Virtual Baby Shower Spotlight: Pediped

Throughout our 2010 Virtual Holiday Baby Shower Giveaway we will be taking a closer look at some of the incredible products the Project Nursery Grand Prize Winner will receive. The prize package is valued at $2,000! See our giveaway blog before December 24th for details on all the ways you can enter.

Of all the things to research when it came to sleep, feedings and schedules, I never bothered to pay attention to the importance of proper footwear for children until…

I once had the experience of walking into a children’s shoe store where I was nearly sold a $60 pair that would likely last us 3 months, IF my son let me put shoes on him.  So from there on, I began to pay attention. I needed a reputable shoe brand for my budding walker that didn’t break the bank and I chose pediped.  Mainly because the sole was designed to closely mimic barefoot walking.  It’s soft and flexible and allows children to grip the floor when taking those early steps and developing their stride. Now, I am personally happy to share my favorite kids shoes with the lucky winner of our Virtual Baby Shower. The winner will receive 3 pairs of pediped® Originals® and 3 socks or tights of choice.

For more information on these products and to purchase visit pediped and sign up to “like” pediped on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


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    It seems to me that these shoes are a godsend! They are very eye-catching. You should see their other designs for boys! You’re not going to be limited to just boring black leather!

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