however you definitely need at least 2 coats so the wall color underneath doesn’t show through. The paint may have been a little thinner than most so just keep that in mind when starting. It looks amazing though!!