Giveaway: The Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Low-Profile Crib

Just like cars and cell phones, furniture for the nursery keeps getting more attractive and designed with better functionality in mind.  A perfect example is the new, low-profile crib from Pottery Barn Kids.  As a prime candidate for this crib, I keep thinking how my rib cage would have had a more pleasant experience during those middle of the night back rubbing sessions all of my children seemed to enjoy so much…

Pottery Barn Kids has recently introduced a low-profile version of their best selling Kendall fixed gate crib that is the perfect option for petite moms (and dads). Designed with the same simple style as the original version, this low-profile crib is shorter by four inches which makes it easier for petite parents to lift the baby in and out. The low-profile Kendall crib is offered in three finishes and is an affordable option at a price tag of $399.

Love browsing the local Pottery Barn Kids store as much as we do? For all you PBK enthusiasts, did you know that Pottery Barn Kids actually offers custom design services?  This could be the perfect way to create a nursery that exudes that transitional and sophisticated PBK style they have mastered oh so well.  You can even schedule one-on-one time with one of the PBK store associates to discuss your baby or kid’s room and get their expert advice. This design service is complimentary and can be arranged as an in-store visit or at-home consultation. And don’t miss signing up for the Pottery Barn Kids Baby & Gift Registry service. It is simply the best and easiest way to give and get the most desired PBK items for the nursery.

WIN IT! PBK is giving away not one but TWO Kendall Low-Profile Fixed Gate Cribs to Project Nursery readers. The winners can choose their choice of white, honey or espresso finish. Enter by visiting Pottery Barn Kids and tell us what you love most about PBK by commenting below. Contest ends February 25th, 2011 at 11:59 PST.


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Congrats to Lindsay & Heather



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    I love this crib as a short mom to be it makes perfect sense for the crib to be lower profile (I’m also a weekly subscriber)

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    I like that PBK has a cohesive design aesthetic that is very well put together! Everything has its place and purpose — which is stylish! And their nursery ideas just feel so cozy!

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    I love PBKs because it is classic yet modern! Just my style. PBK never goes out of style!

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    I love their quality and designs…it is all kid, but blends so well with the other home decor.

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    I love pottery barn because their products are sturdy and will last through multiple kids.

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    I liked PBK and PN on both Facebook and Twitter, tweeted about this giveaway. I also am a subscriber to your weekly newsletter!

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    I think I should win this just because my name is Kendall….and it’s spelled the same way!! This is such a great idea….my babies are long which translates to tall when they start standing. I’ve had to lower the bottom of the crib to the lowest setting with all my kids and it’s quite a reach! What I like best about PBK? The Christmas stockings, the anywhere chairs, the really really cute designs and right now I’m loving the tree wall decal. I want it!! I linked PN to my blog! Check it out!

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    What’s not to love about PBK? I love their classic and classy furniture. I love their options to monogram basic, everyday items like towels and toy storage. Their little Sophie Bath Buddy is the cutest! The list goes on and on…

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    I like both Pottery Barn Kids and Project Nursery on FB! LOVE this crib! PICK ME! Pick me :)

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    I like Project Nursery on FB and PBK! Love this giveaway would make a great addition to our baby room for our new baby!!!!!!!!!!

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    i love this crib! it is not only beautiful & classic but functional as well. it’s nice to know designers are starting to see the needs of petite parents. i would love to win this for our new edition coming this year. thanks for the chances! (i like project nursery & pb kids on facebook too)

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    I love the diverse product mix PB Kids offers (modern to traditional) these days. I love the crib and would be wonderful for my brother’s new baby girl! :-) Thanks for hosting ~ Margaret

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    I love the colors featured on some of the nursery sets on PBK- the Red for the Harlington Nursery is so bold and fun.

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    I love Pottery Barn Kids because they have a wide variety of good quality items! And they are so very cute!

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    What I love most about Pottery Barn Kids? Is this a trick question? EVERYTHING! I love to decorate…and if I had the extra mula……… daughter’s room would be filled with everything PBK!

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    i love their quality wool rugs- we have one for each kiddo and one in our family room!

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    I’m a new grandmother and it’s important to me that I have a safe, comforting space for my grandson (and any future grandchildren) in our home…but I don’t want to surrender to the “baby in the house” look. What I like best about Pottery Barn Kids is that many of their designs are child-friendly while still honoring the sophistication (that’s really not the right word, since I know many homes with kids that are sophisticated…but I’m stuck here…I hope you know what I mean) that an empty-nest house can attain.

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    I would love the crib!!! I am a fan on Facebook too along with Pottery barn! This would help us so much as we are preparing to become foster parents!!!! Thank you so much!

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    What is there not to love? I truly love everything about PBK. I love that everything is timeless, classic, beautifully made, and so much more.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

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    I love the style of their baby and kids furniture it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the furniture in our home. Its beautiful furniture with a touch of whimsy!

  112. 113

    You want me to pick one thing I love most about PBK???? EVERYTHING!
    But i do like there storage solutions the buckets, baskets, boxes and totes!!!

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    I love Pottery Barn, but I love Pottery Barn kids even more since having one kid and expecting another. I love the simple lines of their cribs, clean and sleek bedding.

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    Oh no… this just threw a monkey wrench in to my crib wish list! I LOVE this Kendall crib and the Caden crib!

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    I would love that crib because I’m 5′ nothing :) Seriously, what’s NOT to love about PBK? I think the Brooke Bedroom is so darling with all the cute owlness and all!

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    This crib would be great to have for our expecting bundle of joy this year. I like project nursery and PBK on facebook.

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    I love that PBK has such wonderful furniture that will last ages! The entire Kendall collection is to die for and I know I would buy the whole collection.

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    I LOVE PBk. I have been a shopper there ever since my nephew arrived. I love their nursery designs & I also love dealing w/PBk! My son received a gift that we needed replaced and the customer service lady was SO polite and acted so promptly and extremely nice (what a nice surprise these days!!!).

    And now, what a GREAT giveaway :)

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    I now Follow Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on Twitter and I tweeted about it! So excited!

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    My wife wants thsi crib and it’ll be great to win it for her. PBK is all she looks at when talking about decorating for a baby. The Kendall crib is great for her because she’s short.

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    I follow Project Nursery and PBK on Twitter (EAGarner78) and tweeted about the giveaway.

  158. 159

    what i love about pbk? umm…just about everything! i think my favorite is that it’s always a great place to find cute bedding.

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    I’m a subscriber, and I “like” both Project Nursery and PBK on Facebook. Love this giveaway!

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    I’m a fan of both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on facebook.

    I love Pottery Barn Kids items because they are so durable…the bedding washes easily and is sturdy enough to look great for years.

  165. 166

    I love this crib and that we share the same name! I follow both on facebook. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  166. 167

    I’m a big fan of the classic, simple designs at PBK – definitely fits with the rest of our house much better than a majority of baby items from big box stores.

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    I have been a huge fan of PBK forever… but I’m always impressed by their expansive fabric options. They come up with the greatest textiles!

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    A fan of both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn kids!! So excited for this drawing!!!! It will be wonderful for 2 great and lucky people!

  171. 172

    Oh forgot to say WHY i love PBK! I love all of the unique things we can find at your store that no other place has to offer! And GREAT quiality! LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING about PBK!!!!

  172. 173

    I love PBK’s classic designs! Their online ‘shop by room’ feature is also really helpful and inspiring.

  173. 174

    I love the qualtiy of their products and the prints they have come out with. I love the Mackenzie girls collection

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    I absolutely loooove Pottery Barn. I have always been a fan, and now that I found out we are expecting our first one in August 22nd, I cant help but look at all the goodies available to babies and kids. I am very excited!! Your style, class, and simplicity is what I love about you pottery barn!

  177. 178

    I am a fan or project nursery and am subscribed to it in Facebook! I love PBK!! They have beautiful, timeless and unique items!

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  180. 181

    I am a follower and also like both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on FB…. I would love to win this crib and have it complete our nursery that we are setting up for our little on we are in the process of adopting :)

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    I am a fan on Facebook and a subscriber! I would love to win this for my sister in law who is having her first little girl! The petite crib would be so perfect for her! Such a great idea by Pottery Barn.

  190. 191

    I liked you on Facebook and I liked Pottery Barn Kids..Would love to have this crib for my little one Due June 21st :)

  191. 192

    I love PBK for their qaulity and style, they are always coming out with beautiful, fun yet classic crib bedding and childrens bedding to fit every little personality!

  192. 193
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  194. 195

    I Love pottery barn and pottery barn kids!!! They have awesome design services but for those of us that are looking for inspiration without the extra touch (or cost) of a designer, they also have FANTASTIC room set-ups on their website to help their customers envision what the furniture and accessories could look like in their home. Their staged rooms are by far my favorite feature of their website, stores and catalogs! ESPECIALLY now that I’m doing a nursery design for my first little one.

    The new low profile crib would be PERFECT for me! I stand a whopping 5 feet tall and will need a stool to comfortably reach my baby with most average height cribs.

    I “Like” both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on Facebook

    I Follow Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on Twitter

    I tweeted about the contest: @lewiskatie

    I subscribe to the weekly newsletter!

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    I Follow Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on Twitter and I tweeted about the contest: @lewiskatie

  198. 199
  199. 200

    I am fan on facebook for both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids. I have a little girl due in April and this would be perfect :)

  200. 201

    I love that Pottery Barn Kids has cute, sweet kids stuff while still being sophisticated and classy!

  201. 202

    I love Pottery Barn Kids quality! And the numerous personalization options they offer on so many products!

  202. 203

    I like the quality and style of all their furniture. I would love to have the cameron creativity storage wall system. It’s wonderful.

  203. 204
  204. 205

    I love everything about PBK!! The bedding, the accessories, the furniture … my two kids have rooms that are all decked out in PBK. I’m pregnant with #3 right now and would love to do the same for him/her!

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  206. 207

    I would love to win the crib!i I am 4 months pregnant and i am about 5″2″ such a great idea to shorten the crib for a smaller petite woman! I have liked both Project Nursery and PBK on Facebook!

    Hope to win!

  207. 208

    I love the quality and exclusive designs that PBK has to offer on their products. (I “like” you both on FB) :-)

  208. 209

    I love Pottery barn kids unique style, the bedding, the little kids furniture (my fav) i have “liked” PBK and Project Nursery in hopes to win!!!!!!

  209. 210

    I love how most of PBK’s products coordinate together. I have put together our daughters’ rooms gradually over the past couple years and the new items PBK comes out with still match the old. That, and their fabulous knack at classic designs, is what I love about PBK. =)

  210. 211
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  214. 215

    I love everything about Pottery Barn Kids. From the clean lines of the furniture to the softness of the designs, it’s so calming and nurturing. It’s a great matchup of design & functionality. A mama’s dream!

  215. 216
  216. 217

    I love the look of things at Pottery Barn Kids. Everything works so well together and the quality is great!

  217. 218
  218. 219

    Okay so I just:

    1. ‘Liked’ PBK on Facebook. I already ‘liked’ Project Nursery.
    2. Started following @projectnursery and Tweeted about Project Nursery’s giveaway
    3. Subscribed to the weekly newsletter

    Anything else I can do….I mean seriously, I’d do cartwheels in my sloping driveaway for another chance to win one of these cribs for my daughter! (smile)

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  221. 222

    I love the great quality and cute designs at Pottery Barn KIds. I also love that many items can be personalized!

  222. 223
  223. 224
  224. 225

    I love, love, love the quality and variet of Pottery Barn. I often tell my husband that if I had the money, I’d decorate my whole house in PB!

  225. 226

    I love all things pb kids and with expecting our
    second child in June, what a treat this would be.
    I bought the max and Harper preppy bedding!!!

  226. 227
  227. 228
  228. 229
  229. 230
  230. 231

    I love the fact that PBK offers so many solutions for so many personalities. I also love the personalization of so many products!!!

  231. 232
  232. 233
  233. 234
  234. 235

    i’m a new mom-to-be (having a girl in july). I LOVE scollop and the haley nursery rooms… however theres not much i don’t like! i love how much of everything is classic & timeless & good quality to last!

  235. 236
  236. 237
  237. 238
  238. 239

    What I like most is that I can find good quailty things for my daughter that are also cute and will be able to be passed down from generation to generation!

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  240. 241
  241. 242
  242. 243
  243. 244

    I just “liked” PBK and Project Nursery on FB as well, I just subscribed to the weekly newsletter.

    What do I love about PBK? First off, I love all their bedding and bath stuff. It’s always so fun and well made. They have great kids rugs too that stand up to being played on. I also love the store experience with all the clean lines of the furniture and all of the bedding on display.

  244. 245

    I “Liked” both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on Facebook! Thanks!
    I am too short for my crib. I’m glad that you created a low profile crib for petite ladies.

  245. 246
  246. 247
  247. 248

    I love the quality of pottery barn kids. Everything that I buy is made to last. I love that it is in style and the prices are right.My daughter looks forward to getting your catalog every month.She sits down with and circles her wish list!

  248. 249

    I like pottery barn kids on facebook and I suscribe to the weekly newsletter.

  249. 250

    I always love looking at the PBK website and catalogs for ideas for decorating. I can’t afford most of the items but I can always dream!!

  250. 251
  251. 252
  252. 253
  253. 254

    I’m a subscriber for the newsletter. I love it and have been telling everyone to get it in their inbox!

  254. 255
  255. 256
  256. 257
  257. 258

    I am newly expecting and LOVE the pbkids Kendall crib. I “liked” both pages on facebook and I am a weekly subscriber! I live in Georgia and I have told ALL of my friends about your blog and website! We are all OBSESSED with your design expertise. I love your site because I get SO many ideas for my nursery as well as find out where the parents purchased the loot! I love pbkids because their stuff is so darn cute and the quality is great!

  258. 259

    What I love most about PBK are their creative and functional use of storage spaces. From buckets to bins, from rooms large to small, the sky is the limit with PBK storage items!

  259. 260
  260. 261

    I love PBK! they are a one stop site not only to pick up great essentials, but to get otherwise elusive design ideas for the modern nursery!

  261. 262

    i am a follower of both sites on facebook.

    Pottery Barn Kids blows me away mostly with the colors… i just sit and look through the magazines, soaking in how different colors and patterns are paired together. (As a geek side note, i have to say that i also like looking through the magazine for name ideas!)

  262. 263

    I love that PBK inspires me to get things done… and to want to have a space that’s practical for a child! Everything at PBK is BEAUTIFUL but very practical… because let’s be realistic… pretty and not practical doesn’t work with kids. PBK does!

  263. 264
  264. 265
  265. 266

    I love everything in Pottery Barn Kids! My daughter’s favorite is her anywhere chair. I love that the cover is removable for cleaning.

  266. 267

    … and followed on twitter and got the newsletter! been in love with the kendall for a long time…

  267. 268
  268. 269
  269. 270

    It’s so hard to choose one thing to be my favorite thing about PBK. I love so many things. I believe if I had to say one thing it would be that their design is simple yet so elegant and classy. I love their chandeliers, furniture and decor.

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  272. 273
  273. 274
  274. 275
  275. 276
  276. 277
  277. 278
  278. 279
  279. 280

    I love how they have whole room ideas instead of just bedding. I’m working off of their Cheerful Critters nursery design. :)

  280. 281
  281. 282

    i love PBK because they combine the most beautiful colors! everything is suttle yet beautiful! i would love to win this crib i am having my 2nd in august and we need a new crib bad!! xox

  282. 283
  283. 284

    I liked both pages (PBK and PN). Following both on Twitter and tweeted about you.
    What I like most about PBK are the fun colors, brillant designs and design inspirations!

  284. 285

    I love pottery barn kids commitment to great quality, beautiful furniture and unique style!

  285. 286

    In all honesty, i cannot express my deep gratitude for pottery barn kids the way i desire to because this website is not large enough to contain all of the affection within.

  286. 287

    I love Pottery Barn Kids design ideas. I love decorating and rearranging my home and they have so many great ideas from organizing to making spaces work even when they’re not huge.

  287. 288
  288. 289

    OH man! I LOVE all the ideas and decorations. I just became of both companies on Facebook to stay in more touch with the companies. We have a new little girl on the way so I’m definitely “stalking” the sites :)

  289. 290

    I especially love the plush toys! Just “liked” pbk and pn on facebook and became a newsletter subscriber. Looking forward to the newsletters~!

  290. 291

    I love their great selection of baby and kids bedding, especially the Harlington Nursery Bedding!

  291. 292
  292. 293
  293. 294

    I like both Pottery Barn and Project Nursery! I wish I had known about this low profile crib, but I figure it’s never too late to get another crib for baby number 2, 3,4… I am very short, 5′ 1″ and this would have been great. I also have a drop side and tell my husband everyday that with the next baby we will be getting a new crib with a fixed rail.

  294. 295

    Oh! And I forgot to say what I love about Pottery Barn Kids! I love how they make kids rooms with style and how they think of everything and have great quality products!

  295. 296

    I’m just 5’0″ even and anticipating the arrival of #2 in a couple weeks! This new Pottery Barn crib is a god-send, since drop-side cribs were banned (I mean, I totally get it, and happy for the extra level of scrutiny and safety, etc., but what are the petite mamas (and dadas) supposed to do?). I’m so happy that there is a new option on the market for us wee ‘rents ; ) Thank you for the chance to win! Fingers crossed!!!!

  296. 297

    My favorite thing about Pottery Barn Kids is the effort they put into providing solutions for and decorating “shared spaces”. Having a boy and girl that share a room, I am always checking PBK for new ideas on how to make it all work!

  297. 298

    ideas, ideas, ideas. I love all of the great organizational and storage ideas. Oh, and the darling bedding. I truly could go on and on!

  298. 299
  299. 300
  300. 301
  301. 302

    I ADORE Pottery Barn. I would decorate an entire nursery in their stuff if I could afford it. I love that they have tons of coordinating items for the room, and it is amazing quality that will last a long time. This crib is absolutely beautiful, and perfect for me considering I am 5 Foot 1! Love that they made something that will make my life easier!

  302. 303
  303. 304
  304. 305
  305. 306
  306. 307
  307. 308

    I love the project nursery. I was inspired to do my nursery like one of the rooms featured “Luke’s Room” unfortunately, I recently found out that my insurance does not have any maternity benefits :( my nursery savings are going to go to OBGYN bills. :( I would love to win this crib!!!!!

  308. 309

    I love all the ideas for decorating a nursery and I really love the crib! It’s a great style–simple and elegant. Also nice that a shorty like me will easily be able to reach in.

  309. 310
  310. 311
  311. 312
  312. 313
  313. 314
  314. 315
  315. 316

    Love PBK, everything is so precious and classic. I am always impressed with the quality too!

  316. 317

    I love how they have lots of ideas of how things would go together and be used/displayed. I am in love with their chocolate and khaki hybrid anywhere chair

  317. 318
  318. 320
  319. 321
  320. 322
  321. 323

    I love Pottery Barn Kids because of their unique items they have to offer. I know when I buy something, it is unique and original; unlike anything else I can find at a typical store! —Amber D.

  322. 324
  323. 325
  324. 326

    I love PBK for their style. I get great ideas from them. The quality is super great too. I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve purchased from them!

  325. 327
  326. 328

    I love PBK because everything is so classic looking and always extremely solid/safe… every purchase I’ve made from PBK has exceeded my expectations and been passed down to new babies in our home ;).

  327. 329
  328. 330
  329. 331
  330. 332
  331. 333

    I love how classic and timeless PBK is. There designs are so beautiful and I LOVE the quality of their products!

  332. 334
  333. 335
  334. 336
  335. 337
  336. 338

    I visited Pottery Barn and is there anything not to like about Pottery Barn. I love all the coordinating Baby furnishings and the coordinating Nursery bedding. They offer such a wide variety of all home decor.

  337. 339
  338. 340
  339. 341
  340. 342

    I love the fact that they show Showroom rooms and give detailed list of everything that makes that room look the way it does.

  341. 343
  342. 344
  343. 345
  344. 346

    I “Liked” both Project Nursery and Pottery Barn Kids on Facebook .

    New Grandmother ! Mary Emma, 6 months and Oscar, 2 days ! We are new to Project Nursery ! Your website is so cool ! We love Pottery Barn !

  345. 347
  346. 348

    What I love most about PBK is their style! They have lots of options from furniture to clothing, etc. And if I could afford their stuff I would buy a lot of it! Unfortunately most of it is way out of my budget!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  347. 349
  348. 350
  349. 351
  350. 352
  351. 353
  352. 354

    I love the style and simple elegance of pottery barn and pottery barn kids. They offer timeless collections!

  353. 355
  354. 356

    Love pottery barn kids! I am registered there for my new baby due this summer!
    I have “liked” PBK and “Project Nursery” on facebook as well :)

  355. 357
  356. 358
  357. 359
  358. 360
  359. 361
  360. 362
  361. 363
  362. 364

    I love EVERYTHING about PBK!!! They carry such stylish and high quality products. Would LOVE to win this!

  363. 365
  364. 366

    I’m really liking that Design the Perfect Bed application.

    My daughter is having her first baby in May, she could really use a crib. I think she’d like one of these.

  365. 367
  366. 368
  367. 369
  368. 370

    I like PBK because I can get high quality nursery items that normally only rich people can afford.

  369. 371
  370. 372
  371. 373
  372. 374
  373. 375
  374. 376
  375. 377
  376. 378

    i just discovered PBK thanks to your website. I am pregnant with my first child and so excited that there is a place like PBK where you can find stylish and cute nursery furniture and accessories. I can’t wait for my little one to come to this world and grow up in a memorable room.

  377. 379

    PBK has the most adorable and practical bassinet available right now… It is a sturdy wicker moses basket and stand with accompanying sheeting. The basket is removable and the whole thing is slimline and ideal for mid-century Cali master bedrooms… Perfect for small spaces.

  378. 380
  379. 381
  380. 382
  381. 383
  382. 384
  383. 385
  384. 386

    classy, playful, stylish, tasteful….everything i want my nursery to be and more! the options at pb kids are far superior in terms of quality and overall warm fuzzies than anywhere else. wish we could afford everything! :)

  385. 387

    I love all the cute, easy and stylish decor available at PBK! so easy for family members to follow and keep up with likes and trends from different places. We have family in 4 different states, and we all stay involved and “in-touch” through the PBK website! thanks!

  386. 388

    I “liked” both PN and PBK on Facebook :) Besides liking them for the contest, I’m a huge Projecy Nursery fan! *Good luck to me and baby #2 on the contest ;)*

  387. 389
  388. 390
  389. 391
  390. 392
  391. 393
  392. 394

    Pottery Barn Kids is always a great source of inspiration and wonderful products. I love everything from bedding to boppies! I can’t wait to start decorating our baby’s nursery!

  393. 395

    I have always been in love with anything from Pottery Barn, especially PB Kids. Their furniture is timeless, classic and made with quality so it lasts a lifetime. What more could you ask for? I would LOVE to win this crib for my daughter!

  394. 396
  395. 397
  396. 398
  397. 399
  398. 400
  399. 401
  400. 402

    My husband and I are soon-to-be, first time parents and we LOVE PBK because they offer classic, high-quality products with both kids’s imagination and parents’ style in mind!

  401. 403
  402. 404
  403. 405
  404. 406

    My husband and I are expecting this May with our first child! We love the PBK because of it’s high quality and great style. Also, this pregnancy has been awful on my back, so the idea of this crib sounds like such a back saver for me!

  405. 407
  406. 408

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby!!! We are soooo excited ~ I absolutely love PBK because everything is so stylish and beautiful!

  407. 409
  408. 410
  409. 411
  410. 412

    Ooooooh nice – love pottery barn for its inspiration, seems to inspire all walks of life

  411. 413

    I love when my PBK magazine comes in the mail. I get so inspired by their classic, and elegant looks. I also really love this blog site, it allows me to tap into my creative side. What a great marriage; PBK, and Project Nursery!

  412. 414
  413. 415
  414. 416
  415. 417
  416. 418

    I am a big fan of both PBK and Project Nursery on Facebook…. Congrats on the Cribsie nomination ladies!!

  417. 419
  418. 420

    I am also a follower of both @ProjectNursery as well as @PotteryBarnKids on Twitter!!! :)

  419. 421
  420. 422

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in August. I absolutely LOVE PBK because it is unique, fresh, timeless, and just beautiful. We are in the process of buying a home and can’t wait to decorate the baby room. We look at PBK all the time and dream about our little one’s nursery. There are so many beautiful options and ideas!

  421. 423
  422. 424

    I always love how even their baby stuff is something that they can grow up with and use for several years!

  423. 425
  424. 426
  425. 427
  426. 428

    My family loves PBK because they offer quality products that make any room look great!!!!

  427. 429
  428. 430

    Pottery Barn Kids offers beautiful furnishings. My husband and I bought a slightly damaged PB glider and a matching crib would be so wonderful in our nursery. We are so excited to decorate the nursery for our first baby!

  429. 431

    I love Pottery Barn Kids! The quality of the furniture and accessories is phenomenal! Every style is so unique, it can be paired to the individuality of the parents and the personalities of their little ones! PBK maintains high quality, fantastic style, comfort and safety that can’t possibly fall short of wowing parents and kiddos, alike! Love it!

  430. 432

    I love that everything is well-designed aesthetic and has been expertly crafted from the finest materials with a careful regard for child safety standards.

  431. 433
  432. 434
  433. 435
  434. 436

    Pottery Barn is an exceptional company. I believe that they satisfy every living area–from small apartment, to first home, marriage, and even baby rooms. My favorite thing about the products and style is the choice of natural and calm colors in their products. Never is it too loud or too crazy… its a perfect fit! THANKS!!! ([email protected])

  435. 437
  436. 438

    Twitted on Twitter!
    Like on FB for both PBK & Project Nursery.
    PBK has exceptional quality furniture that holds up for years to come. I have purchased a lot of items and have loved them all. Thanks!

  437. 439

    I love the classic furniture at PBK because it is timeless. It lends itself to many styles for a gender neutral nursery since we won’t be finding out the sex of the baby until he/she is born!

  438. 440

    Just checked out the new lower-profile Kendall crib on the Pottery Barn Kids website (thanks to your encouragement), and I love the height and accessibility. What’s great about this bed is that my wife is a petite woman and used to have trouble lifting our niece out of her standard size crib. This new profile would mean one less thing we would have to worry about as we bring our first child into the world in September. Yahoo!! We just finished designing our bedroom and living spaces and learned that our design firm doesn’t style nurseries . . . so Pottery Barn Kids, here we come.

  439. 441
  440. 442
  441. 443
  442. 444

    Our changing table is from PB Kids, and I love that it has baskets with classic gingham liners; it won’t go out of style before our son grows out of diapers.

  443. 445

    I love the classic styles of PBK furniature. I think that their products are quality, simple, and classic. They will be able to withstand the test of time for sure. Thanks!
    farrah dot ritter at gmail dot com

  444. 446
  445. 447

    I follow you both on twitter and re-tweeted (not sure why I can’t get the url of the tweet) but here is my username: momofthreeunder. Thanks!

  446. 448
  447. 449

    I love all the different Nursery Bedding Options. I loved the Penelope Nursery Bedding the best!

  448. 450
  449. 451
  450. 452
  451. 453
  452. 454

    I subscribed to the newsletter! I’m excited to see what pottery barn has to offer. The products are so beautiful and of such high quality.

  453. 455

    I love EVERYTHING about PBK, except the prices. I love the colors, the storage layouts, all of it!

  454. 456
  455. 457
  456. 458
  457. 459
  458. 460
  459. 461
  460. 462
  461. 463
  462. 464
  463. 465

    I love their Farmyard Friends Round Rug. It would be cute in my little grandson’s bedroom.
    kimkmc at

  464. 466
  465. 467

    I love how you can find products for an entire coordinating room with their different girl’s room displays.

  466. 468
  467. 469
  468. 470
  469. 471
  470. 472
  471. 473

    I love their sophistication with a twist of whimsy. Looking forward to decorating my lil beans nursery in the upcoming months!

  472. 474
  473. 475
  474. 476
  475. 477
  476. 478
  477. 479
  478. 480

    I love pottery barn kids for all of the decorating ideas and how they really pull room decor together.

  479. 481
  480. 482
  481. 483
  482. 484
  483. 485
  484. 486
  485. 487
  486. 488
  487. 489

    Fan of both! Just learned about you and loving this blog already! My baby boy Cameron would love some new furniture!

  488. 490
  489. 491
  490. 492
  491. 493
  492. 494
  493. 495

    Just subscribed to the newsletter. I love everything at PBK, but especially the beautiful bedding.

  494. 496
  495. 497

    I love the toys they have. They are very retro/classic toys that kids always love and they are excellent quality. I love getting the kitchen play things because both girls and boys love to play with them and they are lasting through 3 kids so pretty great quality.

  496. 498
  497. 499
  498. 500
  499. 501
  500. 502
  501. 503
  502. 504

    I like PBK because everything there is ~ is beautiful for children. The styles and choices of products
    sold are of great craftsmanship and the styles are always up to date. Classic and elegant for
    any newborn to toddlers. Simply put “dropped from heaven”.

  503. 505
  504. 506
  505. 507
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  518. 520
  519. 521
  520. 522
  521. 523

    Cannot get enough of PBK lately! We’re working on our 4th baby {GIRL after having 3 boys} so a nice new crib would be amazing PLUS already have a ton of other items from PBK bookmarked for this new baby girl! First I need to get two new Easter baskets to match the boys ones that we got from PBK years ago!

  522. 524
  523. 525
  524. 526
  525. 527
  526. 528
  527. 529
  528. 530
  529. 531
  530. 532
  531. 533
  532. 534
  533. 535

    I love the PBK’s has furniture that is both timeless but could also be a little more modern with the right accessories so everyone can find something they love no matter what there design style is. I really like the Broke nursery bedding.

  534. 536
  535. 537
  536. 538
  537. 539

    What’s not to love! Their furniture is classic and good quality. I love all their storage options from big pieces of furniture to their baskets. And their bedding is adorable, too!

  538. 540
  539. 541

    Already subbed to your newsletter!

    LOVE the idea of this ‘low profile’ crib, I’ll definitely be getting one for baby 2!

  540. 542
  541. 543

    I like PBK because everything is so classic and simple… and I could really use a crib right about now

  542. 544
  543. 545
  544. 546
  545. 547
  546. 548
  547. 549

    I love how each PBK collection brings a plain room to life whether it’s nature inspired with flowers and sweet, tweet birds like in the Addison and Hayley Bedroom or tastefully, classic with a hint of the rustic outdoors as in the Tyler and Madras Bedroom. Each PBKs room is complete with matching themes, colors and accessories so you really don’t have to “think” when it comes to design because everything is done for you compliments of Pottery Barn. The only thing that you may need to do is to decide which collection you’re going to choose because each theme is irresistibly cute. Thanks Pottery Barn Kids for your timeless collections. I can’t wait for you to open up a store in Hawaii!

  548. 550

    I love that their baby stuff isn’t too “cutesy”. I would really love to be able to decorate the whole nursery in Pottery Barn – it just isn’t in the budget!

  549. 551
  550. 552

    I LOVE Pottery Barn Kids!!! I LOVE all of their furniture and their cute polka dot chairs. :)

  551. 553
  552. 554
  553. 555
  554. 556
  555. 557
  556. 558

    I love that you can shop by room. They give so many idea’s in their pictures on how to decorate. I visit their site regularly
    kidpack05 at yahoo dt com

  557. 559
  558. 560
  559. 561

    I love the way Pottery Barn Kids nurseries blend seamlessly into the rest of the home with modern furnishings and decor.

  560. 562
  561. 563

    I love how PBK flows with the rest of my PB decorated home. The furniture and decor embodies a warm, cozy feeling that makes me feel relaxed and happy.

  562. 564

    I love pbk, the style, the colors. It has furniture that is classic and timeless. Thanks for this chance!

  563. 565
  564. 566
  565. 567
  566. 568
  567. 569
  568. 570
  569. 571
  570. 572
  571. 573
  572. 574

    I love, love PB Kids and I would LOVE to have a PB crib for our nursery. We have just started putting our nursery together and I love all of the ideas on this website and everything from Potter Barn!

  573. 575

    I love how easy PBK makes it to coordinate your nursery. They have a wonderful selection of prints and solids and I love their rugs.

  574. 576

    I can be bribed to like almost anything on facebook with the promise of potentially free gear. Done!

  575. 577
  576. 578
  577. 579

    PBK’s furniture are classy and stylish. Love all their girl toys too! They are all so cute.

  578. 580
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  580. 582
  581. 583
  582. 584
  583. 585
  584. 586
  585. 587
  586. 588
  587. 589
  588. 590
  589. 591
  590. 592

    I am already a subscriber to the Project Nursery newsletter (such wonderful and creative inspiration!) and I also “Like” your Facebook page.

    I just “Liked” Pottery Barn Kids on Facebook as well.
    I always had the misconception that Pottery Barn Kids was very expensive and out of my price range. However, after visiting their website, I was happy to learn that their beautiful merchandise is very affordable. I love their wide range of products and all the vibrant colors. PB kids makes it incredibly easy to design and decorate a stylish, chic nursery and later on, a toddlers room, at a price point for just about any budget.

  591. 593
  592. 594

    I love just about everything PBKids puts together, but my favorite case piece right now is the Sofia crib. Simply beautiful! I adore the lavender wall they paired it with too.

  593. 595

    I love Pottery Barn products because they are all so well made – Quality! Of course, beautiful, also…I always want at least one of everything!

  594. 596
  595. 597
  596. 598

    I also “liked” Project Nursery” on Facebook! Keep up the great work! Very inspirational!

  597. 599
  598. 600
  599. 601
  600. 602
  601. 603

    I love Pottery Barn’s classic design. My son’s nursery was ALL Pottery Barn and now that he is older we still have Pottery Barn bedding and curtains…it is classic!!

  602. 604
  603. 605
  604. 606

    I’ve always loved Pottery Barn’s classic look. Now that we’re expecting our first child, it’s exciting to finally be able to look at their kids site.

  605. 607

    I “like” project nursery and potter barn kids as well as follow on twitter!
    I love looking at all the rooms put together-getting some great ideas!

  606. 608
  607. 609
  608. 610
  609. 611
  610. 612
  611. 613
  612. 614
  613. 615
  614. 616
  615. 617
  616. 618

    I love that PBK offers everything for the nursery and more! You can buy everything here for your children including clothes, nursery furniture, bedding, decor, play sets, toys, etc. You name it, they have it! As a This makes shopping so much easier for those busy Mom’s. I love that you can order online, too!

  617. 619
  618. 620
  619. 621

    I am now a subscriber to the Project Nursery weekly newsletter. Planning for baby #2, I can’t wait to get insight for the 2nd nursery from you!

  620. 622
  621. 623

    I love PBK! My daughter’s crib was totally decked out in PBK linens. I loved the line so much that her big girl bed is in the same pattern.

  622. 624
  623. 625
  624. 626
  625. 627
  626. 628

    i “liked” you both on facebook… We have an 8 month old son and a baby on the way so we are in need of a crib… Hopefully our family wins… Thanks ppk :)

  627. 629
  628. 630
  629. 631
  630. 632

    My favorite thing about PBK is how well everything is made! Such good quality items! I am 5’2 and expecting Baby #2, this would be an amazing crib so that I don’t have to use a step stool! lol!

  631. 633
  632. 634
  633. 635
  634. 636
  635. 637
  636. 638

    I am a fan of PBK and Project Nursery on Facebook. I am also a subscriber to the project Nursery Newsletter. Planning Baby #2 soon. It would be a blessing to win a new crib.

  637. 639

    I “like ” Pottery Barn Kids and Project Nursery on facebook. Love the look and the quality of everything I have purchased from PBK!

  638. 640
  639. 641

    I love PBK for all the wonderful nursery ideas! Clean lines and fresh takes on bedding are so nice!

  640. 642

    PBK always inspires my design ideas…they inspired me so much I named my child Spencer after I saw it embroidered on a pillow in a 2008 catalogue!

  641. 643
  642. 644

    I love PBK’s classic colors and designs. Our PBK bedding is now set to move on to our 3rd child!

  643. 645

    I absolutely LOVE Pottery Barn Kids. I think I shopped in the store or online twice a week every week for the first year of my daughters life! LOL… I loved the clothes too. I’m sad that they are no longer available. BUT the all of the pbkids decor and toys are an awesome addition in our house! She loves her pink retro kitchen set. We also just bought her first “big girl bed”, the camden! Now with a new baby on the way I can’t wait to shop MORE!!!!!

  644. 646

    We are bringing our son home from China in early May (we hope!)! I *love* all of the PB Nursery Designs! I can’t wait to go check out Project Nursery for ideas! Crossing my fingers that we win!!

  645. 647

    I love the classic style of PBK. I am 5’1″ and this crib would definitely be a “rib saver” for our new baby due in July

  646. 648

    I love that PBK makes everything with quality and safety in mind. They don’t give in to trends and styles that are fleeting… everything they make is stylish, classic and timeless! Love you PBK!

  647. 649
  648. 650
  649. 651
  650. 652

    I am a fan of PBK and Project Nursery on Facebook. I also subscribed to your newsletter. It would be a blessing to win a new crib.

  651. 653
  652. 654

    I’m pregnant for the first time at 42 years old with identical twin boys, I’m so excited but overwhelmed with all the things I need, what the babies need and then decorating. I love PBK cause it gives me ideas on putting the boys room together.

    Thanks PBK!!!! : )

  653. 655
  654. 656

    Pottery Barn Kids in TIMELESS. It does not go out of style. You can mix and match their stuff and it looks fresh and classic!

  655. 657

    What I love most about PBK is their beautiful approach to children’s furnishings and accessories. If I were an interior designer I would love to work for PBK!

  656. 658
  657. 659

    I love Pottery Barn for their quality, ease of shopping on-line, fast delivery, beauty of the products and ease of putting the stuff together if it needs too. I also love getting decorating ideas. I am getting ready for baby #2 to arrive and cant wait to get his chair, wall decals and other things ordered. We just recently had purchased a side table, shelf and book case from here and we love them. I have “liked” project nursery and pottery barn kids on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter.

  658. 660
  659. 661

    I subscribed to the weekly newsletter as well for an extra entry to win this beautiful and functional crib!!

  660. 662

    I love PBK and I love checking out nursery styles all the time. I am 5’4″ and know this crib would be a life saver…

  661. 663
  662. 664
  663. 665

    I love Pottery Barn Kids and Project Nursery! I subscribe via FB and I get my magazine in the mail. How perfect to win a crib right now. I have a 3 month old son who is currently sleeping in my bed, we have not been able to decided on a crib yet. And these ones are BEAUTIFUL!!

  664. 666
  665. 667

    I just LOVE Pottery Barn kids! When I was raising my 6 kids there wasn’t a Pottery Barn Kids. Now that I’m a brand new Gram Gram…I get to enjoy all that Pottery Barn offers for nurseries. For Christmas I bought each grandchild a personalized every day chair…they love them. We just added an addition to our home along with a major remodel adding a nursery after all these years…I look to Pottery Barn Kids for my inspiration…would love to win a crib for the new nursery!!

  666. 668

    I love PBK! I visit the website all of the time! My 3 year old has the bedding from PBK and we are expecting another little boy in April who will hopefully have a PBK room as well!!!

  667. 669

    I “like” Pottery Barn Kids and Project Nursery on FB and am subscribed to the Project Nursery newsletter. I have 3 girls (3, 7, and 9) and am preparing for the birth of twins (a boy and a girl), so I need all the nursery knowledge that I can get!

  668. 670
  669. 671
  670. 672
  671. 673
  672. 674

    I also follow PBK & Project Nursery on facebook!! We would be so grateful for a new crib for our spring baby arriving in April!

  673. 675
  674. 676
  675. 677
  676. 678
  677. 679

    The thing about PBK is that your products are of such high quality. That has to be what I love the most about PBK. I know, (just like you do), that I could go somewhere else and get a somewhat similar item at a much better price. But the choice is not a good, the quality is not comparable, and the others don’t always back the product they sell!

  678. 680

    I have been a PBK fan, and I’ve now “liked” Project Nursery as well!!

    My Favorite thing about PBK is the vibrant colors, and classic designs of the crib bedding, cribs and accessories. It feel timeless and both classic and fresh at the same time!!

  679. 681

    All the PBK stuff is so adorable. I have to visit the store every time I’m in the mall . We have so much PBK stuff and now with my new son, even more things to look at! :)

  680. 682
  681. 683

    Big fan of both PBK and Project Nursery! So many great ideas of what I can do in our little guy on the ways room. Winning a crib would be unbelievable since we will have 2 little ones only 16 months apart ;-)

  682. 684
  683. 685
  684. 686
  685. 687

    I love how easy Pottery Barn makes it to decorate your baby and kids rooms. They have great products that have great style and functionality.

  686. 688

    I love the bedding collections at PBK! my son got the star wars collection for Xmas.. Love it! Winning this crib would be so wonderful, as ours has been recalled :(

  687. 689
  688. 690
  689. 691
  690. 692

    PBK has the most classic and simple lines that seem to be so rare among so many of the lines of baby items out now. Thank you for keeping it simple PBK! :)

  691. 693

    I don’t have a favorite thing about PBK because there is so much to love. All the beautiful options of furniture and accessories that I can combine to make our kids rooms completely unique ;-)

  692. 694
  693. 695
  694. 696

    I love PBK for its classic, timeless, take on decorating. There’s always just a touch of whimsy too, which appeals to my rebellious side. :)

  695. 697
  696. 698
  697. 699

    I like both PBK and PN. All of my favorite baby and kid items for my 2 daughters are the things from PBK!!

  698. 700
  699. 701
  700. 702

    I love Pottery Barn Kids because the quality is always top of the line, and the linens are unique in comparison to other children’s lines. Would love to have this crib for my grandbaby due in July, my daughter is 5 ft tall, and this crib would be ideal for them!

  701. 703
  702. 704
  703. 705

    Pottery Barn Kids has always appealed to me, they have timeless designs and adorable accessories. I can always count on their products to stand the test of time.

  704. 706
  705. 707
  706. 708
  707. 709

    I “like” PBK and Project Nursery and just subscribed to the newsletter! I am excited to see what tips it gives. I am also very excited about the crib for shorter parents! I am 5’0″ took that into consideration when shopping for my now 2 year old’s crib. But the world isn’t made for short people and I have come across several issues that this new crib would solve. I am pregnant with my second child and I can’t wait to see the Low-Profile Fixed Gate crib in person. It is great that there is a better option available at such a great price!! Thanks Pottery Barn Kids!!

  708. 710
  709. 711

    I love all of the personalized products you offer at pbk! Everything I have ordered has arrived quickly and is great quality!!

  710. 712

    Just began following you both on twitter. Sent out a tweet mentioning both PBK & PN along w/a link to this page! Thanks, ksstar99

  711. 713
  712. 714
  713. 715
  714. 716

    I liked project nursery and PBK on facebook. It is really hard to choose just one thing I love the best about PBK, but if I have to choose I would say I love the bedding/bedroom, my daughter’s bedding looks great and is also very easy to clean and still looks nice after multiple washes!

  715. 717
  716. 718
  717. 719

    I follow PBKs on fb and online. I love the quality of everything I have purchased. I also love the timeless yet updated bedding and furniture.

  718. 720

    I love PBK because their products seem to last forever. I love the choices of bedding the site offers and the fact that it constant changes to give you a variety of options. I also love that you can see fully decorated rooms in the catalogs and online to help you piece together a nursery and get a general idea of what it will look like as a whole!!!

  719. 721

    I love PBK and love Project Nursery! I have been shopping at PBK for 5 years now and just love all the looks and ideas for rooms! In fact, I just purchased new linens for my daughter’s room. I get so much inspiration from PBK!! I have another baby due in September and would absolutely love this crib!!

  720. 722
  721. 723

    I love all of Pottery Barn Kids. I dream over all of their products, both boy & girl. Thanks!

  722. 724

    The new low profile crib looks like it would be easier for them to climb out. Is it? Liked both pages!

  723. 725

    I already like Pottery Barn Kids on facebook (that’s how I found out about this giveaway).

  724. 726
  725. 727

    I “liked” you both on Facebook! Just found out that I’m pregnant, and I got rid of ALL of my baby stuff from my previous 2. I could use a good crib!!

  726. 728
  727. 729

    I’ve been a “like” fan of Pottery Barn Kids on Facebook for a while and just “liked” Project Nursery. I’m so happy to have come across Project Nursery as I’ve started brainstorming decoration ideas for the arrival of our little one in August. I also just subscribed to the Project Nursery Newsletter. I’ve ordered numerous products from Pottery Barn kids over the past several years and have been very pleased with the quality of everything I have received. I love looking through the PBK catalogs for decorating ideas, which are usually classic and timeless.

  728. 730
  729. 731
  730. 732