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Old Dog, New Tricks – Using Houndstooth In The Nursery

A longtime staple in the closets of men and women alike, the Houndstooth pattern has an iconic legacy dating back to the 1800s.  At Little Crown Interiors, we think that the use of a timeless pattern – like Houndstooth – is one of the many ways to achieve a nursery design that’s both current and ageless.  So, today, here are some of our top picks for using Houndstooth in a nursery design project…

The Classic Houndstooth Pattern in Black and White

First, there’s the straightforward use of houndstooth in textiles.  Whether added as an accent piece for a subtle effect, or used throughout the room as a unifying factor, the classic nature of this pattern can give your design long term sustainability.  Check out the fabulous chair in this adorable room…

tween girl's bedroom design

Girl's Room Photo via Decor Pad

Naturally, it’s important to remember that the houndstooth pattern need not be relegated to the realm of fabric only.  Houndstooth can be found in a huge array of fun materials and applications!

houndstooth pattern cork board

Houndstooth Pattern Cork Board by Jaime Salm

A truly modern way to show your love for houndstooth – go huge!  Try an all-over pattern on a wall.  These wall decals make for a quick, easy, and commitment-free way to accomplish a full-wall look.

Wall Decals by Modern Wall Graphics

Here’s a favorite find of ours – a colorful screen that’s both functional and fabulous!

Houndstooth Pattern Room Divider by Courtney Skott

Although its most classic form is the standard black and white, houndstooth can be found in tons of fun colors. We love Spoonflower for great price, great quality, and the easy-to-use fabric designer tool.  Spoonflower has some great ready-to-purchase options, like the one below.  Or, you can create your own using their fabric designer tool – we’re addicted to it!

A Funky Option from Spoonflower

If you’ve used houndstooth in your nursery or kid’s room design, we’d love to see it!  Share your photos in the Project Nursery gallery, and post your comments now!

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Thursday 17th of February 2011

I like the one used on the sofa fabric. I am not sure I want to use this pattern on my wall, or use this pattern with bold colors. I'd use soft, pastel colors for this one.


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

I never really liked houndstooth patterns, but you girls really make it look so pretty. I love the room divider, too!


Thursday 10th of February 2011

I can see why you ladies love this pattern. It adds a certain texture to your design and it's different from other designs. Yup... this is a classic design pattern that's easy to update.

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