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2011: Party Themes for the New Year

I don’t know about you, but once the holidays are officially over I move on pretty quickly.  Decorations come down, I focus on getting my house clean and organized, and I fill it with fresh flowers….it helps me count down the weeks until Spring!  (seeing as though I live in Chicago…that could be a while!)

One of my favorite parts of the New Year is planning all of the new parties that will arise this year!  Are you planning a birthday party?  A baby shower?  A playgroup dinner party?  It’s fun to start gathering ideas for the parties you may host this year.  I’ve compiled a few ideas of trends or themes that I think may be popular this year:

Rocket ships.  Space ships.  Things that fly.  This is a great theme for boys – bold colors, playful rocket ships – a party that is “cool” and “cute” all in one.

Wild Things (animals, zoo, safari or “Where the Wild Things Are”).  Colorful and oh, so many ways to get creative!

Mod Patterns.  Greek key, chain links, chevrons and honeycombs.  These bold patterns look preppy when done in child-friendly colors.  I think they are especially wonderful for a first birthday party where you are trying to appeal more to the adults than to the kids!

Botanical Burst.  Pretty flowers, updated garden parties…..a sunny way to welcome Spring birthdays!

These are just a few of the themes I hope to see catch on this Spring.  Do you have any parties in the works?  I would love to hear what party themes you are planning!

Images: rocket ship invitation (, cupcakes (, animal invitation (, pom poms (, animal cookies (, cupcake cake and  hydrangea centerpiece (, grass centerpiece (, greek key initial invitation (, floral invitation (, flower lantern and party hat with flowers (

Jeannette Rivas

Thursday 24th of February 2011

I'm planning a Monsters theme 2nd bday party. I'm not seeing too much of that. Maybe it'll be a trendy?? hehe :)


Tuesday 11th of January 2011

Hmn... what you did was great. Planning party themes ahead of time. I should do the same, instead of thinking of themes at the last minute, like I always do.


Sunday 9th of January 2011

I am also planning on an animal/zoo party for my twins. Like you, I think this theme is very flexible and you can play on colors. It's one thing that will never get old as far as kids are concerned.


Tuesday 4th of January 2011

I am planning a fashion themed party for my daughters 10th and 7th birthday. I am not finding that much online in the style that I am looking for. If anyone has seen any cute ideas (not too old and not too cutesy) I would love for a point in the right direction. Awesome parties that you have posted. I love planning parties!


Tuesday 4th of January 2011

I'm working on a Robot themed party for my boys this month. Maybe I'll incorporate the rocket theme ideas. I wish I could throw all the themes! They all look fun!