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Purely Pom Poms

Spring is in the air (wishful thinking) and one of my favorite spring looks is the light and airy pom pom. They are not just for party center pieces or window displays, but they are the perfect accent for any whimsical nursery or child’s room. And the best part is they are inexpensive and can even be a fun DIY project.

This nursery featured at decor pad uses them bunched in a corner for a truly dramatic look.

Just want a touch of pom pom?  This nursery uses them sparingly in place of a mobile, but still achieving a focal point in the room.

Pom poms are not just for girls, I adore them in the aqua tones shown here for either sex.

One of the best features of using pom poms is being able to use such variety in the tones. The blend of the deep colors and the pastels works great in this look.

What do you think of using pom poms as room decor? Tell us by commenting on this post.

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  2. avatar Samantha says:

    I am personally not a big fan of pompoms, but I could see how lovely they are in these rooms. I am beginning to rethink how I feel about them. They really break the monotony in a room, especially those aqua ones.

  3. avatar Jenny says:

    As you can see, using pompoms is a great way to bring some color and fun to any room. These are very lovely ideas. I have been thinking of adding some pompoms to my daughter’s nursery, but it has a very serious feel to it. We made little changes to my husband’s old study and we couldn’t really afford a proper nursery. So it’s more of creme/brown with hardwood floors, but we softened it up with some etsy (light pink) and some accents. Do you ladies think pompoms would do the trick?

  4. avatar Ieasha says:

    I really love using pom poms for parties and actually have a few in our guest bedroom! They’re simple but really cute!!! I like having white pom poms with various colored ribbons or different hues of the same color.

  5. avatar michellef says:


    They are so light you can use a little hook with fishing wire, or just a tack.

  6. avatar Lindsay says:


    Thank you so much for this Pam!

  7. avatar Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much for this Pam!

  8. avatar Sara says:

    We did this too. I think it’s getting “overdone” on the Internet, but I don’t care! I made one with lanterns left over from our wedding and pom poms. I put a light in one and hung it over the changing table. My baby loves it! I’ve been meaning to upload pictures…

  9. avatar Amanda says:

    Love, love, love this!

  10. avatar Julie says:

    How would you hang them from the ceiling?

  11. avatar Tina says:

    very adorable and beautiful…i love it!

  12. avatar Pam says:

    just found another great etsy shop for pom poms

  13. avatar Pam says:

    Lindsay – try these instructions from good ole Martha. I’ll also check with our contributors to see if there are additional DIY tips they can share. Stay tuned!

  14. I like them. They’re cute, fun and interesting to the eye.

    I may have to purchase some from that Etsy store. I’ll have to run it by the hubby though! :)

  15. avatar Lindsay says:

    I really, really like this idea. I wasn’t going to use a mobile with my new baby’s nursery. And the bedding we have picked (should it be a girl) would go so well with these poms! How in the world would I start to make these?