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Think Pink, I Mean “Honeysuckle”

If you’re a design blog junkie or interior designer, you’re likely aware that Pantone announced “Honeysuckle” as 2011’s Color of the Year. This is great news for admirers of all things pink and little girl nurseries.

Pantone best illustrates the power of Honeysuckle with its description: “A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.“. Now that’s a lesson we’d want to teach our young! In honor of 2011’s vivacious color, here’s some serious “Honeysuckle” inspiration…

Add pops of Honeysuckle with Nojo’s Pop Petals line.

Or just go for it and brighten a room with pink walls as Michelle Waldo Interiors did.

Maybe Tori Spelling knows best? Here’s daughter Stella’s uber-pink nursery.

Lastly, if your looking to mix it up a bit or in some cases, calm the bold pink – the folks at uncovered this shade of Honeysuckle paired with dark brown. Not your typical pink and brown combo.


Sunday 19th of December 2010

What could you do if you love honeysuckle and pink and you're having a boy? What color combination and additions could you have to still use honeysuckle and make it a boy's room???


Tuesday 14th of December 2010

Great time to love pink then!!! I am just delighted at the thought that we'd see more rooms and more baby stuff in pink, okay, in HONEYSUCKLE. :)