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Apartment Dwellers…Color without Commitment

When we talk about ideas to decorate your nursery or kids room, many times, a lot of the design ideas are pretty permanent.  So what do you do when you do not “own” the space you are living in? Whether renting is a temporary or permanent living situation for you, there are plenty of options to give your kiddos the cool, hip, designer look that you’ll love! Painting the walls are a great way to add drama and impact to a room but most landlords do not allow tenants to paint, so…instead of painted wall, try painted furniture!  These pieces are full of wow!!  Bringing a piece of painted furniture into the room will add the perfect amount of color and drama.

These pieces are from Stanley  – Young America

1. Ma Marie Armoire in Tangerine 2. All Seasons Bunching Chest is Sunflower 3. Bnk 7320 in Surf Blue

#2 on the list of not-so-permanent ideas are window treatments.  Another great way to bring color into a room.  Adding decorative panels brings color up onto the walls.  Not only can you add in color, but you can also add in visual interest, texture and function. Check out these options from Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen.

1. Malibu Printes Sheer – PB Teen 2. Silk Panel in Bright Pink – Pottery Barn Kids 3. Star Jacquard Blackout Panel Navy – Pottery Barn Kids

Now to tie it all together, find some fabulous larger scaled art to hang on the walls.  Since you won’t have painted walls to “anchor” the color scheme you will be relying on your other impactful pieces to do the trick.  Large colorful prints, a fun lamp, framed pieced of fabric or even fabric stretched over a canvas will create a visual interest to you walls in an instant.


Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Lovely ideas as usual, Rebecca. Now to consult my style guide on what colors go well with this horrendous mint green that our apartment is painted with!


Friday 14th of January 2011

Oh my goodness! I LOVE that furniture! The colors, the styles, I'm drooling!


Thursday 13th of January 2011

Greetings from Hong Kong :) We've been living in one rented apartment after another and to be honest, these are great ways to liven up just about any room in your apartment not just a nursery. I just wish though that there were more colorful pieces of furniture over here. It seems that every retailer here goes with black, white, brown or wood. The most frivolous I've seen is red and it was quite a bright red that the Chinese are very fond of. Nothing in pastels that I've seen!