Colorful Party Favors

I often get asked for creative party favor ideas for toddlers….especially the sugar-free kind!  So, the question is….what’s a cute, colorful, age-appropriate party favor?  My vote, time and time again, are CRAYONS!

Cute and colorful, has a HUGE selection of darling, uniquely-shaped crayons.  You can coordinate them with your party theme or color palette.  Some of my favorites include: butterflies, bold gemstones, animals, and purses.  Package them in a cute cello bag with a sticker or gift tag – they are cute and the kids will love them (and actually use them!).

If you are ambitious, you can make them yourself using candy molds!  It’s also a fabulous way to use up scraps of old crayons.  And my favorite idea….since I have Easter parties on the brain….are to use these darling bunny crayons as party favors or additions to Easter baskets for an egg hunt or brunch!


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    These are so cute! I save our broken crayons to make them! This is a great and easy DIY.

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    I made little snowmen for the favor bags at my daughters preschool Christmas party. Now, I have to make bunny shaped ones for my sons Easter party….. Sugar free and a total hit with the kids, it dosen’t get better!!!!!

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    Thank you for this post, your crayon suggestion took me back a few years ago when my sister had her first baby and we set out to create party decors out of crayons. We had molds in every shape and ice cube trays. But sadly, while the dark colors like blue and green turned out great, the yellows, pinks and reds we had were kind of dirty looking. I guess it was because the wax had this grayish tint that seemed to occur when you melt the crayons. That was the time before I knew that Etsy existed.

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    I sooo love these. I think I’m going to try getting those butterfly shaped crayons, or maybe I’d just try to make them. BTW, how about candles? Make it multipurpose: not only just colorful, but also useful.

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    I am sort of disappointed that I only just discovered your site a week ago. But, I’ve added you to my Google Reader, right next to my own feeds, plus between a couple Arbitron feeds. Keep feeding my brain. Thanks a lot

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