Details…Details…by Marie Ricci

Sometimes the smaller details make the biggest impact.  When I spotted these darling decorative accents by Marie Ricci, I absolutely fell in love. Marie’s hand carved originals add the perfect amount of personalization, charm and whimsy to any nursery or kid’s room all while adding a touch of architectural detailing.

Beautiful right?  Choose a design, choose a finish or follow the instructions to paint your own!  Check out all of the fabulousness HERE!


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    I absolutely adore these!!!! Thank you for sharing them Rebecca, they make an exquisite addition to my nursery :)

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  3. 3

    These are just lovely. I went to their site and saw some fabulous designs, and there were quite a lot. Too bad though that they don’t have any options to personalize your medallions. But seeing that these are done by hand, it’s understandable!

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    That pink wall decor looks really yummy! I want to get a few of these for my garden and as accents around the house. Thanks for sharing the link :-)

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