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A Note Of Thanks!

From sweet mentions to in depth interviews. We love the blogosphere and the kind attention we’ve been getting from our fellow bloggers. Here’s a little round up of recently published articles where you can learn a bit more about us and Project Nursery!

Image from Gracie Girl Notes

Stroller Traffic

Savvy Editor Tara Mandy allowed us share our favorite, unique trends for personalizing the nursery.

Cupcake Mag

Pam shares tips along with the 10 things you didn’t know about her. Can we say Gleek?

Ultimately Plush

We took this opportunity to dish on our blogging routine & more.

Hybrid Mom

Here we tell their readers that “eco-chic” in the nursery is easy!

For more fun PN articles and mentions, visit our press page.

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  1. avatar Cristine says:

    More and more people are getting to know about Project Nursery and all the eye candies and wonderful ideas you share. Keep up the amazing job, you guys!

  2. avatar Honey says:

    Kudos to Project Nursery for all the inspiring ideas and info. You just have no idea how you’ve helped moms and moms-to-be! And that includes me =)

  3. avatar Melrose says:

    I certainly think that you deserve the accolades and the mentions. You girls certainly work at hard at producing awe-inspiring, inspirational content. Truth be told, you are my go-to resource for all things nurseries and parties! :)