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Vlog: Kid’s Rooms for Grown Ups Too!

Parents today often want to create a space that’s less baby-like, more grown-up-like.  Perhaps the widespread availability of awesome juvenile products is raising the bar (or perhaps it’s our growing niche of juvenile interior design?).  Whatever the cause, Little Crown Interiors loves this trend!  By including non-juvenile pieces into a nursery or kid’s room design, parents have an opportunity to think about what inspired them – not just what they think their little one might like.  And, after all, most parents will agree that they spend a significant amount of time in their children’s room(s), so why shouldn’t they – the parents – love the space just as much as their little ones do?

To help us get inspired, we visited one of our favorite furniture stores – Room Service.  Located in Newport Beach, CA we had to leave our wallets in the car to ward off the inevitable impulse buys (of course, there’s no help for the fact that the online store is always open).

After a serious round of oohing-and-aahing, we got down to business to share some of our favorite tips for using adult pieces in a child’s room.  Our first thought – find inspiration. (Or, in our case, sort through all of the inspiring objects, and choose one or two – or three, max).  Whether it’s a piece of furniture from a restaurant, a beautiful pillow from a nearby boutique, or a massively large Horse Lamp, if it inspires you (and if you’ve got the space), then we say “go for it”!

Next up invest with care.  There’s no reason why the furniture in your child’s room can’t last for many years to come.  Choose pieces that you love – pieces that you will want to care for and maybe even re-purpose in another room down the line.  When you look at it this way, it actually quite logical to choose a non-juvenile piece, such as a dresser or chair, for use in your child’s room.

Finally, bide your time. From the hundreds of parents we’ve worked with (and from first-hand experience), we know that Moms and Dads spend a ton of time in the nursery.  Time spent thinking about what you want to see when you’re in this special space, is time well spent.  Of course, it’s imperative that a nursery or kid’s room be a special space for the child, but it’s also a special place for you.  In other words, if you really, really love Marilyn or Jimmy, don’t be ashamed to make them part of your nursery design (after all, you’re going to spend many, many hours looking at the items in this room).

Got some nursery design tips of your own to share?  Post your comments now!

Nursery Design Ideas - Using Adult Pieces in a Designer Kid's Room - Little Crown Interiors

Monday 23rd of March 2015

[…] Service, in Orange County, CA, to find inspiration for our latest video blog.  Available today on Project Nursery – you can see our video featuring tips for using non-juvenile pieces in a nursery or […]


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Tuesday 25th of January 2011

Now this makes me want to check out Room Service very soon, too.


Monday 24th of January 2011

I totally buy the idea of several adult furniture pieces even if it's a nursery. After all, the babies just take everything in and show appreciation for a few things here and there, while we parents are the ones who find practical uses for whatever chair or table there is.