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Top Toys for Traveling

I’m sure many of you are traveling in the car or on a plane this holiday season.  I have a few plane rides ahead of me and I’m always looking for small, light and interesting toys for my 2-year-old to play with.  These are a few of my favorites  to purchase for your travels (or to give as gifts).

Pocket Pouch of Magnetic Blocks

The Tegu blocks are the hottest thing around.  Magnetic, wooden, eco-friendly and even adult friendly. This pouch easily fits in your purse or diaper bag for a creative toy on the go.

Crayola Color Wonder Books

Encourage your child to color without the worry of markers getting over your relative’s or family’s sofa. This is also great for the plane as you won’t get markers all over yourself either!

Under the Sea Sticker Set Play Scene

This set includes 50 reusable stickers which the children can create stories on a single board scene. We take these with us to dinner all the time.

Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game

This game is too old for my son, but my nieces and nephews love it.

eeBoo Travel Bingo

This set includes 4 bingo pads with 20 play pages each. This reminds me of the I-Spy games I used to play as a kid before there were TVs in cars and iPhones.


For the older children in your family, a high speed version of portable scrabble for the whole family (at least those who can spell).

And don’t forget a little something for mom, grandma, or whomever you are visiting as a hostess gift. Barefoot Contessa’s newest book “How Easy is That“, is a must-have staple in any kitchen. Bring some home-made snacks with you to avoid that nasty airplane truck stop food.

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  1. avatar Bryan says:

    The Pocket Pouch of Magnetic Blocks is a great idea.

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  3. avatar Bibzees says:

    I have never seen those pop up blocks…..genius!

  4. avatar marose says:

    That mess-free Toy Story Crayola Wonder Book is a godsend! My three year old is crazy over coloring and she’s now on a Toy Story phase. She even insists on us calling her Jessie. This would surely occupy her time and attention when we’re traveling! Thanks for sharing that!

  5. avatar Andrika says:

    Heather: Yes Bloume Baby has them at the Pop Up store.

    Lily: Here are the rules:
    But basically the first person to use up all the letters in their designated pile to spell words wins. Then you can keep track of wins if you like

  6. avatar Melisa says:

    Love the tegu blocks. I just gave them to my nephew. We should show the video too. Makes you feel good about the quality and price tag. And funny enough, gave the same Crayola color wonder book to my son on the plane last week. Both a hit!

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  8. avatar Lily says:

    Now I have more ideas on what to give my nephews, nieces and countless of godchildren on my list! These are really great, and I’m sure they’re a lot of fun. I do have a question on the Bananagrams… how do you win? Without a scoring system like in Scrabble, do you keep score, or do you try to form the longest words?

  9. avatar HEATHER says:

    Does Bloume Baby have the Tengu blocks in there pop-up store?